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  1. Has anyone ever had a body panel warp? I can’t for the life of me think how of why it’s happened but the back panel of my Synchronika has bent inwards. I don’t think it even gets hot. Never been dropped, squashed squeezed or otherwise touched. The polished surface is immaculate.
  2. After missing out last time, BB have both back in stock. Any experience on this from anyone before I pull the trigger?
  3. I do have it occasionally on my Synchronika. Usually not a problem on my preferred SO lighter roasts but on your typical espresso blend it seems to be more prevalent. More of an issue for me is parts of the puck sticking inside the basket when I knock it out. With a spouted portafilter it means I have to pop the basket out and rinse the whole thing under a tap after every shot. Slows the workflow somewhat.
  4. I’m looking at a second hand E37S however it is an older model with the buttons as opposed to the touch screen. Please can someone tell me if it’s possible to upgrade from the lever adjustment method to the new worm drive on a model of this age? Also, is the anti static flap easily sourced replaced? Many thanks.
  5. Nice, and thanks for posting the pics. Been wondering how big an Atom will come up next to a Synchronika.
  6. No longer an option ‘5’ in the F02 menu. Maybe I’ll look towards a different steam wand tip to help with speed and texturing on a lower pressure. Only running the stock tip at the moment.
  7. My machine is indeed a new version with the updates. It’s coming up five months old. Steam boiler temp is on 133C and it does sit on 2 bar nicely but if the brew boiler is heating (ie post or mid shot) the pressure drops rapidly and the temp soon follows, only recovering once brew temp is back up at which point it does recover very quickly. I haven’t looked at it yet but I’ll have a play now I know more about the menus I’m looking at.
  8. Also I assume ~10 amps at UK 240v? As opposed to 110v.
  9. Thanks @MediumRoastSteam I’ll give it a go. There’s no WiFi plug or extension in there, straight into the mains. Is there somewhere you can find all of the advanced settings listed and what each code means?
  10. First of all, I am assuming that there is a heating element in each boiler in a Synchronika. Is there a setting in the advanced PID menu that tells the machine to only heat the steam boiler once the brew boiler is up to temp? Can it be changed to allow both boilers to heat simultaneously? I read somewhere it was possible ages ago but now can’t find it. I’m aware that this is the case during initial heat up but I am losing steam pressure significantly and it doesn’t stabilise or increase until the brew temp is back up after a shot. It means I can’t really steam and brew at the s
  11. Beautiful machine. Impressive how immaculate you’ve kept the polished drip tray. Good luck with the sale.
  12. Jug itself is fine in terms of quality. It appears the Peak is not based on some user experiences but I don’t have experience myself. Filters are easy enough to get hold of, aren’t super expensive (like Zero), Easy to change and pretty quick to filter a tank full. However, if you’re aiming to get your hardness down, they don’t actually do a lot in reality. My tap water GH is 14deg (250.6ppm), the jug drops this to 10deg (179ppm). Tap KH is 8 (143) and jug drops it to 6 (107) but I don’t know the output in greater detail. The BWT magnesium ion transfer shenanigans throws a curveball
  13. Time has flown for me too, need to get on with it even with few shots really through mine. Daily back flush with water and also I always flush forwards post shot. Any tips for purchasing Molykote 111 at a reasonable price and quantity?
  14. The E65? No I do not. The Sette, yes.
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