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  1. Yes, I have also found that foundry are quick to reply to emails and their coffee is excellent. I have found delivery to be swift and efficient. In my experience I have found customer service to be excellent.
  2. fair point but private email too easy to ignore.
  3. I'm getting a bit fed up with Foundry and looking elsewhere for my coffee now. The problem is the website Ordering used to be simple with one click with pay pal. Now the website wants an account etc, things keep popping up etc etc. Too many emails too....try and unsubscribe, works for a bit then find I've forgotten to unclick somewhere. it is just too complicated to order a bag of beans now, so I give up and now I find the 15% discount no longer works
  4. I am looking for a nice natural process central american coffee but my usual stockists don't seem to have any.......any pointers would be most recommended....thanks
  5. Boiling point of water at sea level (melbourne) = 100 degrees C Boiling point of warer at 5000 feet (e.g. Johannesburg) = 94.7 degrees C (http://www.engineeringtoolbox.com/boiling-points-water-altitude-d_1344.html)
  6. "he can employ a customer service type person or at least speed things up in the production process" yes that would be a great idea......fingers crossed!
  7. This looks really great. However, given MBKs reputation I will wait for a 3rd party reseller to stock it.
  8. Does anyone know whether there are any good cafés serving good coffee in the Shetland Islands? Thanks
  9. Liquid nitrogen might make the coffee last better but dangerous in a domestic environment.
  10. Roasters: What about Cardews? http://www.cardewoxford.co.uk/ Looks relatively "traditional" - never tried it myself
  11. Cafe Society on St Michael's street is excellent, my favorite. Great variety of beans -- had some from the Barn last time I went.
  12. Has anyone tried Columbia Coffee Roasters, that has recently moved from Wheatley to the Covered Market in Oxford? https://www.colombiacoffeeroasters.com/
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