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  1. I had the RM beans for the first time recently and really enjoyed them. I felt that they kicked into top gear a couple of days after roasting, so will try to leave them for a few days next time.
  2. Just had Hasbean's Kenya Kiriga Estate AB in the Aeropress. 20g ground fine enough to need a bit of a push in the Aeropress. Brewed for just over a minute with the bloom. And the result was: very tasty. Nice mixture of blackcurrant and cherry (Jolly Rancher cherry to be precise) with decent body. A bargain at £8 a bag.
  3. I've been on Foundry's Rocko Mountain today after a recommendation on the forum. Took me three attempts to get it singing in the V60 - I wasn't being generous enough with the beans - but really enjoying the blueberry/strawberry flavours now. Looking forward to another cup in the morning.
  4. Whenever I'm in Birmingham I always head straight to Faculty. Never had anything even approaching an average coffee in there - always amazing beans on offer and it's where I discovered the wonders of Round Hill roastery. And, on my last visit, I had a Snickers brownie - which was the size of a brick - and it was equally amazing.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions. Will probably go with the Foundry ones as I've been wanting to try something from them for a while.
  6. I'm always looking to get good Yirgacheffe beans, so does any one have any recommendations for roasters currently stocking good batches? In terms of flavour I'm looking for something with big blueberry aromas. Thanks in advance!
  7. I popped in here a few months ago - I'm Peterborough based - and have to say that their flat white was easily the best I've had in the city. As others have said, it's not difficult to stand out in the city due to the lack of independent coffee shops, but Bewiched is a good alternative to the chains. It would be good to see them offering some premium blends from other roasters such as Origin etc, but I get the feeling Peterborough will never offer that experience...
  8. Thanks for the advice, will have a look at the Ultra and the Able filters.
  9. Just how effective are the metal Aeropress filters at giving more body to the finished coffee? I've only ever used paper filters, but have been reading recently that the metal filters can give a fuller mouthful. What are your experiences with them? And which ones do you recommend? Thanks!
  10. Just finished off the last of my Sumatra Tano Batak from Rave. I've mostly bought from Has Bean before and gone for light to medium roasts, but decided to try something a bit darker and different this time. Made in my Aeropress - fairly strongly (no measurements) - and there's a big chocolately mouthful with a hint of tobacco in the background. Very little bitterness present in the cup, so definitely one that I'd invest in again.
  11. I did go to DoC, just a bit of a delay in reporting back! And, yes, I had a pretty good americano there! It was made with their Dark Horse beans which, I think, are Yirgacheffe. Definitely recommended if you're in the area, but it's a rather small shop and I imagine it gets crowded during busy periods. Fast forward a month of so from my last visit to Spitalfields and I found myself in the area again. However, rather than heading to DoC again, I took a stroll upto Brooklyn Coffee (http://www.brooklyncoffee.co.uk) which I had spied on the way in. Had a really nice americano in there for a decent price and the staff couldn't be more helpful. Not sure which beans they were using that day, but fantastically flavoured and well brewed.
  12. Well, I'm in Spitalfields tomorrow, so will check out the Department of Coffee there. Thanks!
  13. Ah, I'm looking for fantastic coffee, so maybe I'll review my options! Thanks!
  14. I've been intrigued by this place for a while, so am considering paying a visit soon. Anyone else sampled their wares?
  15. Fairly new to the world of decent coffee, but glad I've navigated away from the world of instant or supermarket roasts! The first time I tasted some amazing coffee was last September when I had some Kenyan AA coffee roasted by The Barn. I'd never drunk anything like it and suddenly realised that coffee didn't need milk or sugar to be drinkable! Since then I've bought an Aeropress and been filling it up with beans from The Barn and HasBean. Looking forward to learning a bit more about the art of coffee making on here!
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