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  1. Is the Helios an option? Rapid grind times, particularly on the 80mm version and in a commercial environment I imagine the physical size of them isn’t an issue for you.
  2. Any retailer that gives you grief about trivial things like tightening side panels voiding your warranty does not deserve your custom. I have recently tried the five hole tip (four hole out of stock everywhere at the time) and the steaming power was incredibly good. Actually too powerful for texturing one drinks worth of milk. Have gone back to the two hole for now.
  3. Do a search online for coffee equipment tariff codes. The duty isn’t massive on espresso machines from memory, something like 2.5%, but a grinder is likely a different tariff code and so might have a duty rate.
  4. Machine now collected by buyer’s courier.
  5. Happy to honour the £500 ex shipping offer as above. It is on eBay at £600 ex shipping. It is listed on eBay but not on an auction, it’s essentially a classified ad so I can remove anytime without contravening eBay’s policies. I’d prefer it went to a member here. Let me know if you’re happy and We can move to PM
  6. It’s worth mentioning that a GC will never have incredible temperature stability as there isn’t an awful lot of thermal mass in its design. However, for the ~£120 and a bit of tinkering it’ll cost you, you’d likely get that back in a few minutes this time should you choose.
  7. Have you got cups on top? Try removing/moving them. I do sometimes have a similar sound although quieter in a situation where a particular cup might take a dislike to where it’s sitting, I just move it a touch and it stops. Bella Barista usually remove them to do their pre delivery inspection but is there a transit nut still attached underneath? It’s a wing nut usually.
  8. Single dosing or a light load in the hopper will slow the grind speed down significantly.
  9. Grinder now shipped. Mods: Please move to sold, thank you.
  10. Bump before eBay. Price reduced to £500. Mainland UK postage available from APPROX £25.
  11. We have a deal. Lets move to PM.
  12. There will be duty to pay although that depends on the tariff code associated with the product. Most coffee hardware is pretty low on duty but that is mostly espresso machines and grinders, accessories may be different. You will have to pay VAT though and likely a handling charge to the courier for customs clearance. These will likely be more than the duty on a product like this.
  13. Thanks for the reply. I did see your post and did some research. I’m not sure that ‘the single’ is quite what I’m after.
  14. Apologies. I did measure it but didn’t add to the text. 450mm deep 280mm wide 360mm tall (396mm inc cup rail) Cup rail can be removed.
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