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  1. Interesting to see this as I was wondering the same thing. I bought a kilo of rwanda liza from horsham on 12th December and seemed to be getting it just right for about three weeks, but recently have had to make the grind finer and think I am still under extracting - tastes sour as espresso and not great crema. Thought something had gone wrong but sounds like just the beans aging.
  2. Thanks - will give it a go this weekend
  3. Thanks. I took the top cover off to get a better look. The tube that connects to the OPV is easy to take off and clean, but the other one sneaks in under the pump and is pretty difficult to see or get to. I suspect that there isn't a quick fix and that I need to actually spend some time and effort dissembling it to get the tube off. I suppose it depends on how much I really want pristine tubing.
  4. Recently got the silvia steam wand upgrade from happy donkey. While fitting it i took a closer-than-usual look at my water reservoir and it was pretty dirty, as was the silicon tubing. I'm concerned that it's fungal growth. The shorter tube is easy enough to remove and clean. Is there an easy way to disconnect and clean the one that connects to the pump? I've shoved a pipe cleaner down/up it as far as i can but ideally the whole thing needs to be taken out. Thanks
  5. Took delivery of a second hand 2014 classic this evening, and have stayed up far too late reading and getting excited. Need to invest in a decent tamper first as it didn't come with the plastic thing. this thread is a great introduction, thanks
  6. Lynsey at modern standard got back to me and yes, roasting date is a year before best before date. The beans are good but not blowing my mind.
  7. Thanks. I've now discovered more of the gaggia forums and the vast amount of information on here. From what it looks like a 2014 or older is the best bet for spares and upgrades so will try and find one on ebay.
  8. Hi all. New to the forum - have been reading avidly for a few days. Over the years I've used a cafetiere, bialetti, v60 and now am almost solely using a porlex hand grinder and aeropress. Thinking it's about time I got myself an espresso machine but my budget will be fairly limited so I was thinking along the lines of the gaggia classic, but had a few questions 1. It sounds like the 2015/16 model isn't that great going by the opinions on here - is it really that bad and why? I've seen that the rancilio silvia is mooted as an alternative but this looks quite a lot more expensive. Are there any other decent entry level machines that pass muster in the opinion of the forum? 2. Will the porlex be ok to use with the gaggia until I can save up for a better grinder? 3. Nespresso (bear with me) do a milk heater/frother - is this any good and would it avoid the problem of having a single boiler machine and needing to wait for the temperature to transition between espresso and steam? I am mainly going to be drinking espresso/black but sometimes it's nice to have something milky and comforting. And my wife loves cappucino. Help much appreciated.
  9. Hi. I'm new to this forum. Bought a bag of modern standard momentum blend recently and put them through my porlex/aeropress this morning. Not bad, but not great either. Bag has the following on it: roasted by, batch code, origin, and best before is stated as 29th january 2017, but I don't know if you can deduce the roasting date from this. i've emailed them to try and find out how long it takes for them to get from roaster to shelf.
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