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  1. The kind of place I usually order tea in... Went to the Bicester one a while ago and made the mistake of ordering a flat white. The person operating the coffee machine asking the person on the till, "which one's that again?" Didn't fill me with massive confidence.
  2. Bit of a thread resurrection. I had a coffee in here today. I quite liked it. Fun and quirky. My flat white had steamed milk though, rather than textured and was pretty strong and bitter. They were selling lots of pour-overs in there. I'm not sure I've seen anywhere with as many customers drinking them. Perhaps I should have had one instead?
  3. Harbourne and Beenleigh Blue are my favourite UK blues https://www.thecheeseshed.com/products/cheese/goat/item/harbourne-blue
  4. I've got a Stradaveri Pro. I've just re-filled it after making a couple of doubles earlier. It took 260ml water to refill it to the same level. That's for about 32g out twice and steaming enough milk for a couple of flatwhites. So about 130ml all in, including all the warming and cleaning flushes.
  5. Also in the Balkans “Bambus” not sure they use Rioja though not a fan. Isn't it a Calimocha? it even went 'hipster' cool a few years ago here as well.
  6. This is excellent advice. Decent hand grinder and an aeropress. Then find a decent roaster for beans. All you need to get started. The Delonghi will just be a waste of money. I had one about 8 years ago.
  7. I use Wemo plugs in a couple of locations around the house, including the coffee machine. No issues at all. I use tplink bulbs for lighting. They are... ok. If you swap router you have to redo everything from scratch, which is a bit of a pain.
  8. 21grams in for a 15 second extraction sounds..... Odd?
  9. Whoops! I did a search for "Costa" and it didn't come up. Doh.
  10. Oh my. https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/food-and-drink/costa-coffee-flat-black-launch-americano-twitter-response-a8251901.html Is it April 1st already?
  11. I'm the same. Americano or a cold brew with lighter roasts. Darker roasts for a 150-160ml flat white. There's room in my life and larder for both, but I'm yet to find anything that can do it all for me.
  12. The rosewood handles aren't very much more and are a lot more comfortable for prolonged use and if treated properly look good for years.
  13. Perhaps if the film were funny it would gain more leeway? It's got abysmal reviews. The producers are probably glad of the publicity. If they didn't start it all themselves anyway...
  14. I got mine from reachengineering supplies on ebay. 6mm x 1.5mm
  15. I was speaking to someone who used to work in a Costa and it seemed to be quite a low dose of coffee that they were using? Though whilst he could remember what the dose was he just looked confused when I asked what size basket/portafilter it was. The other thing is that they provide drinks for people who don't actually like coffee that much. The mass market is for drinks that aren't that strong and don't taste that great. It seems to be what people actually like for some reason. That and scaldingly hot.
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