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  1. ++1 for Friedhats Manhattan Coffee Roasters are also good, but not sure where you can find their coffee.
  2. I'm not fan of the inverted method, as it seems like sometimes silt leaks through when you reverse it and it can get messy. The new thing in Aeropress seems to be to use a ridiculous amount of coffee (30-35g) at a very coarse grind..
  3. It tasted fairly similar to the brews I would make with putting the plunger back on quickly but still draining in similar amount of time. Perhaps 2 minutes is just not enough to make much difference, you need to steep for much longer push extraction significantly higher?
  4. Another brew of the natural processed Manco Kapak from Bolivia by Bob Coffee Lab. Been trying to simplify my Aeropress recipe. I used 12g ground at #16 on the Kinu, pour 200g water at once, gave it 3 or so stirs, and then let it drip for ~2:30 , as I find it fiddly to put the plunger back on to stop it from dripping. I used the plunger to get the rest out, which wasn't a whole lot and stop right before it starts to hiss. Very clean brew, and sweet and could taste the coffee clearly. I wonder if much happens during those 2 minutes or just stirring in the beginning is enough to get things going..
  5. Two more naturals from Bob Coffee Lab in Bucharest brought this time by my mother-in-law: One is an experimental lot from Honduras that was fairly expensive, so hopefully it delivers. I think it must have raised some faces when a 60 year old woman is asking for some experimental lot..
  6. Thanks, I'll keep an eye on next month's guest slots
  7. This seems much better now after resting a few days extra. I really enjoyed a batch brew made on the Brazen at 35g/600g, using the Wave 185 instead of the stock filter holder. Total brew time was around ~3min, ground at #13.5 on the EK43 S. Lots of strawberries and fruit, and quite sweet, didn't taste roasty or burnt at all.
  8. Do you ship internationally for LSOL, or only domestic (Denmark?)
  9. I was already at 53g/L there, so I don't know if that would help.. or did you mean upping the ratio?
  10. Third bag from Naughty Dog, this time it's the Ethiopia Dimtu Natural - this one was smelling really nice, lots of strawberries. Brewed it on Kalita 155, 2+0 at Kinu M47, 13.5g in / 220g out at 1.13% tds, 19% EY. Unfortunately it's more of an espresso roast and also maybe somewhat charred too as it's tasting pretty roasty and can't really pick up much notes. The other two bags from them have been amazing but not keen on this one. Maybe it'll fare better as Aeropress.
  11. I think the "small" one is a 25kg Probat. More photos here (from 2007!): https://www.flickr.com/photos/hasbean/sets/72157600935851692/ I'm not sure what the red one is, looks significantly bigger. Another photo here:
  12. Does anyone know what roaster Has Bean uses?
  13. A really well made, light-roasted natural from one of my favorite roasters, Bob Coffee Lab in Bucharest This one is honey&natural processed Manco Kapak from Bolivia I originally intended to brew this with Aeropress but forgetting to change grind setting it ended up being a drip and having to make up a recipe. Wave 155, #12,5 on EK, 12g in and 30g bloom + 3 pours at :30, 1:00, 1:30 for 200g total. Lots of super sweet tropical fruit and hint of funkiness , for me this is a perfectly made natural.
  14. 2nd brew with the sample of Has Bean Othaya Chinga Natural, there was only 12g left and the coffee is a bit darker than I'd like, so I did an Aeropress. I've figured out a recipe that works for me with minimal silt: 12g pretty fine grind (#6 on the EK43 S, normal drip is ~#10-11) Add 200g all at once Stir 3 times with stirrer generously Put plunger on, pull back slightly to stop flow Wait 2-2:30 min, and then push very slowly, just stop before it starts to hiss. This actually gives me an almost completely silt-free Aeropress brew, and transparent enough that you could see through it. Measured TDS was 1.42% giving EY of 24.2%. I measured TDS with filter and without it, and slightly to my surprise they were exactly the same, but then again the brew was so clear you could see through it and no silt at all. Grinding any finer would increase EY, but also increase silt. For me it was spot on and I enjoyed this brew a lot more as immersion since you still get more of the oils brewed this way and was like sweet funky plums, without the roastiness.
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