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  1. I think around the filter setting should be right, though been a while since I had the Wilfa. How long does your brew take? If you go a few notches finer, you should have more body, but it can also get astringent, so try to find a balance. I think it'll be easier to dial in at 65g/L as it'll be more forgiving. Eitherway stick to one ratio / method and only change grind size when dialling in.
  2. What setting are you using on the Wilfa? Is your moccamaster the one where you can adjust the flow on the basket (i.e. full moon/half moon/closed) See the recommendations on this thread as well: Also try making a 60g/1L batch and see how that tastes?
  3. Try this: * 32.5g coffee * Coarse grind * Stir when there is some water in the basket * Stir again, just on the top, breaking the "crust" around 1:00-1:30 (there should be a good amount of water above the bed at this point) This should work OK even if you're not able to change the flow rate from the basket. I find that using a fine grind with MM leads to astringent brews, so using a pretty coarse grind + some agitation to even things out is the way to go, it can little tricky to do it consistently though.
  4. Drawn down time is more related to how you agitate the bed, how many times you pour than strictly grind size. Try doing less pours, pouring gentler towards the middle and minimizing agitation if you want quicker draw down time.
  5. I was measuring the pulses today - each pulse takes around 15 seconds and disperses about 130g of water. So for a 500g brew it's doing 4 pulses in total, including the pre-infusion. I think after pre-infusion it's 15 to 20 sec between the pulses. I can imagine this working pretty well for a full batch. I also wish it would utilize all of the showerhead evenly, which doesn't seem to be the case, sometimes water comes out of only the front holes, and sometimes the middle. I think it might work even better with a december dripper since you can restrict the flow rate further. I don't think it's worth using for 250g brews though.
  6. With the manual mode you can control the length of the pulses, but the dispersion through the shower head isn't quite uniform each time, since there isn't a pump and depends which way the water flows (I think). In standard mode I think each pulse is around 130-150g, it would do around 4 pulses total for a 500ml brew.
  7. The normal brew mode, haven't tried the manual mode yet.
  8. This was in the manual: With 185 I'm not sure if you'd be able to do a full batch, they're on the smaller side. I've ordered some Bunn filters and those should work fine when making a full batch, I think.
  9. This is the reply from Behmor regarding using another brewer (I asked if it's OK with Chemex since it's mentioned in the manual..):
  10. What setting would you typically use for a pour over? Start with a pretty coarse grind (coarser than V60) and if it's still bitter it likely means it's just not saturating the water bed evenly. I find it's a little difficult to get consistent brews using Moccamaster with only half batch. If you are not doing any intervention then you need a very fine grind and the bed doesn't seem deep enough for that to work evenly with that amount of coffee. Do you have one of those which you can shut off the filter? The best result seems to shut off the valve to let it fill the basket, and then open it once it's full, so like a semi-immersion brew. I used to use something like below with 60-65g/L ratio.
  11. I'm having very good results with the 185 + Brazen setup, with extremely clean, sweet cups now. Bit worried the front LCD panel will get water inside though, there's quite a bit condensentation? I sent a mail to their support asking if that's anything to worry about. Still shocking how badly the thermos pours, it can't certainly be that hard to come up with a decent design for that? Not sure if the clever would benefit from a showerhead?
  12. Norma Iris Fiallos from Honduras, roasted by Holistik I brewed this using 30g/500g using a Kalita Wave 185 + Behmor Brazen, ground at #14 on the EK43 S, total brew time was 2:30 including :45 pre-infusion. Not the most soluble bean, so the TDS/EY was at 1.25%/18.5% - similar to what I got when I did a pour over earlier. Super clean and transparent cup, flavour wise it has very nice strawberry acidity, lots of sweetness, very delicate cup for a natural and really enjoyed it. Ended up drinking the whole pot at once (probably going to regret it later..). I would maybe increase the intensity a little by grinding slightly finer / increasing the dose for next time.
  13. Yep it fits fine, I have the Brewista v1 scale.
  14. Yes the 185 (steel) fits fine. The origami brewer also fits quite nicely. Haven't really tested both back to back to see if there would be any difference though, Origami might have a bit faster flow rate. When brewing 30-32g the preprogrammed pulse seems to work reasonably OK, though I think if you would do it manually you'd do a smaller pre-infusion and stretch out the other pours a bit. But yes doing it manually every time seems to go into "too much faff" territory. The steaming of the front panel is also bit annoying.
  15. Yes, it seems the wave filters are too small and spread out in the basket. You could have some kind of cone-shaped insert which could hold the shape a little better. I think the Bunn filters should work well with 1L brews. When using the wave instead of the built in basket it's not really more faff than just doing a brew normally. The only limitation is that you're bound by the default pulsing, doing it manually might be an improvement however then you basically have to stand around while the coffee is brewing.
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