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  1. Having owned the sage dual boiler for 3 years with no problems i cannot reccomend it highly enough. The ease of use and quality of brew is second to none. especially as now paired with a niche grinder. I know its not everyones cup of tea ? and i was dubious about the reliability and i had my heart set on a big shiny chrome beast but the Sage/niche really is a great set up for the money.
  2. This is probably not answering any of your questions but, Grind is the only thing i play around with. Mainly to keep things simple. eg: Ill always aim to get a 38g shot with 18g of coffee using the same tamping force each time. However, if it doesnt taste right ill adjust the grind courser or finer depending on taste. Now this will affect shot time but im not too bothered so long as its no more than about 40 seconds or less than 20 seconds. In other words there could be a 20 second difference between say a Colombian and and African bean to get the best out of each one. If i start playing around with every variable (in weight, out weight, grind, tamp force, timings, etc) it would just make things far too complicated
  3. I dont take either myself but if i went here id probably be drinking on my own. These days im making pretty decent brews at home but the wife still cant get away from that drop (half a cup) of milk http://www.bbc.com/capital/story/20190402-these-coffee-snobs-ban-milk-and-sugar
  4. use full fat milk, more air at the end, moving steam wand up and down. or just get me to come over and attempt latte art
  5. Robbo

    Behmor brazen plus

    Looks like its yours @Doozerless I will pm
  6. Robbo

    Behmor brazen plus

    Behmor brazen plus filter coffee machine. £100 delivered Boxed, 2 months old only used a couple of times. Ive owned one of these for around 3 years and really enjoyed the ease of use and great coffee, but my original developed a problem with the screen. Despite being way out of warranty HasBeen replaced it with a new one - Great service. However it arrived around the same time as my Niche grinder and im now using the espresso machine almost exclusively. Rather than have it sitting around gathering dust i am offering it for sale. Any questions please get in touch
  7. Despite the price rise you will struggle to find a cheaper alternative for fresh roasted. 17.85 is still quite cheap for a KG. I have used many but Redber and Coffee Compass are good and similarly priced.
  8. Ethiopian and Colombian will taste completely different even if you got them from the same roaster. Why not try the local roasters Colombian for a better comparison?
  9. Well, this is by far the best whisky I have ever tried. Lovely bottle too. Cheers and Merry Christmas to you all!
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    Any takers for giving this one a try? https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/winkgo-your-own-espresso-maker#/
  11. Great info. Im sure ill be revisiting this thread a few times to check out all the ones mentioned. I went with a bottle of 10 year old Jura in the end. It was on offer for £28 down from 38. I remember trying a jura origin last year which i really liked but is apparently now discontinued and replaced with many different variations. As i said i am usually a jamesons drinker (or spiced rum) so im hoping this lighter easy drinking whisky would be a gentle introduction into single malts. Tried a laphroig once...itll be few years before i do again
  12. Thanks for all the replies. looks like if im not carefull this could go the same way as when i started looking into coffee! The mrs will be pleased! As it happens ive accidentally, on purpose caught a glimpse of her xmas present to me. A gift pack containing whisky glasses and a bottle of 15 year old Dalmore. anyone tried it? And my boss kindly bought me a bottle of Gentleman Jack today - never tried it and not strictly whisky but the bottle looks nice on the shelf So, even though im well sorted for xmas i still feel the urge to go choose and buy one for myself! Taking all your suggestions into considderation im off to see whats on offer in big Tescos @GerryM thanks for the offer (again) you are the reason i have the Sage DB, which i am still loving by the way, especially alonside the new Niche!
  13. I've always enjoyed the occasional Jamesons in the evening but never really ventured too deeply into the world of decent scotch whiskey. I feel I should broaden my horizons and invest in a nice single malt for christmas. The trouble is I dont know where to start! £40 a bottle is a heavy price if it turns out to be Ashtray water So I'm after advice, nothing too peatey or smokey just yet. Something smooth and warming would be perfect. What sort of age should I be looking at? Is there a massive difference between a 10 year old and a 16 year old... Apart from about 20 quid?
  14. Ethiopian beans are my favourite by far, but not light roasted. Preferably medium or med/dark. not really into anything light roasted or natural to be fair. Wasnt keen on the coffee compass offering and rave only do light roasted. Any other recommendations?
  15. First step always contact Sage and explain. if they have good customer service and you ask nicely they will do something about it. ( if not start kicking off! ) I just got a new toaster 6 months out of warranty as it was their top of the range model. £120 new from DeLonghi. They just replaced it no questions asked. Always worth a try Just a thought. Are you in a hard water area and have you been descaling as reccomended. If not they may deem it mis-use. Hard water is the biggest killer of coffee machines. causing problems with o ring blow outs as mentioned above.
  16. How old is it? Where did you buy from?
  17. Im not sure it would. I think it may encourage a sefish, lawless society where everyone is out for themselves and their own. Whos going to continue to work in a job they are not happy with? (80% of people stop working, wages end, economy shot, food production almost stops) Whos going to continue to be poor and unhappy in their remaining years when the richest few live it up? (crime increases, no prison staff, soldiers on the streets) Even the majority who wish to live in peace will be forced to live by natures law, only the strongest survive! deep man!
  18. Female body builder- 'Doctor ive been taking steroids and i think i may be growing a penis' Doctor- 'Anabolic'? Female body builder - no, just the penis.
  19. Ive no idea where those ratios came from. I dont think any cafe ive been to sticks to 1/2 ratio for a latte, even the good ones. What call a flat white is around a 1/3 ratio as it fills a 120ml cup. A latte would fill a 200ml cup. Both made with a double shot.
  20. Got mine today. Ended up at no.11 with the sage db. Dosing 18g 30secs for a 38g shot. Early days but loving it so far! Currently feeding it some dark El Salvador los pirineos from Rave.
  21. If you were wandering where your Niche cups are... https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=kjn9O_1542668197
  22. Maybe they had a few returned units from the original batch sent out?
  23. I am no. 1208 and have been told today i wont be getting mine until end of month when they expect the next batch of grind cups to arrive
  24. I've had the db for a year or so using alongside a mignon and have been dosing at 18-18.5 with the stock basket no problem. Currently awaiting delivery of the niche (no.1207) so I'm hoping I can find a fine enough setting as I don't want to updose any higher or have to purchase a vst basket. Then again with 21 or 22g in the basket i may get away with pulling just one shot for our 2 americanos!
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