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  1. @mohass, @m1stan, either of you still interested in this?
  2. Apologies - on holiday - and I’m not getting alerts for some reason. Yes, still available.
  3. Selling my treasured SJ. West London. Pick-up only I think - I can meet nearby - but if I was you I’d want to plug her in and test her… So pick up best. I bought second-hand from a small garden-centre cafe - they didn't use it much, they felt baffled and beleaguered that the grind settings needed to be changed between beans. They had bought it new from a supplier. I bought new burrs and since then I’ve only used it at home - only for espresso (so that's between 0-10 a week), since end of May 2016. Plus it's not been used since Oct 2018 when I got a new grinder - so at that rate - I dunno - a couple of decades left in 'em? The machine too - obviously these are built for serious industrial use, so, as you'd expect - it's in perfect working order. There's some scuffs to the paint - which it had when I bought it. Mods: I took off the portafilter holder as you can see. I use a naked porta - so it got in the way. I put it somewhere 'safe' when I got the grinder - and can't remember seeing it since. If it's a deal breaker for you - look elsewhere - but otherwise I promise I'll send it on when it inevitably turns up. Additions - it comes with the original hopper, which I never used - as I did the lens-cap-mod. I also had that lovely mirror finish laser cut gauge from Mr @timmyjj21 I bought the cocktail shaker but never got around to that (happy to provide it with the grinder - so your first drink could be an espresso martini!) and I didn’t do the clean-sweep mod - as this one works pretty well as it is. These appear to be selling for somewhere around £250 - but I’m open to sensible offers from forum members before I send her off for as much as I can get on ebay or wherever. More photos available. Thanks! James. .
  4. Ah yes, there’s a manual. *raises specs*. Thanks, after calibration a dark roast espresso is roughly in the middle of the espresso range. I’ll sleep better tonight.
  5. Imagine if they were comparable! Too much to ask I think - but yeah - then we'd need a whole section of the forum to ourselves, we're being annoying enough as it is!
  6. Was totally prepped to do a “Hmmm. It’s alright I guess - but I won’t be selling the Wilfa” style gag. But somehow can’t bring myself to - I like it. Took a long time to dial - very surprised at how high on the guide my light roasts are sitting at for espresso.
  7. I like trying a huge variety of coffee - but your Rocko is like coming home for me. Eagerly awaited. Roll on Tuesday!
  8. Well. But for a cup. Personally I’d rather pay the extra postage to receive my cup later if necessary.. But I understand their perspective. Better to send out something you’re proud of than an almost finished product.
  9. Hullo - yes - it appears my code no longer works - did it change with the new website? If there's a new one I'd appreciate it.. Many thanks.
  10. The confusion has come from this paragraph: “However, for the Niche to produce a distribution so bad that it made brewing difficult, it would have to be noticeably broken (like most grinders)”. Which was meant to mean that most grinders would have to be broken to produce distribution that made brewing difficult - rather than, as it has instead been interpreted: Most grinders are broken.
  11. Doesn’t work for me - but that’s fine I rarely encounter it. What does really bother me is how it is now the norm in Café’s and restaurants in France. A lot of them advertise it as a badge of pride. I don’t know if it’s the same in Spain. I do think that coffee is something that you adapt to - after a while. Which is why it’s hard for many of us with great home setups to enjoy coffee at our old favourite haunts. It works in reverse to - if the area gets used to Nespresso - it’ll come to expect it. Crave it even. For me that’s the death of individuality. The restaurants may as well serve ready meals.
  12. Yes, sorry Joe. Doesn’t look Good for me. New Year please!
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