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  1. Enjoyed reading this, pleased to see you got it all up and running again. Thinking I’ll re do my boiler insulation at some point too.
  2. How did you get in fixing it? I’m London based and would be interested in a fix up project if you got fed up and wanted to sell it.
  3. Mine arrived, fitted in a few minutes and its stopped the beans jumping around. Job done ?
  4. If you are collecting I’ll accept £50. Will move to PM to confirm collection.
  5. Moved house, now in E20 (Stratford)
  6. Iberital MC2 in good but used condition, was in use grinding for espresso. Slight crack on the exit spout but it doesn't cause any problems. Preferred collection in London, can meet central or based in Sw12, could post but would prefer not to. Price: £60
  7. I spoke with Christian who I think is the designer/ owner. Really interesting and explained more about the grinder to me. I like that it has the reduction gears (2:4:1) and a positive that there isn't any plastic in the internals.
  8. They got back to me and it's 668 Euros, not sure I fancy coughing up that much yet.
  9. I'm tempted by the M68 and have a Pharos, liking the idea of the geared drive and vertical handle. I've sent them a message via FB so will see what they say.
  10. I passed it on just over a week ago to @hchrishallam 1) latwelve 2) aaroncornish 3) shannigan
  11. @hchrishallam sorry I didn't see this post, I guess you are first in line. Do you still need it?
  12. Mrb2020

    Sold: Mazzer Mini

    I'll take it, not far from you either
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