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  1. It’s worth a look. Get the top off and take a look at what’s going on.
  2. Are the 65mm Zenith Ti burrs essentially a mini Mythos burr? I wonder if they’d fit the Mignon XL 🤔
  3. Apologies, I was incorrect. It was a UPS service. Through parcel hero from memory. Was pretty painless.
  4. That’s the spider. Shame on you.
  5. FYI I arranged a DHL collection for a machine recently. Collected from the buyer one day, delivered to me the next. The service cost me a little over £35 for a 27kg, BIG package including insurance to the value of £350.
  6. Mine goes straight to just under 9 bar and then increases slightly on the gauge once you hear the change in tone as the pressure rises. Mine is currently peaking at about 9.4, it has crept a little as I am sure it was 9 bar bang on before. Need to make an adjustment.
  7. Similar experience for me. I had a SGP and followed it with a Mignon when it broke. I still have the Mignon.
  8. I should add that I don’t have anything against retailers promoting their products. That’s good retail and usually a sign of a retailer that will support you if they get your business.
  9. New parts for the old Isomac. Will get stuck in tonight!
  10. So a machine that is never switched off or serviced for two years developed some problems. I am not surprised. The technician is also a German retailer who does not sell ECM but does sell many competitor brands. I wouldn’t read too much into that. Just as I would take the positive frothing that Whole Latte Love give ECM with a pinch of salt. They’re a retailer that sell ECM, of course they’re going to be incredibly positive. I did my own research and made my decision based on that. Did I spend more time researching ECM than I did some other brands due to their greater market vis
  11. So do I take the Atom 75 off my wish list? 😂
  12. The perfetto has a larger range of adjustment per complete rotation of the dial. Therefore, dialling in for espresso is difficult as you’re trying to make minuscule movements on the dial and even then you’re moving the burrs a relatively large amount.
  13. The Specialita is a significant improvement on the clumping, usability and volume (loudness). However, does it create better coffee than a MkII after faffing with the boulders? I doubt it. I’ve got both side by side at the moment. I can’t tell the difference. As a result, I’m looking for a more premium grinder than the Specialita as I’m looking for improvements in the cup. If I didn’t have the MKII already and was buying a Mignon for espresso from the current range, I would buy the Specialita. Especially if I was using it as an on demand grinder (they don’t suit single dosi
  14. It is indeed a MKII, not one of the newer generation. I’m actually borrowing a Specialita for a few days at the moment. It’s a lot better and certainly quieter. Im hopper feeding both. Single dosing has never worked well for me with my MkII for several reasons.
  15. For what it’s worth, I have a Mignon MkII, it’s about 6 years old or so. Great little grinder although it does clump pretty badly. Pulls good shots after faffing though. I am also currently borrowing a Mignon Specialita. It’s in a different league, huge improvement in my opinion. Personally for making espresso I wouldn’t consider any of the other Mignon models, the saving you make vs the loss of useability isn’t worth it.
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