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  1. Supposedly these are shipping now? Has anyone received?
  2. Has Bean SSSSS Guatemala Finca La Soledad with 150hr cold fermentation. Brewed this on Behmor Brazen today @ 96C, using 40g/650g with the Bunn filters, #13.5 on the EK 43S and TWW. I really like this one, very clean, sweet and creamy with a slight zingy acidity and went really well with a morning croissant. I've been so happy with the Behmor lately that all the other brewers are not being used as much.
  3. I tired brewing the Has Bean SSSSS which is the Finca La Soledad from Guatemala, Washed Caturra with my tap water, which is very hard (450ppm TDS, 350mg/L bicarb). Previously I made the same coffee but with RO water + a TWW capsule. I think I actually preferred today's brew for some reason, it seem more well rounded, sweeter while yesterday's one was tasting bit more hollow and somewhat metallic. Too bad it creates a lot of scale. For me water seems to be the second most differentiating thing after the coffee itself (i.e less important than the green and roast, but more so than the grinder etc) and some seem to be a lot more forgiving than other. Some just make the coffee very well rounded and some can just make it very flat or metallic tasting.
  4. I just got to brew the Finca La Soledad (almost 4 weeks after roast, unfortunately), it's been a while since I had anything from Has Bean and forgot that their roasts are quite on the developed side. Brewed this twice now on the Behmor and it went down quite a treat in the house. Get the caramely creaminess, not so much of the acidity (pineapple/raspberry) but I've been using my very hard tap water (~350ppm alkalinity) and still held up pretty well.
  5. After much testing with percolation brews I always find the coarser the grind, the easier it seems to be to brew consistently and tastily. Of course up to a limit since too coarse grind can give you a very thin brew. Coarser grind seems to make the overall flow better and more consistent? The "less complex" comment could be because of silt rather than anything related to extraction directly? Unfortunately there's still too many recommendations out there saying to keep grinding as fine as possible or continuously chase some specific time.
  6. I use 14g to 200g, fairly fine grind (finer than for V60). I don't like the inverted method as it can leak through the sides. Pour all the water at once and stir a few times, and then put plunger back on let it sit. A little bit would have dripped through, but that really doesn't make much difference. I tried doing the 2nd Tim Wendelboe stir but that just seems to introduce more silt in the cup. I like my cup clean, so the best results seem to be by letting it steep from 2 to 3 min, then plunging gently until you hear the hiss. This gives very clean cups, comparable to V60.
  7. The paper lost me at "blending two shots". The only reasonable advice you can really take from the paper is not to dial in by time I think. I think the final point of increasing efficiency was very weak, in a Cafe which sells 30k drinks a year, they only saved $3,000 a year, which is hardly a blip on the radar compared to other costs like rent and staff. full paper available here: https://www.cell.com/matter/fulltext/S2590-2385(19)30410-2
  8. Virgilio Mejia, Honduras, washed red catuai from Obadiah. Brewed on the Behmor for this morning, very nice red sheen on this one and was really enjoyable, taste of hazelnuts and milk chocolate. Been getting very good results on the Behmor since switching to the stock basket + larger filters and a somewhat coarse grind (#14 on the EK43 S)
  9. Moccamaster/Wilfa still seem to require some intervention for best results (i.e. stirring). I highly recommend the Behmor Brazen, it's £150 (make sure to get the right paper filters though!). Requires a little bit of setup/calibration but then it makes great coffee without any stirring or any other manual intervention.
  10. Behmor is very good, you can get filters from HB also which fit better than 185 I think. The coffee keeps warm for quite long and it's pretty easy to use. I currently use 40g/650g water but I think it works better with larger brews (i.e. 55g/900g)
  11. The winning Aeropress recipe this year I think was 30g:100g + 120g bypass or something like that? I've seen several people using variants of this too. It's likely to be around 12-14% EY, but can still be tasty.
  12. For what it's worth, I don't know if @string is still around, but I had some chance to sift some grinds from Wilfa Uniform with Kruve and at setting 28, it was already at similar coarseness to the coarsest setting on my EK. Fineness is really only relative to the range offered by the grinder manufacturer? It was the only setting I got to test since it's used in a cafe. I don't think we have enough information to diagnose what his troubles were though, but it was making pretty tasty coffee in the cafe for batch and pour overs and the barista/owner was happy with it.
  13. Ask your cafe what brew ratio they're using. You can try upping the ratio to 65g/L to see if that helps? Are you making a full batch i.e. 1L water? You can try giving it a gentle stir in the beginning (say after 30 sec), which should up the extraction a little bit.
  14. Los Pirineos, El Salvador, Natural processed Pacamara from La Cabra. Brewing this at the cottage in the countryside we are staying for New Year's using Aeropress and 1+6 on Kinu, same recipe as posted previously. Lots of dark chocolate and some nice floral notes. Really enjoying this one.
  15. The Barn - Honey Processed Aramosa "Low Caf" from Brazil (Daterra Masterpieces) which I got ~26g as part of the standart magazine. These are supposed to have 1/2-1/3 as much caffeine as Arabica, without any extra processing, sounds pretty cool? Thought this would be a good after dinner coffee, so brewed it on Aeropress, 13g in, 1+6 on the Kinu M47 w/ brew burrs, add 200g water at once, stir 3 times and then steep for 2:30 and plunge very gently until the hiss. Definitely get lots of caramel and some hint of fruit (tasting notes say Mango), it was really enjoyable. The cup was so clean, it could have easily been a V60.
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