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  1. Have tried their three bag expresso offer. Had Hill & Valley, Sweet Bourbon and Cherry, and of these I preferred the Sweet Bourbon. I think I'm ready to try more, so could some kind person send on the discount code? thank you
  2. Updated info re grinder problem posted in original post thank you for all your comments
  3. Very surprised to be let down by them today, ordered before 1pm, so that, as they advertise, the item would be posted today. I paid for overnight service, but have just had an email saying it won't be here till Monday. £350 spent on a grinder and accessories so that entertaining this weekend we could have the best from my Piccino, and they won't be here in time. If I had known I would have ordered from elsewhere. update: apparantly the warehouse made an error which was corrected, but the email was sent out anyway. No corrective communication was made until I queried the issue, unfortunately in a very bad mood (!!). The grinder was sent out overnight and arrived at 16:50 on the Friday afternoon. so thanks to Bella Barista for putting it right, but I am still disappointed in the upset and annoyance their communication caused.
  4. At the moment I have a Bodum electric grinder, which I have had for about 10 years, so probably needs replacing. Even the finest grind looks grainy rather than powdery, if you can get what I am trying to describe ?
  5. Hi all, After lurking for a little while, and reading your informative and helpful posts, I went ahead and bought a piccino. Just had my first cup, and very impressed. Have moved up from a Gaggia Classic which seems to have developed problems, and the difference is notable. No crema on the first try, but I think that is due to the grinder. I think I need to set the grind finer to get the full benefit. using Whittards Santos and Java beans, which I have been drinking forever, so I think the next steps may be a new grinder to get a finer grind, and some different beans to experiment. as you can see from my user name, I prefer dark roast and a rich extract. Any suggestions for what beans I should try - or indeed what grinder to look at. Thanks to everyone for your unsuspecting help!
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