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  1. Agreed! The latest natural ones were really nice, but these are completely different in every way.
  2. I've always been a big fan of the Ana Sora beans that Hasbean stock, but I've only ever had their natural processed ones. However, as I've drunken almost nothing but natural beans this year, I decided it was time to venture over to the washed side. And Hasbean's latest batch of washed Ana Sora beans serve up a tasty, refined brew. There's plenty of sweet lemon at play which is underpinned by black tea notes. I suppose there's a kind of Earl Grey vibe going on, but much sweeter and with the understanding that this is clearly coffee. Flavours are more intense through the Aeropress, but they're not too muted through a V60 either. Anyway, these are recommended and signal my re-entry into the world of washed coffee.
  3. No, I just grind at the normal Aeropress size. There's no need to go coarse as it doesn't overextract. Someone else on here - I forget who - has explained it in more detail before.
  4. Had a delivery from Smith Street today! First up were the Calderon beans. And opening the tin led to the release of some strong vanilla aromas. These were even more intense after grinding. Nonetheless, mindful of what Ronnie had said above, I decided to do a long brew in the Aeropress. Left them in for 15 minutes before plunging. Strong vanilla notes again mixed with in a noticeable mango flavour. Very nice indeed, but I didn't pick up on any coconut aromas - perhaps they're smothered by the vanilla and mango. Might try a 20 minute press on these next as well as putting them through the V60. Also have to note that, although I'm not too fussed about packaging, the tin these came in is of a very high quality. Later on I dug into the Fiallos beans and it was time for my tastebuds to get hardwired into pleasure again. These really, really reminded me of Hasbean's latest batch of Ana Sora. Very chocolatey with blueberry and orange in the mix. BUT! These macerated beans have a big, big glug of booze in them. A proper eye opener and one which will prove perfect in the mornings. I've only put these through the V60 so far, so I do wonder how intense the alcoholic edge will be in my Aeropress. But I'll give it a go! Both come highly recommended with the Winterlight seal of approval.
  5. Well, seeing as I haven't used Smith Street before, I've decided to take the plunge with them on their Fiallos beans. And I've also ordered up their Calderon beans as coconut/mango/vanilla sounds too good to turn down. I'm justifying such a purchase as my birthday is coming up. And I should still have some left by then. Just about. I'll let you know what I think to them! Thanks!
  6. Any recommended boozy beans about at the moment? Not had one for a while and feel the need!
  7. I decided to treat myself, as I'm on holiday this week, to a bag of Hasbean's (take a deep breath) Bolivia Finca La Llama Natural Geisha Hawaii and it made some glorious coffee. Mostly been brewing it in the Aeropress for 15 - 20 minutes and this has resulted in some super sweet and rich flavours. Lots of big blueberry flavours (think a typical Ethiopian) and some sweet lemon alongside it. It mentioned Yuzu notes on the website too, but I have no idea what Yuzu tastes like! I made one cup through the V60 and it was okay, but the flavours were noticeably muted compared to the Aeropress long steep. It was certainly expensive, but as a treat I have nothing to complain about. I had another Bolivian Geisha from Hasbean about a year ago and that was equally impressive, but very different flavours (although that also mentioned Yuzu).
  8. winterlight

    Boun Beans?

    I remember seeing them on Dragon's Den and wondering what this mention of "grade one" beans was about. Not heard it mentioned by roasters I've used previously. Is most specialty coffee grade one as standard?
  9. I saw that yesterday and was intrigued, but Christmas cake is one of my food nightmares so not sure if I'd enjoy that one much. As I'm on holiday next week I've ordered up some of their Bolivian Gesha coffee as a treat.
  10. I don't tend to wait for filter either. Occasionally, I'll notice some differences a few day in, but I wouldn't say they're huge changes. I'm sure I saw James Hoffman (or maybe Maxwell from Colonna) recently say that 24 hours rest is all filter needs. Anyway, getting a nice sweetness from these beans now. Not sure what was up my tastebuds when I first tried them!
  11. I had another go today through the V60 and getting some more florals this time (also thought there was a bit of blueberry like @AdmDaveW). It's certainly an elegant brew and very different. Looking forward to trying it again tomorrow, especially as I noticed I've been grinding a step higher than normal. Will go back to my usual grind tomorrow and see what this brings.
  12. Had a couple of cups of this today (through the V60 and Aeropress) and not really made my mind up on it yet. Getting a lot of chocolate first of all and then natural, fruity notes underneath - I think kiwi is a good descriptor. It's certainly unusual, but nice. Might leave it a day or two and see if it evolves any more.
  13. Mine is, as per the tracking notes, due tomorrow morning. I'll probably dive in straight away to see how it's shaping up!
  14. I'm trying to save a bit of money at the moment and, until my Black Cat Ethiopian anaerobic beans get here, I've plumped for some supermarket beans. I went for Tesco's Sumatra beans and, surprisingly, they're making a decent cup. They're much, much darker than my usual beans (and faily oily) and, as a black coffee, they're a little bitter for my tastes. But with the tiniest drop of milk, the cup takes on a pleasing dark chocolate taste. Well worth £3.29 in an emergency and a good reminder that I should try some darker specialty beans.
  15. The demand for this has been great. Looking forward to trying it, I don't think I've seen many experimental Ethiopians and certainly haven't enjoyed a cup of any!
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