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  1. As PPapa states white tea is a very subtle flavour but different from the flavours you get from lightly oxidsed oolong and green teas. Worth a try if your a tea lover but I don't think I've ever met anyone who's favourite tea was white. (maybe after the green tea hype is done it will be the next big thing though)
  2. Im not such a big fan of the Teapigs EG tbh, tastes almost plastic-y to me for some reason. Never liked it. I really like earl grey vanilla blends. The best I had recently though was an earl grey jasmine blend from bath tea company... Actually divine!
  3. Hey! Have you checked out any tea subscriptions? There are quite a few in the UK to choose form to help you expand your tea diversity. Bruu Tea tends to be fun blends and curious tea is very good quality, premium grade single origin tea (no blends). Good luck! You can always check out my blog [http://www.tastethetea.co.uk or email me for ideas / advice
  4. OMg tell me about it! I'm on my second mint plant in a few months.. I think they need ALOT of water. I'm watering mine twice a day and it just sucks it all right up!
  5. Have you tried mint? That's probably my favorite, so refreshing!
  6. Discovered ChaTale recently heres my review if interested; http://www.tastethetea.co.uk/2016/05/03/chatale/
  7. Heyyy! Do you love tea? I’m sure you do! Do you also have a twitter account? Well if, so you could join us for a whole hour of teatalk every Tuesday, 7pm-8pm GMTtime! Just look for @Teahour_UK or use #teahour in your status to join in! Until Tuesday, Happy Sipping! Chelsea from @TastetheTeablog / www.tastethetea.co.uk
  8. Heyyy, A few hints - NEVER go for store bought tea bags.. The tea leaf used in them is low grade (called fannings or dust) Due to the size of them they infuse quicker and prone to bitterness. even steeping for a shorter amount of time is no good, as then you won't get the great taste. - Go for loose leaf. It's far better tasting and better quality than store bought. - Temperature is a BIG thing. If you steep green tea in boiling water it can often ruin the tea and make it bitter. Try steeping at 85C. Although if you buy loose leaf, most companies will tell you the recommended temperature and steep time on the packet. I always follow these guidelines and then adjust to personal preference if I feel the tea could go a little longer. - If your not sure and don't want to commit to loose leaf, go for a flavored loose leaf to ease you in. Try places like Adagio, Bruu or Bluebird Tea Co which have a large range of flavoured blends, your bound to find a few that appeal to your preference.
  9. We all know that tea can be heavily effected by water type and temperature. As a general tea lover and someone with a tea blog (www.tastethetea.co.uk) I try to counter in these facts when doing reviews. At the moment I’m currently looking for the ultimate kettle, but I just don’t think it exists! It has me crying out for someone to spot the gap in the market and create a kettle that caters to both temperature and water content. I’ve browsed at kettles that contain water filtration systems, i.e Brita filter kettles etc. Great, that sorts the water type issue. And I’ve come so sooo close to buying a temperature control kettle such as the pretty swanky smart kettle from Sage by Heston Blumenthal (http://www.sageappliances.co.uk/the-smart-kettle.html). It looks so perfect, but it’s not, because there is no filtration system, meaning local water (London is moderate to hard) would still impact on taste. Short of buying a water filter AND a temperature control kettle is anyone aware of the ultimate kettle that combines both of these innovations?
  10. As a weight loss thing? or for brewing? I've never heard of them, just curious
  11. White, green and Oolong teas tend to have a more delicate flavouring, whereas black and Pu Erh tend to be much richer and harsh. In terms of strength of that flavour though it tend to be down to the crop; how, where and when it was grown. Also with blended and flavoured tea it depends on what has been added (natural or synthetic) and how much of it.
  12. A strong tea is good. I'm aware of All about tea, there blends are niche in the way they are marketed! I'm trying to get my hands on some samples to review! Have you tried any Pu Erh's? They tend to be quite strong but have lovely rich, earthy flavours.
  13. No need to say sorry! I'm glad your genuinely interested I have a tea subscription and buy a lot of tea and get samples. I generally find that as long as the tea is in a resealable pouch it's ok for a while, but not the kind of thing I would keep long term. (I go through it pretty quick anyway). I've learnt from experience that if you buy a big bag of loose leaf to keep it in a tea caddy. Just stays fresher for longer.
  14. How do people feel about them? Anyone tried any? Chelsea
  15. :exit: your doing it wrong!!! Milk first!!! God you got me pulling my hair out!
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