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  1. Admins please move this to sold - thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Great - let’s go to pm. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Price drop on this: £200 with social distancing pick up only, from Twickenham. Will alter the text above to reflect this ASAP. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Fine work, it's a lovely thing. Yes - spill the beans! What's the coffee like?
  5. @coffeechap is there a 2020 lever day planned? Find myself in the market with pretty much zero knowledge of lever machines. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. @mohass, @m1stan, either of you still interested in this?
  7. Apologies - on holiday - and I’m not getting alerts for some reason. Yes, still available.
  8. Selling my treasured SJ. West London. Pick-up only I think - I can meet nearby - but if I was you I’d want to plug her in and test her… So pick up best. I bought second-hand from a small garden-centre cafe - they didn't use it much, they felt baffled and beleaguered that the grind settings needed to be changed between beans. They had bought it new from a supplier. I bought new burrs and since then I’ve only used it at home - only for espresso (so that's between 0-10 a week), since end of May 2016. Plus it's not been used since Oct 2018 when I got a new grinder - so at that rate - I dunno - a couple of decades left in 'em? The machine too - obviously these are built for serious industrial use, so, as you'd expect - it's in perfect working order. There's some scuffs to the paint - which it had when I bought it. Mods: I took off the portafilter holder as you can see. I use a naked porta - so it got in the way. I put it somewhere 'safe' when I got the grinder - and can't remember seeing it since. If it's a deal breaker for you - look elsewhere - but otherwise I promise I'll send it on when it inevitably turns up. Additions - it comes with the original hopper, which I never used - as I did the lens-cap-mod. I also had that lovely mirror finish laser cut gauge from Mr @timmyjj21 I bought the cocktail shaker but never got around to that (happy to provide it with the grinder - so your first drink could be an espresso martini!) and I didn’t do the clean-sweep mod - as this one works pretty well as it is. These appear to be selling for somewhere around £250 - but I’m open to sensible offers from forum members before I send her off for as much as I can get on ebay or wherever. More photos available. Thanks! James. .
  9. Ah yes, there’s a manual. *raises specs*. Thanks, after calibration a dark roast espresso is roughly in the middle of the espresso range. I’ll sleep better tonight.
  10. Imagine if they were comparable! Too much to ask I think - but yeah - then we'd need a whole section of the forum to ourselves, we're being annoying enough as it is!
  11. Was totally prepped to do a “Hmmm. It’s alright I guess - but I won’t be selling the Wilfa” style gag. But somehow can’t bring myself to - I like it. Took a long time to dial - very surprised at how high on the guide my light roasts are sitting at for espresso.
  12. I like trying a huge variety of coffee - but your Rocko is like coming home for me. Eagerly awaited. Roll on Tuesday!
  13. Well. But for a cup. Personally I’d rather pay the extra postage to receive my cup later if necessary.. But I understand their perspective. Better to send out something you’re proud of than an almost finished product.
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