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  1. I bought my machine from dancing goat who are in York and cover that area, they're lovely people to deal with but can't speak to their commercial options. There may be forum sponsors or more experienced people able to give you better ideas
  2. There isn't. Just not enough body to spread the caffeine round! Sounds like a lovely upgrade journey, what sort of coffees are you enjoying?
  3. You could but you'll end up with milk everywhere or have to settle for half a cup- the steam makes the milk expand and also (even if you don't try) makes the milk move around so to not have it slosh everywhere you'll need a not very full cup it's a two second job to rinse a milk jug, if you do it straight away
  4. Move the machine from its spot and check the counter - your aren't looking for water but a crusty stain. I'd thought nothing of it but apparently the was a sign it was leaking. Mine eventually sprung a (tiny) leak in the boiler welding. You should also hear nothing when it's idling. If there's a hiss it could be one of the safety valves slowly letting steam out.
  5. Adding to fantastically detailed, by under the steam wand, the steam wand needs to be in the milk. Otherwise it won't end well for your face, walls and and ceiling. I'd say you could use a cup, but I wouldn't. The milk will always expand. In the olden days Costa used to do a "coffee light" Where you chucked a shot in a vat of cold skimmed milk and then steamed. It was grim... And as everyone else said, think of the difference between fresh and UHT milk. That's what we want to avoid happening when you steam the milk, foam or no foam! Good luck!
  6. Welcome! The Oscar is a lovely machine, a bit undervalued possibly because of the high rate of plastic on it but I loved mine, and had sellers regret on more than one occasion!
  7. I've been using mine for around 6 years now and it doesn't disappoint. I now single dose straight in the neck with a weight (53mm tamper) on top to prevent popcorning and find it as efficient as using a hood as a hopper because of the lower weight of beans in a small hopper I guess. They aren't actually as huge as they seem once the ridiculous hopper is off.
  8. Missy

    Milk ratios

    Again it depends what I want, I'm pulling teeny tiny shots now (30g) so I'm more likely to use a small cup (120ml total volume) though sometimes will go up to 200ml cup with 125g cold milk if the kids aren't around to drink up the remains of the steamed milk!
  9. If you can get hold of someone you "love"'s phone you can have alsorts of fun with auto correct and teach it to correct actual words with anything you like 😉. Though that is rather juvenile!
  10. Are these like magic mushrooms crossed with coffee?? I looked at the site but am none the wiser!
  11. Look at some of the mahogany roasts from coffee compass, and when you do also grab a bag of their cherry cherry which may just convert you! Most of the roasters around the forum roast lighter. CC will give you that depth of hit through the milk.
  12. No help on the flair, but my aergrind is up there alongside the SuperJolly I own and the other grinders I've tried around that level- it does take a couple of minutes rather than a couple of seconds, but I use it once or twice a day with no issues.
  13. Decaf!!! Dog and Hat's christmas decaf offering (I got the full set of 8 coffees to see me through the festivities) one of which is a Colombian from heart and graft, which describes itself as brown sugar and toffee... But actually tastes of Bonfire Toffee, sweet sticky, with that molasses-y hit. I'm assuming everyone knows what bonfire toffee is and it's not another weird Yorkshire tradition?
  14. It's still Christmas til Candlemas... 🤣. Hand grinder, there's a plan!
  15. What about this beauty?
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