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  1. I've no numbers at all on mine! I'm experimenting. [eta] I do have numbers on mine (just double checked), but they have no notch/point to dial them to. The they are effectively useless.
  2. No problem! I'll video later on today and post up. Thanks.
  3. Here's a vid: [video=youtube_share;ndSnFk4QJtM]https://youtu.be/ndSnFk4QJtM
  4. (I do all the usual pre-warming of the glass, portafilter and ROK) Update: I bought some new beans: Caffe Diemme from Doppio in Kentish Town (after having ordered a soya cortado, made perfectly, with the same beans) I dialed the grind in to be slightly finer (there're no intervals marked on the Eureka Mignon, but the coffee came out with a gritty powder consistency and the dial was turned almost all the way round) I placed the jug in the fridge; had more milk in it I bought a thermometer (although tbh I was a bit flustered with the milk so didn't pay that much attention to the reading) I put less water in the ROK The result? The Coffee: The grinds, when in the portafilter, I tamped down more firmly than I had (I did it in 2 layers). The water was only in about 1.5cm above the metal top of the ROK. I let the grinds pre-infuse and then took the arms up all the way and pulled the shot. The force required to lever the arms down was much more than it had ever been - I found it hard. And no coffee was extracted! So I let the arms re-bound up a bit and tried again - a little coffee was extracted. I took the arms all the way back up, added more water and re-pulled the shot. Again, needed quite a lot of force but this time the coffee was extracted and the stream had the 'creamy' look I'd seen in the successful youtube vids I'd been watching! I re-pulled again to complete the process and lo and behold, crema! Re. the milk: I put more milk in the jug although from previous experience I know that the volume increases to the extent that it overflows. Sure enough this happened! I stopped (cleaned and purged the wand) and scooped some of the foam off. Underneath the milk had that emulsion paint look! I checked the thermometer and it was around 40 so I plunged the wand deep and used it to just heat the milk to take it to 50 (it went up to 60 afterwards). I swirled and banged the milk. It kept the emulsion paint look and when I poured it it seemed, not exactly thick/creamy put way more so than it ever had. Taste/Texture: Actually, not bad! It was a little bitter but not sour and I think that's either because the whole ad hoc process with adding more water caused too long a pre-infusion time or else it was because I had simply made a shorter shot. The texture was much better! Still a little foamy Vs creamy but much, much better! Conclusion: I'll re-try the coffee at the same finer grind but tamp a little less hard and use more water. The milk? I'll place the jug in the fridge to pre-cool it, not spend so much with the nozzle close to the surface (making that ripped paper sound) because I just seem to get tonnes of bubbles and HUGE volume. Watch this space!
  5. Hey Glen. im London N6, Highgate/Crouch End. But, my gear is portable (well, the grinder is a bit heavy!) do I can travel. Any good? Thanks so much for checking in. Alex.
  6. I'm almost embarrassed to video - but yes, I'll do that on Sunday with the help of my trusty partner. I think that because I'm only using a small amount of milk it's difficult (maybe) to place the tip of the steamer at the correct height and for the correct length of time for the processes of: 1) creating air 2) incorporating the air 3) heating the milk Have to go to work now so if I don't reply it's not because I'm unappreciative of any advice that comes this threads way. I'll be excitedly checking in again around 6pm.
  7. Well, many thanks for the support! I have heard that soya is difficult so I'm trying not to be too down in the mouth but oh, I'm fed up of not seeing any improvement
  8. I was sooooo enthusiastic! I researched and researched and eventually, over 2yrs, have acquired: ROK Bellman Stove Top Steamer Eureka Mignon Mk2 Grinder I have watched numerous youtube vids, read much of what has been written here, practiced, practiced and practiced .... and I still make milk (soya) that remains liquid on the bottom with a hard cap of foam on top, and coffee with zero crema. So, lovely community, I am reaching out. Is there anyone in the London area that, in exchange for cake, fixing your bike, free yoga class .... I can't offer you a good cup of coffee because I can't make one! .... would be happy to come over and actually show me what I'm doing wrong? I know this is an odd request given the English stereotype for reserve and standoffishness.... but .... I can't bear the rubbish I'm making Help!
  9. Hi. New to the forum. I have been lurking for a while as I make my choice about grinder and espresso maker. Based in London but from the Midlands, yoga teacher and therapist and (I know it's terribly unfashionable) I can't abide light or medium roast coffee. This is unfortunate because it appears to have taken over The World
  10. Also looking to buy the chrome version - now that I've seen Lozzer87's is already sold. Was thinking to buy from here: http://www.myespresso.co.uk/product/eureka-mignon-mk2-on-demand-grinder-with-timer-chrome-free-1kg-beans/ UNless anyone can recommend somewhere else?
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