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  1. Might give 'em a swerve so 😀
  2. Looking to try some Origin beans in the next week or so, are they any others you've tried/would recommend? Cheers
  3. I've often read some very positive comments for their customers service, which was reassuring, but unfortunately my experience has not been good. Nevertheless, the idea of upgrading in a year or so was on my mind, so now that decision has just been brought forward. Lots of research still to do but Lelit was topping my list, it certainly won't be Sage! Must have a look at your reviews again.
  4. Just bought some on amazon so will give it a shot when it arrives. After another call with Sage their position has changed, now stating that the Sage DTP is unrepairable and as it's out of warranty all they can do is offer a discount for a new machine. Why would anyone be interested in buying another one! Frustrating to say the least.
  5. Water hardness is 256 and yes I've been filtering it. Didn't realise that about Puly, thought I saw it mentioned on here before that it was ok to use. Good to know. I suspect it's too late to use Kilrock at this stage if the water is not flowing. Edit - I've tried the Sage support team this morning and they gave me the details of Coffee Classics. When I spoke with them they said they don't can't help with Sage DTP any loner as they can't source any parts, and would be unable to send an engineer. At a loss at this stage as to what to do next.
  6. Thanks Tom, that was my initial thought as well, but I can here the pump go once the steamer starts but there's no water coming from the wand, nor the brew head. It seems like it's not able to pull the water through, from some further reading online someone mentioned that priming it might work, not sure how that works though. Live in hard water area and descale every 4-6 weeks with puly descaler powder.
  7. Afternoon folks, I've had a Sage DTP for 3 1/2 years and its worked perfectly up until today. But earlier this morning I noticed the steam power had decreased significantly to the point where there was just a dribble of water coming out. Did all the usual trouble shooting and then ran some descaler through. When I had finished, and switched off the machine, it was still making some noises which was quite concerning. Just turned it back on an hour or so later and there is nothing happening. It starts up within 30 seconds but there's no light flashing whilst the machine warms up as normal, and once I switch to espresso or steam no water comes out. Anyone any ideas or faced something similar? Would it be a pump issue? Cheers
  8. There was another thread about freezing recently, if you don't have anything to vacuum then that should be sufficient. Could also wrap in clingfilm if available. Perhaps have a look at that thread.
  9. Disappointing to hear that, could you reference said post? Hoping a lot of the smaller operations will be able to continue, but it really is impossible to say the way events move so rapidly each day.
  10. Probably just me but the constant use of the word "purveyor" on their website is quite irritating, smack's of pretentiousness, but I assume that's exactly the type of clientele they are aiming for!
  11. Morning Phil - just wondering by any chance would you have any screws left?. I've just destroyed one of mine whilst cleaning. Many thanks, Colin
  12. Yes weigh my shots each time, haven't been doing anything different that I can think of. Will see how I go over next couple of water tank refills, maybe it was an anomaly.
  13. Evening All, in the last two weeks I've noticed that my DTP isn't using as much water as it used to. Having to refill the tank less frequently. Must actually measure how many i get from full tank when I refill again. Haven't noticed any difference in my coffee's. Anyone else have this happen at any stage?. Cheers
  14. colb16

    SCAE London

    Currently considering doing the SCAE qualification, Barista Skills, and wondering if anyone had any good experiences of any of the London establishments offering the courses, seems to be quite a few. Prufrock is one that I have seen recommended. Total novice here so any comments appreciated. Thanks
  15. Yes i think I my have read something similar, stating the optimal time to have coffee is not first thing in the morning, but at 11am and again at 2-3pm. I can only last about 1-2 hours after getting up before having one, otherwise I'll have a horrendous headache.
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