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  1. mrbagel

    Brewista Scales

    Hello all - I'm constantly on the lookout for Brewista Scales - drop me a message if you ever have any to sell! Thanks Jeremy
  2. Thanks all - I decided to order a Chinese version on Amazon to save time.
  3. Really need one of these if anyone has them going spare! Thanks!
  4. Hi! Would you consider £70 for it including postage? Thanks.
  5. Hi @RobW - how much would you like for them? Are they V1 or V2? Thanks.
  6. As above - willing to pay a decent sum. Let me know if you have a spare, thanks.
  7. mrbagel

    Anfim SP450 OD

    Well, you did mention that you had a friend coming to London, but I assume that's passed now?
  8. Ah I could really do with these too! I'll take them if jollybean has a change of heart. Thanks
  9. mrbagel

    Anfim SP450 OD

    Would you consider £500?
  10. Sure, no problem - just mail them to me then. Let me know your Paypal and I'll send the money across.
  11. I'll have those please and anything else not taken. Not sure if you're able to drop by the shop at the weekend? It's in Brick Lane. Otherwise we can arrange something else. Thanks.
  12. Personally I use Brita filter water at home - as a roaster I think it's important to work with the lowest common denominator (ish). Our thoughts are such that if customers have better equipment then the only way is up. Aeropress has fallen out of favour with me in the past couple of years. I think the clarity possible using V60 is unparalleled, and it's so simple and cheap too. Be careful with pours, especially with having similar methods to Rao where there is too much water, since I believe it can create too much agitation, channelling and an overall poorer extraction. Keep the water level low, but at the same time, get the completion out in a sub 3 minute timeframe. If you're getting both bitterness and "paper"/underdeveloped types of results, it's likely that uneven extraction is at play. Keep it simple.
  13. Not sure if you still have any @GingerBen but if you or anyone else is still having issues, could you please send me a DM. If you're sticking to V60 with the fairly standard recipe suggested, and especially using the same Feldgrind settings (since I actually use this myself) then you should be reaping all the rewards. This coffee is *not* tricky at all on filter. We'll ask for a sample of your batch to check for any issues that may have occurred during delivery. Unfortunately, it can happen (most likely from extreme temp fluctuations in transit) but we will need to check. Thanks
  14. Hello! The time has come. Not many of you will know this but most of the best coffee stock in Europe is actually kept in a warehouse in Suffolk! We’re quite fortunate in that we have a really good relationship with all of the green suppliers and the warehouse itself, which means we get our grubby mitts on stuff quite early sometimes. We also collect all the coffee ourselves which lets us regularly snoop around the place to see what hidden treasures there are… We discovered this coffee at the London Coffee Festival and managed to secure the first bag to land in the country. For the super eagle-eyed among you, there were clues on the packaging since we always sticker our logo with the country’s flag colours. The image in the background also hinted at the florals which smack you in the face if you get a good early whiff of the brew. If you’re still having troubles on spro, again, I’d strongly recommend switching to brew — V60 in particular, since it suits this coffee profile really well. Here’s the blog post we’ve just uploaded with the lowdown.
  15. Yes, especially on espresso, if it feels a bit rough around the edges, it probably just needs more rest. Those familiar with this terroir and processing will know it needs the rest and will continue to open more over time. I am not confirming or denying any prior guess at this stage either
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