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  1. Welcome! I'm in Cambridge as we speak, however I don't live there, just nearby
  2. UPDATES! Ok, so I have since gone a lot finer, and as a result dropped the dose significantly - to about 12 grams at about 5.5 and I now feel like I am getting somewhere with this. The body is good, the flavours are good, but I am still playing a slight game of 'hunt the sweet spot'. I'm still really liking it - low faff, pretty easily reproducible good brews. I'd get another one for the missus, however they are sold out everywhere...
  3. Ok, so I have tried with another coffee (Foundry's Rocko actually) and suspect that going finer was the wrong thing to do. Getting pretty impressive results with this coffee, although admittedly I would still like a bit more body, but its a much more minor issue with this coffee. I'm doing 15.3 grams at about 8 on the old school EK43 dial, currently - I note with interest that most pour-over recipes online seem to be smaller doses, is this the case? (kinda new to pour-over) Given the lack of faff, I am actually still really impressed with results. Haven't gone back to aeropress yet
  4. Right, apologies, It did arrive last week, but I got rather ill, and couldn't get it... So, just had my first brew.... very interesting! Smooth, definite sweet edge, good flavour seperation, however potentially slightly lacking in body, so I'm going finer on the next one I think. Still, remarkable results for very first brew, and extremely encouraging. Yes, the wobbly tower is a bit terrifying, specially as I have to fill mine from a zip tap at work (sigh), but its pretty faff free otherwise, it just does its job. Overall, colour me impressed
  5. Ok, I have taken the plunge, possibly to replace my work aeropress, as sometimes that can be more than annoying to keep reproducible good shots. Can anyone suggest a good starting point on the EK (new coffee burrs) - I have seen 7.5 mentioned, but that would be finer than I am currently doing for aeropress (~8.3) so I doubt this (all measurements on stock dial)
  6. T & G Crushgrind. No competition, way better than Cole and Mason, and way longer lasting.
  7. I would not describe Foundry as overpriced at all. Their beans are *really* good, and whilst there may be a level above where they are at (although I'm really not sure), the prices for that level are pretty extreme (look at Square Mile or Workshop etc for a price comparison) I certainly can't remember getting a coffee from Foundry I haven't been happy with, and I am .... relatively fussy.
  8. Welcome to the neighbourhood One question - how limited is your budget? Have you already picked up the dedica?
  9. Not sure if this has already been posted (13 pages to trawl through) but I found this quite useful when first trying to get properly dialled in (the brewed version is damn useful too) https://baristahustle.com/blog/the-espresso-compass/ The main issue is some of the descriptors are a bit subjective, but if you basically move in the direction you thought you should go and things go worse, then you kinda know that you are going in the wrong direction.
  10. I would also measure your flow rate as per https://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?32259-Water-debit-(Flow-rate)-on-espresso-machines That will at least show if the pressure is the problem.
  11. Does the pump sound any different? I suspect you should be descaling more regularly as well - even with bottled water some scale will build up, and it won't help your flow at all. Also I presume you are backflushing with cafiza or something similar fairly regularly. Basically, short of something nasty having happened to the grinder, I suspect your flow is reduced. Vibration pumps do die, and that could well be the problem, but the good news is that they are cheap enough and easy enough to replace if you have installed an auber pid. I would descale and backflush with cafiza first, though, and see if that helps.
  12. OOOH.... I was already considering an ECM thing-a-ma-bob. I'll go first, then, shall I? So..... yeah..... how much for your lovely wood creations senor?
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