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  1. So where are the pics then?
  2. If you put it into something then you lose the feel. I'm hoping Costa will move to a take out system where rather than a discount for taking a resuable they drop the base price and charge for a landfill cup. That's been proven to massively increase the uptake of reusable cups as psychologically you think you are paying for the landfill cup. I use an ecoffee cup, it's a similar "feel" to a takeout cup fully dishwasher proof, and made from bamboo and silicone. No weird taste or strange places for rancid coffee crust to gather. It's not going to keep your drink warm for two hours though! Maybe just buy a second cup after 45 minutes?
  3. What he means is "a none Yorkshire border" he's just pretending to be Yorkshire. Close to west Yorkshire is forgivable. Almost.
  4. Welcome! I'm Harrogate based, and recognise Jez as the key source on local roasters. I'm a fan of Casa Espresso too. Dog and Hat are based near York, and do multi-roaster subscriptions. They're having an open day tomorrow, and it may be worth heading over and picking their brains a bit too.
  5. I don't know how I've missed this thread so far! Absolutely living the dream there Hasi, you lucky chap! Looks like you are starting to tame your diva!
  6. Cherry Cherry! Arrived this morning via another forum member, and I'd forgotten how much I love this from coffee compass. It's not as dark as I remember &has a lovely sticky sweet hit in a gloopy syrupy drink. [emoji7]
  7. All I can think about is the over exuberant three way action and excessive sucking. That's going to end up painful. This happens to me regularly, I just nudge the puck with the portafilter and it drops back into the basket then very easily into the knockbox. If you need to take a chisel to it to loosen it, then you might have a problem.
  8. It's like those little train things!
  9. I'm pretty sure you are safe with that I think I said Sk8Cr8 ?[emoji6]
  10. Mummy's seeing fairies.... If you are going to do it... Do it with quality.
  11. There could be a market for you to get into here? Coffee machines in unrelated objects....
  12. Missy

    Forum Rants

    I love that you think I'm joking....
  13. Missy

    Forum Rants

    And I do an even odder thing when I'm running the nappy library. It's a mixture of parent support, mentoring, how do they feel about the process (which they've chosen to engage with) alongside the fact that I do have specialist knowledge for which there is a *right and wrong* answer. The amount of "well I read on Facebook" is really infuriating... And I've stopped arguing, I just explain why washing nappies in a mixture of bleach and dishwasher tablets may not be the best plan ever, what we recommend, and then wait the inevitable two months until they are back moaning that everything leaks... [emoji23]
  14. Tbh I will probably just wait until you invite us all round to the Sk8Cr8 and bring the bits of wood I want slicing!!
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