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    Steam Tips

    The Brewtus has 1, 2 or 4 hole steam tip options. I have it on 1.3bar for a 1 hole. About to change to 2 hole... not tested yet though!
  2. Mine has an offset of 10 and a temp of 91 and it's knocking out super sweet shots. I change the main temp by 1 - 3c coffee depending, but that's all I mess with. The Brewtus delivers...
  3. Hi bignorry, Did I imagine it, or did you just use the words Starbucks and Barista in the same sentence? ;-) In regards to the MC2: If you dont like fuss, go straight for a Vario. Also, if you are changing grind type much, avoid the MC2 as it's a hassle. Other options are the Eureka Mignon - very underrated grinder in the sub £300 range. Hope this helps...
  4. SGX

    Dual vs HX

    The DB has better temp control, which you can actually control via the PID. The HX is pretty solid, but HX's are.... well.... HX's :-) The HX pretty much always requires a 1 sec flush, but the DB also sometimes needs one to level it out (rarely). The DB has 2 gauges, 1 for brew press / 1 for steam press. The HX only has 1 for boiler press. Both machines do get a little hot, but only if they are left on for 4hrs+... In my opinion, the DB at around £1200 is a steal. Especially when put next to most of the other DB's sitting at around £1500-1700. Style aside. Saying that,
  5. SGX

    Wiggo's Giotto

    That's awesome.... Rocket Giotto complete with Quadrophenia design!
  6. Good list of options... Grinder: Go with the Vario if size is an issue. *Great reports on performance. The Eureka is a great grinder. *One of the best budget burrs on the market. Machine: Rocket Giotta is a fantastic machine - design and performance. I agree with the previous poster - get the Evol and give yourself the option of tank / plumb. Maybe check out the ECM Mech or Tech IV, as they both offer the same quality for around the same price. If the R58 or Alex are too much £££, then the above are your best options.
  7. Just bumping this to see if any ECM owners missed it... Really keen to see what users of the Technika & Mechanika IV's think of them.
  8. Hi all, I'm looking to get some opinions on ECM espresso machines from Germany (Not the Italian ones!). The production quality looks fantastic, they offer a solid range of features and are slightly cheaper than Rocket machines. What are peoples thoughts and experiences of these machines?? Cheers! Steve
  9. No probs... It's all about opinions on here. Reading the above posts - Classic Vs Silvia debate. I hear what people are saying, but personally I've not seen many great shots come out of Classics. Sure the cost is a fair bit higher, but Silvia's resell for a decent fee, so it's not like your pouring ££ down the drain. For me it all comes down to the quality of the espresso, and the Silvia wins every time on that front. I'd rather pay £350 for a great shot, than £150 for a sour one! :-)
  10. Hi Aaron, Sorry to throw a spanner in the works, but after reading your thread and seeing you going up to £500 for a grinder I would suggest >> Buy a 2nd hand Rancilio Silvia, which in my opinion will out perform the Classic any day of the week. Miss Silvia is a bit of a madam, but once you get a feel for how she behaves, you can get fantastic repeatable shots. The Classic is a machine I see lots of people going for, mainly driven by the fact they dont want to shell out more than £200, which is not much ££ for a decent espresso machine. The reality is, the Classic may lo
  11. Well - normal temp surfs looks to track temp change on the way UP. Reverse looks to do it on the way DOWN. Check: http://coffeegeek.com/forums/espresso/machines/18247 The VST baskets address lots of the issues associated with even distribution / extraction. Also, the higher dose really helps with the faster flow. *I went for an 18g ridge-less. The straight walls also helped with getting a better seal and slower extraction.
  12. I went through a load of hassle with the Silvia in terms of getting consistent tamp / grind and ultimately good shots. Tamping wasn't the biggest issue I found with her... Not sure how much you have researched, but I would say some of the best things I've learned about Silvia are: 1: Reverse temp surf works best (if you dont have a PID). 2: Miss S requires a finder grind than most. 3: Shot times are generally shorter (in my experience). 4: VST baskets changed the Silvia from being a brain wrecker to an enjoyable experience. Saying that I'm about to upgrade! BUT, Silvia I
  13. Any more comments on this thread? Still looking to make s decision on my machine :-)
  14. Hi, I may be interested... Can you PM me as I have yet to post 5 posts! Thanks Steve
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