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    Costa coffee

    ^^...this! Am continually surprised at how decent these are!...they use real milk too - there's one in a petrol station on one of our cycling routes where we waited patiently while the assisitant refilled the machine with full-fat milk!
  2. Hi there, Tim! ok I'll check that out - it certainly has the adjustable flap to, I guess, stop overfilling the doser.... ...I've watched a "remove for cleaning" video and it all looks straightforward, so once I get that done I'll see what needs to be done for the grind outlet... cheers.
  3. I'm thinking of removing the doser from my Zenith Club to simplify cleaning and make it neater sized - I only ever single dose into the ever popular lens hood. I see lots of stuff about doing this to Mazzers, and I guess a lot of the principles apply, but does anyone know of any issues I might come across, or any other general tips etc? Removing the doser looks straightforward, and I realise I might need to bodge something with the micro switch..then maybe just seeing how and where the grounds then come out?
  4. hi there, ..bit of a similiar story here, been getting stunning results since I picked up a Eureka Zenith grinder here, this with my little, quite old, Baby Gaggia - even my "test" shots were so much better than my efforts with various pre-ground coffees!
  5. ...well thanks again, folks, for all the input and advice... ...so from starting off thinking a hand grinder would do, I've taken the nuclear option and got myself a Eureka Zenith Club from the "for sale" section here! It looks a beautiful bit of kit and looking forward to the weekend to getting it operational. Now I know its not ivory, or small or all the other things I mentioned before, but it occurred to me that it didn't have to sit out in the kitchen and that I had the perfect spot in a cupboard in the back room just off the kitchen for it, so win-win for practicality and aesthetics!...- ok I do have to walk six paces with a full portafilter, but hey, I'll cope.. ;-).... ...looking forward to the next steps in my coffee journey!
  6. If we're in TWells, we'll usually pop up to Rusthall! However, I understand the Velo House (it's a bike shop and cafe) is pretty good and, although not been for a while, the Trinity Theatre cafe was pretty good. Bear in mind these are mainly quality independent cafes that do a decent coffee rather than bijoux coffee houses....still streets ahead of he unmentionable chains!!
  7. ...ok so would offer £135 if it's still available and ok with all parties. Can collect over the next few days as I work in central London.
  8. Hi there , definitely interested. Pm sent
  9. ...Daily Bread cafe in Rusthall (nr Tunbridge Wells) - in the interests of full disclosure, it belongs to my son! ... they're supplied by Bean Smitten, our very own local roaster....... Also, Beyond the Grounds in Tonbridge, just off the High St opposite the castle.... Then there's a tiny little place in Headcorn, can't rmemeber its name off hand, on the High St towards the church end.... ....the most surprising of all is Grays cafe in Brenchley...its a no-frills community cafe place but the cappucino always surprises me!.. ... I cycle a lot, se we get round a few cafes......
  10. ..that could be an option if she likes the look of the Sage stuff when we eventually hit the town...
  11. ..thanks Pips, yes indeed, that's been suggested over on Grinders...would prefer something in ivory/off white to match the kettle and gaggia, to please my wife the aesthete ( I work in finance so have neither creativity nor imagination!)...
  12. well done Glenn! I guess you avoided all the hold ups, then...I wasn't so lucky (well compared to those sadly involved in the accidents I guess maybe I was..)...stopped at 38 miles for 40 mins, then again beofre Leithe Hill for a good half hour, then again after Box Hill and finally going back through Kingston! Had an 8 am start and finished 9 hours later at 5 pm!! Crazy long day - the good bits were brilliant and at least we got to do the whole course - people behind us were diverted onto roads with traffic... ..next year, eh??
  13. Hi there folks, been lurking a lot and lately browsing under Grinders.....always enjoyed a proper coffee (spoilt for choice in London and getting better in Kent), and since I inherited a third hand Baby Gaggia a few months back, I've been discovering the joys of even better coffee at home ( I did make a mean cafetiere before!)... This is provinmg a great resource and just want to say thanks for all the good stuff I'm discovering!
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