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  1. There's a coffee trading board game too, has anyone tried that?
  2. This is where a laugh emoji would help!
  3. I wonder if there's additional robusta in it? That sometimes makes me feel icky.
  4. It's from Amazon I think- a spot on (and impressively unrequested) gift!
  5. Not the postie, but it's my birthday so hubby bought me this. A chance to test if I enjoy shaking things about. Much hilarity and an actually drinkable coffee at the end of it... I know most people here will probably mock such a budget set up, but better to start at the bottom and work up...
  6. Mine was next day FedEx. But I bought 2kg.
  7. Little test of additions to the super easy lo dough brownie mix. I think I'd try and get the marshmallow incorporated next time, they've caught a bit on top.
  8. You seem to be adjusting the dose a lot? What's the guidance dose for the basket?
  9. Dog and hat for multi roaster sub without doubt. Well curated, friendly team organising it, and always excellent coffee.
  10. Love your set up and the really clean look going on there!
  11. How big are the spouts and how tiny are your cups?!? (Wait that sounds a bit rude) I'm assuming you did a test with the spouts on? I've never had to remove spouts even with tiny espresso cups!
  12. Fair enough, I doubt the removal of the spouts will make any difference though, a bottomless has a wide opening.
  13. I had to test it a lot to get it right- how on earth does one remove a Bovril tasting note? Sweet and meaty, I'd started to think it was supposed to be like that. Turns out it just needed a bit more gentle handling.
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