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  1. To be frankly, I don't care much on whether the beans can help her to loose her weight or not because I am not gonna sell weight loss green coffee powder. I just want to make sure if it is safe to drinker's health, that is enough. You see, if you drink it that way and she if she gets health's problem, I wouldn't deliver green beans to her.
  2. Yesterday, I had an inquiry on buying washed green arabica coffee beans. The girl told me that she would grind these green (raw/unroasted) beans into powder and then pour water in and boil them. Then she will cool them down and enjoy! She guarantee me that this boiled green coffee powder is eatable and no harm to one's health. Even more, her cousin is using it the same way and has been got 6 kilogram loss so far. Her cousin reviewed that it is similar to regular coffee but less aromatic and less bitter. What a very weird way of processing coffee on Earth that I've ever heard of it. So, would you all mind telling me that boiled green coffee powder eatable/ drinkable? Is it safe for one's health? As it is really weird, I told her that I must hear advice from specialists first before I decided to sell her 3 kilogram of arabica green beans.
  3. Hi all, I've gained an inquiry on buying roasted coffee for making coffee enema. This is the first time I heard of this and I was really confused. The customer asked me the coffee beans must be 100% organic cultivated. So, is coffee enema necessarily 100% organic coffee powder? And if possible, what is coffee enema? Is there anyone used to try it yet? Why do we need to take coffee enema?
  4. I do agree with you, Glenn. Yesterday I had a talk with a coffee farmer from Kon Tum, Central Highlands, Vietnam. He told me that there were several farms out there still cultivating "Old Robusta", which means the first and original robusta which was introduced into Vietnam by the French. This robusta has smaller beans than mordern robusta in Vietnam today.
  5. Missy, what is the difference btwn dried coffee extract vs powdered coffee extract? Is it 100% pure extract for the price at 46.99 per kilo?
  6. Oooops, green coffee beans extract = another marketing trick?:exit:I am thinking of how people can extract the chlorogenic acid within the extract? Is the process like the way we do with decaffeinated coffee? If it is a trick, the process would be "top secret"???
  7. First time I heard of green coffee, I just thought of unroasted/raw coffee beans. After getting through its definitions, I later found that green coffee can be understood as green coffee beans extract which is believed to control one's weight for weight loss. Some also call it as slim coffee. This is now widely sold online and easily found in Amazon. The producers explain that chlorogenic acid 40% something within the extract contributes main fuctions to weight loss. Is this extract really workable for weight loss? And how?
  8. I've asked several coffee specialists on Blue Dragon coffee, it turns out to be that the name was originated from French colonial times in Vietnam many years ago. The other name is Arabica du Tonkin in which Tonkin the name of the whole Northern Vietnam today.
  9. I strongly believe that specialty coffee is an inevitable trend of global coffee consumption. Although Vietnam is a world's coffee giant. its coffee consumption seems to be at the first trend - that is, people learn how to drink real coffee. Meanwhile, many local Vietnamese coffee roasters are claimed to produce fake coffees (here is fake coffee made from burnt soya beans). However, Vietnamese coffee farmers learn fast and adopt to changes very fast as they used to pump the world with robusta. If some local farmers here can get rich with specialty coffee, many others will promptly follow. But quality control is a challenge. Hope that specialty coffee is charming enough to help to maintain quality consistency.
  10. The Thai is always a good sample in doing marketing and agriculture in SouthEast Asia. However, your news really surprised me as it is valued at $25m+. This is really a good news for coffee producer from Indochina in particular and Southeast Asia in general.
  11. Sorry for I misunderstood dumplings. Yeah, you see, dumpling and dim sum are delicious. Hue in the past was even much more beautiful. Time and war have changed everything.
  12. I've had a look at Kêu. The menu made me feel hungry! Rice dumpling (or "Bun" [bún])? Aaronb, you know, Bun used to exclusively royal food before it became the public recipe. Bun is believed to be first made in Hue - the old citadel of Vietnam where royal families used to reside. I aslo saw Huy Fong chilli sauce, very delicious and spicy:)
  13. I've just heard of that. But i think that the most benefit is the convenience. And by brewing with Keurig machines, the tea can be 100% fully extracted, which contributes to a full-bodied taste.
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