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  1. Machine now collected by buyer’s courier.
  2. Happy to honour the £500 ex shipping offer as above. It is on eBay at £600 ex shipping. It is listed on eBay but not on an auction, it’s essentially a classified ad so I can remove anytime without contravening eBay’s policies. I’d prefer it went to a member here. Let me know if you’re happy and We can move to PM
  3. It’s worth mentioning that a GC will never have incredible temperature stability as there isn’t an awful lot of thermal mass in its design. However, for the ~£120 and a bit of tinkering it’ll cost you, you’d likely get that back in a few minutes this time should you choose.
  4. Have you got cups on top? Try removing/moving them. I do sometimes have a similar sound although quieter in a situation where a particular cup might take a dislike to where it’s sitting, I just move it a touch and it stops. Bella Barista usually remove them to do their pre delivery inspection but is there a transit nut still attached underneath? It’s a wing nut usually.
  5. Single dosing or a light load in the hopper will slow the grind speed down significantly.
  6. Grinder now shipped. Mods: Please move to sold, thank you.
  7. Bump before eBay. Price reduced to £500. Mainland UK postage available from APPROX £25.
  8. We have a deal. Lets move to PM.
  9. There will be duty to pay although that depends on the tariff code associated with the product. Most coffee hardware is pretty low on duty but that is mostly espresso machines and grinders, accessories may be different. You will have to pay VAT though and likely a handling charge to the courier for customs clearance. These will likely be more than the duty on a product like this.
  10. Thanks for the reply. I did see your post and did some research. I’m not sure that ‘the single’ is quite what I’m after.
  11. Apologies. I did measure it but didn’t add to the text. 450mm deep 280mm wide 360mm tall (396mm inc cup rail) Cup rail can be removed.
  12. Looking for a premium single shot basket in the 7-9g range. VST, LM, IMS etc. Funnel to suit above basket. Tamper to suit. Ideally tamp-through set up with the funnel. What can I say? I’m single shot curious.
  13. My Mignon MkII now in the FS section on its own listing.
  14. For sale is my Eureka Mignon MkII grinder which I have owned since new and was originally purchased from Bella Barista. This model uses 50mm flat burrs and does have the timer function via the dial on the right hand side. In excellent condition throughout and will continue to perform exceptionally well for years to come. There is a TINY chip on the rear of the grinder that does not go right through the paint and a chip to the skirt on the bottom of the hopper. The hopper is not cracked and the chip does not extend up to the area where the beans are held. I dropped the hopper when cleaning it o
  15. Isomac Millennium E61 HX machine which I purchased during lockdown. The machine was working extremely well when I purchased it and had no leaks or anything untoward, no scale etc but it did need a service. I have just given the machine a thorough service including: Complete strip of E61 group head. Strip and rebuild of steam and hot water valves. Replaced all valves, springs, gaskets and cam in the group head. Partial strip, clean and rebuild of machine internals. Upgraded vacuum breaker valve so that it vents into the drip tray. Upgraded water tank micro switch.
  16. I’ve just re-read the thread here and what I can’t see is how long your warm up time is. My Synchronika gets to 133 and 2bar pretty quickly but if I was to steam as soon as it hits this temperature and pressure it does drop pressure and temp rapidly. I’ve found big improvements in shots and steaming when the machine has had a one hour warm up first thing in the morning. Subsequent warm up times (11am brew for example) don’t need nearly as long as there is still residual heat in the group, boilers, pipe work etc. I also have learnt to give the steam arm a purge before I pull the shot. If y
  17. Got the b*stard! I soaked in gt85 overnight and refitted but it was still coming out in one piece so I used some loctite and the tip has now come off correctly leaving the male-male threaded section in the steam arm. Worth noting that the threaded section does have a 4mm Allen key fitting from the steam tip side to install/remove this component but you cannot access it from the back side. Thanks to those that contributed, appreciated.
  18. They’re not VAT exempt but the threshold is for consignments where it isn’t worth the hassle for HMRC. Bear in mind that the value threshold is the complete consignment value so that includes any shipping you pay the retailer for. I believe the threshold is actually in euros, worth checking and keeping an eye on though.
  19. Nah, this is my only Trek. It’s a Domane but not your regular Domane. It’s a totally different frame to the stock one and different geometry too. C24 tub wheels in that pic.
  20. *Saddle not angled down as it appears
  21. @Dave double bean do you have any more of these? I’m in the market for a swan neck kettle but my only option is to use it directly on a gas hob. I assume these things add a bit more control?
  22. I’ve just put my Isomac and Mignon in the for sale section. A little more than the budget you’ve mentioned above but you’d be getting a better and more robust E61 machine vs a Classic or Silvia.
  23. I have to agree with @Northern_Monkey, if your technique is dialled, is a machine change going to actually bring changes to taste? Are you actually using the steam function? Or are you only drinking espresso/black coffee? Of you’re not using the steam wand or can accept the boiler warm up/cool time for steaming I’d consider looking at a premium single boiler like the ECM Classika. It’ll be about as stable as you’re going to get in an E61 machine and is a fair chunk smaller than the Pro 500. Failing that, you’re potentially looking at a dual boiler upgrade which is obviously pric
  24. Unlikely to be honest. Especially while the 6.8kg minimum bike weight rule remains unchanged. It’s a joke.
  25. Trouble is, many modern HX machines are also made to look very pretty vs 10 years or so ago. Those aesthetics cost money which closes the gap to a DB machine. The Minima is by no means an unattractive machine, far from it, but it’s not styled to appeal to the masses in the same way a Rocket Appartamento is yet it’s not much more money. Has a PID, shot timer, dual boilers, some interesting unique e61 features and is not significantly bigger in footprint. I ended up going for a DB after researching for months. I now by chance have a HX machine as well. It’s a very nice machine and mak
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