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  1. Hi MediumRoastSteam, I've fixed this! although I am still not sure of the explanation. I noticed (with my pressure meter) that the generated pressure was slightly over 13bar. My understanding is that this is too high, (especially for ground coffee rather than pods). So I turned the OPV pressure down to about 9bar and the back flush now works!! Maybe you understand that internal workings of the machine better than I do, but I wonder if the high pressure was somehow creating a locked state. Anyway, like many technical issues it is useful to explain the issue to somebody else, so
  2. Yes, I'll try - it will have to be tomorrow now. Thanks
  3. Yes, It is very odd! I have just checked again with my pressure meter (made from an old foot pump). This effectively seals the system, the pressure goes up to 14bar. Interestingly, I tried to move the pressure meter and slightly and accidentally loosened a nut at the back of the meter, steam leaked and as the pressure fell, say at about 8bar, water came out of the tube! I have repeated this. It is as if, the very high pressure of ta sealed system stops the 3-way valve operating, but at the lower pressure after coffee has been made allows it to operate! Does this make sense? T
  4. Thank you for your reply. Yes, strangely water does come out of the tube after making coffee. But, and I have just checked again, with a blanking receptacle in place (used for back-flushing) no water comes out. I can hear the pressure build up in the normal manner, I turn off the right rocker switch, but no water is released. Thanks, John
  5. Dear All, I hope you can help me because I am mystified! My Gaggia Classic will no longer backflush - nothing comes out of the tube. I have taken the 3-way valve apart, cleaned it, greased it and put it back together again. Mains is reaching the valve and it is clicking when the rocker switch is operated. I have even powered it separately and it clicks appropriately. When I attach my pressure meter to the porta-filter I get about 12 bar! I can make coffee, but backflushing is overdue. Many thanks in anticipation, John
  6. Many thanks for your replies. I have been using 15-16g of ground coffee in my experiments. When I use the cafetiere ground I get about 60-70ml of coffee in about 10 seconds - it is not anything to write home about. But, this is a bit irrelevant here - just a bit of a play Unfortunately using gentle tamping of the supposed espresso ground makes no difference - only a few drops come through. I realise that I may need a slightly coarser espresso grind but given that it was far from the finest the machine could produce I was wondering if there was something else wrong with the gaggia
  7. Hi, I hope somebody can help me. I have just inherited an old gaggia classic that has been sitting in a friend’s cupboard for possibly 10 years. I have thoroughly cleaned the pipework, filters, shower screen, its holder and the gasket. I have also backflushed and this worked in the manner described here and elsewhere. I do not yet have a grinder and to get me started I asked a local coffee retailer to espresso grind 125g of coffee. The person I dealt with seemed to understand what was required and suggested that for a starting point the grinder (sorry I did not get
  8. Hi, i am in Durham City and looking for a gaggia - could I could come and look please? we are near county hall john
  9. Apologies if this has already been asked but most people say an older gaggia classic would be best but I don't know what years are best and what serial numbers. I know 2015 has a bad reputation but beyond that... many thanks John
  10. Hi, can you tell me what you mean by the chirp please. thanks john
  11. Hi, I am based in County Durham and just entering this confusing world. I have looked at an iberital grinder which is very big! thanks
  12. Hi, hope to be less confused but I think it may take a while!
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