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  1. there's one this Saturday as it happens 10-1pm if you would like to book on let us know trev
  2. really late in the day but cupping some new crop samples at the roastery tomorrow at 10.30am if anyone is in or around sheffield 3x Bolivian new origin on me so will be fun to see how these play out, a brazilian with some none brazilian tasting notes & a 91.25 ethiopian which i'm really looking forward to trying all welcome trev
  3. Samples went out today for the people who sent me there address looking forward to your comments also up in the webshop for anyone else who fancies a bash http://www.smithstreetcoffeeroasters.co.uk/product-page/mwasa ta Trev
  4. Tasted divine even a day after roast, big plum hit with a softer cherry finish, no chocolate as per tasting notes but cant have it all! super happy with initial tasting. Will be getting mailed samples out tomorrow or monday. ta trev
  5. all done some numbers: 6kg batch, charge 190c air temp, 130Pa air flow, 55Hz drum speed, 15.09 roast time, 184c finish bean temp, 5.24kg finish weight 14.5% weight reduction happy with how it went, putting it through some taste testing tomoz
  6. All sorted then better get roasting.. will need you to PM me your addresses at some point ta
  7. Cooking a gorgeous new Rwanda this morning more info here: http://falconspecialty.com/collections/rwanda/products/mwasa target roast will be super light but fully developed, 4 FOC samples for forum members up for grabs for feedback Trev With the Pink Banner
  8. http://falconspecialty.com/collections/90/products/duromina & http://falconspecialty.com/collections/all/products/latumba Both ridiculously good complex but refined espresso to die for
  9. Nordic approach - high grade specialty greens by the sack http://www.coffee-bird.com
  10. Blend after not before roasting would be my tip & maybe take the santos a minute or a minute & a half longer than the singles which I'd aim for lightest roast possible with full development then blend away boss
  11. Where up the road in Sheffield call or pop in anytime allways happy to offer advice ☕️
  12. Good to hear there sourcing there coffee local will check it out next time I'm in Manchester
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