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  1. Blimey, I'm a tad rusty myself but I'm pretty sure the choil is the end of the knife's cutting edge just before the handle.
  2. Morning all, I trust we are all doing okay on this brisk Sunday morn'. Could I ask you guys for some suggestions please, I need to purchase a new pocket knife as my old one has seen it's last days, mind you I've owned it since 1986 so it did pretty well. My old knife was an A Wright Sheffield 'Lambsfoot', https://www.amazon.co.uk/Wright-Sheffield-Lambs-Pocket-Knife-Folding/dp/B01D3B1B8W/ref=sr_1_6?s=diy&ie=UTF8&qid=1464508419&sr=1-6&keywords=carbon+steel+pocket+knife I was considering just buying a new version of the same knife but was more than a little curious
  3. Ratty, you are a genius my friend, okay so the problem wasn't with any debris in the system, like I said the whole system was cleared but what you said on the phone made me think about that hole more closely, it is very small isn't it, so small in fact it gives cause to wonder how water gets through it fast enough. After taking the solenoid off again and as I was poking a needle into the hole I gave the needle a little jiggle, would you Adam n Eve it, the darn thing moved ever so slightly from side to side, off I goes to me sewing box and I grabbed a slightly larger needle, this one only just
  4. I stripped the machine down again today, took the boiler apart, checked every single hole I could find and yes I inserted the pin in the hole inside the solenoid thingy, I even turned the needle around so the eye literally just fitted inside the hole and twisted it around just to be sure, there was nothing in there. Before I put it all back together again I ensure 'absolutely' there was no scale what so ever inside the machine anywhere, all the tubes were cleared, the solenoid was clean as a shiny whistle, the boiler was perfectly clear, I seriously didn't miss a thing, there was literall
  5. I just ordered some citric acid and will give that a try when it arrives, thanks for the suggestion.
  6. That solenoid is a royal pain in the rump, right so, strip down the pump again then, I have taken the solenoid off and apart 4 times already, no debris and pin goes right through the two holes no problem, must be yet more scale in the pump.
  7. Did a descale yesterday and after running it all through then a run with a tank of clean water the pump is now a lot noisier than it was before and is not working so well. I'm loathe to do it again as I only stripped the pump down not so long ago but would stripping it down and having a poke around be of any help, I'm a bit worried the pump is on its way out so quite keen to learn if any one knows what might be causing the pump to be so much noisier now and for it not to be working properly in that it is taking quite a while to get the water to come through the head and when it comes its
  8. As it happens I do quite badly need new footwear, both my boots and trainers are on their last legs.
  9. I hear ya Bud, meh, I live on a shoestring budget mate, I do manage to save enough dosh to buy stuff from time to time but more often than not something else crops up and bang, there goes me meagre savings, I do get it, to get quality you gotta spend big numbers, well I'm one of those poor prats who wants something acceptable that doesn't mean I have to sell a kidney to get it.
  10. Batman V Superman and my god was I bored, these marvel type movies are way too much, meh, I'm going to watch DOTD again tonight to remind myself how awesome a movie can be. Ooooooh yeah, the best Zombie flick ever.
  11. The Real O'Neals, not really sure if I like it or not, does make me chuckle but haven't really laughed yet.
  12. @Khashy wow, you're onto something there, I just read some of the reviews for some of their other blades, cheap crap city, one of them rusted after the first use, hmmmm, this kitchen knife malarkey is as tricky as Espresso machines, have to find a previously loved knife I reckon.
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