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  1. A really nice natural from La Cabra, Brundi - Nzove. Very nice coffee, fruity and sweet without too much funk. I brewed this two different ways.. 24g/400g V60, ground at #11 on EK43 S, 4x100g pours -> very sweet and fruity, though a little smokey as well (or just my morning palate) then 14g/220g Origami, ground at #13 and 2x110g pours -> this was brighter but better balanced, very enjoyable!
  2. I've been tracking the TDS after each fill, each fill is about 1.2L-1.3L (filled directly from tap) TDS without filtering 400-450ppm On Hardest setting 1. Flush Fill - didn't measure 2. 122 3. 115 4. 67 5. 80 6. 112 7. 114 - at this point I already start to notice a little bit of scale on my pour over kettle 8. 115 Seems rather poor performance, did anyone else try to measure this way?
  3. They sent a me tracking number as reply to a mail to [email protected] It arrived a few days ago, seems much better sealed. I also asked about the fishy smell and they said this: Just started to use the new filters now, and TDS doesn't seem as low as the old one (around 120 on 2nd fill after the flush), but will keep using it and also tracking how it progresses.
  4. I also wrote to them about the beads issue and now a replacement is on the way. I also started getting the fishy smell after about maybe 30 liters, far from the advertised 100L. The first 15-20L was good, but TDS is now upto 200 after filtering and I started to notice some scale in the kettle. I'll keep a more accurate log with the next filter so I can track the performance better.
  5. I looked at my gooseneck kettle today and also saw a few bits of plastic beads floating around, not so many though, and I noticed on top of the filter inside the peak there were quite a few loose ones. It looks like my filter also opened/leaked. At least I only drink filtered coffee. The lid that's supposed to lock the resin in doesn't seem very tight and it's slightly open in a few places. I will also send them a mail.
  6. Mine's performance also seems to have dropped quite significantly.. last batch was 180ppm TDS, though I can't tell if that's because of the fiddly mechanism or just the resin is spent. I have maybe put something like 20-30L through it so far in a month? I don't think I had an issue with the resin leaking into the water though. The units are far from production quality. I wonder if the next batch of filters will be any better? The best thing to come out of this would be that Brita/BWT etc will realize there's a market for this kind of filters and will make a proper product.
  7. Why don't you try cupping the coffee as a way to get some indication of the flavours: 9g coffee to 150g boiling water using a fine grind. Break crust after 4 min, let it stay for another 6-8 min and then remove the silt at the top with a spoon and start tasting.
  8. I second ignoring that kettle streams article (and really the rest of that blog), the discussions there are based on theory rather than actual, you know brewing the coffee and tasting it. Try not get holed up in "maximum extraction" cargo-cult and find something that works for you and will actually taste good. Also, don't feel like you need to change parameters every brew, find something you enjoy and stick to it! You can try something like in this video with April, but I typically use higher temp than what's recommended there. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otk2jFRCcmE
  9. While trying and failing to remove the boiler, and after putting it back I found this very small piece remaining out.. hmm, no idea what it does, though..
  10. Yes it's totally different, you need to disassamble/disconnect the whole unit basically to remove the gasket.
  11. Yes, I saw it but you can't get the group head out without removing the whole boiler.
  12. I tried removing the gasket, but it was not really possible - requires whole disassembly of the boiler unit which is extremely hard to reach. Seems like I would need disassemble EVERYTHING, including front panel etc.
  13. Is it a rule in thumb in general that the gasket shouldn't leak even if you grind very very fine?
  14. No, but the machine hasn't been used much. What should I check about it?
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