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  1. Holt's a lovely place, been there several times before. May have to look into trying a bag of their beans, some of them sound very nice.
  2. Currently on Hasbean's Nicaragua Finca Limoncillo Washed Red Pacamara, but I've really struggled to get a decent brew with these beans. There was a very bitter aftertaste to the beans for the first few days after roasting, but even five days post-roast they're not that exciting. Through the V60 and the Aeropress there's a definite creaminess and a lemony bite on the back, but it has to really cool down before this comes through. Not one I'd get again as, despite a lot of fiddling with various elements, it seems a difficult one to get right.
  3. I thought the same thing way back when I first bought an Aeropress. I was convinced that the Aeropress alone was going to make a huge difference, but I was a little off the mark. The first thing I put in it were some Waitrose beans and the result was seriously underwhelming. I don't think I even used the Aeropress again for a few months. But then I tried some beans from The Barn. Freshly roasted and high quality, there was a massive improvement in taste. And that's when I got into coffee. Anyway, this forum is great for recommendations on the best beans to try, so do a little exploring and experiment with some different roasters.
  4. On my second bag of Ana Sora Natural from Hasbean as I enjoyed the first one so much. I mostly used my Aeropress with the last batch, but I've been focusing on my V60 for these beans. As I found with the first lot, these are beans which benefit from a generous rest. I tried them 2-3 days post roast and the lemon notes were an assault on the senses whilst the blueberry aromas were struggling in the background. Saying that, I'm a big fan of lemony flavours, so it's worth an early grind if that's your bag and you're up for something different. The flavours balance up much more around 4-5 days after roasting. The lemon zest moves into the background and provides a great foundation for the blueberry flavour to shine through. A rich, warm mouthful and one that will probably tempt me into a third bag.
  5. After hearing good things, on this forum, about Cartwheel Coffee, I decided to give a try. I went for the Gaspar Diaz Domingo beans from Guatemala and wasn't disappointed. I've been putting them through the V60 and the green apple notes - sweet and fresh like an apple sweet - are really upfront on the initial taste. And, as as the coffee cools down, the Jaffa Cake aromas really start to linger at the end of each mouthful. Delicious stuff and I'll be investigating more of Cartwheel's beans in the future.
  6. Yes, these beans are fantastic. Very good in an Aeropress!
  7. I've been drinking the Ana Sora Natural for the last few days now and am a big fan. It's very different to your average blueberry tasting Ethiopian. The lemon edge is very notable and makes for an intriguing experience with a rich mouthfeel. Frankly, I can't get enough of it. My preferred method is 15g at a fine grind through an Aeropress for 90 seconds. I did try 16.5g of coarse grind for around 3 minutes, but can't say that made any difference to the flavour. I also put 20g through a V60, but the flavours felt very muted and I haven't bothered trying again.
  8. I ordered a bag of the natural process this morning and can't wait to get them in my cup. Hasbean have served up some fantastic Ethiopian beans in the past, so hopefully these will continue the trend. I may even have had these beans before, but it's only recently that I've realised the worth in noting down great beans.
  9. I may get crucified for this, but I genuinely enjoy Sainsbury's House Blend beans which are about £2.30 a pack. The taste is strong and uncomplicated, but with a drop of milk it's a cheap and simple pleasure. I imagine it's a good coffee for loading up with syrups if that's your thing.
  10. Now enjoying a cup of Round Hill Roastery's Shakiso #1 which I put through the Aeropress. I'm a big fan of Round Hill's beans and the Shakiso is a subtle beauty. Lots of strawberry on the first mouthful with a lingering bubblegum aftertaste - very similar to a glass of Beaujolais. I opened the beans a day or two early and mistakenly didn't brew for as long as Round Hill recommend, so hoping to get a bit more out of these yet.
  11. I had the RM beans for the first time recently and really enjoyed them. I felt that they kicked into top gear a couple of days after roasting, so will try to leave them for a few days next time.
  12. Just had Hasbean's Kenya Kiriga Estate AB in the Aeropress. 20g ground fine enough to need a bit of a push in the Aeropress. Brewed for just over a minute with the bloom. And the result was: very tasty. Nice mixture of blackcurrant and cherry (Jolly Rancher cherry to be precise) with decent body. A bargain at £8 a bag.
  13. I've been on Foundry's Rocko Mountain today after a recommendation on the forum. Took me three attempts to get it singing in the V60 - I wasn't being generous enough with the beans - but really enjoying the blueberry/strawberry flavours now. Looking forward to another cup in the morning.
  14. Whenever I'm in Birmingham I always head straight to Faculty. Never had anything even approaching an average coffee in there - always amazing beans on offer and it's where I discovered the wonders of Round Hill roastery. And, on my last visit, I had a Snickers brownie - which was the size of a brick - and it was equally amazing.
  15. Thanks for the suggestions. Will probably go with the Foundry ones as I've been wanting to try something from them for a while.
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