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  1. hahah, XL or L! You wouldn't be able to see me - I'd desapear inside that!!!
  2. Hello everyone, I've found the code SIGLCF on the internet and used to buy my Industry day ticket for the 'London Coffee Festival'. I pay nothing for my ticket! (only valid for Thursday or Friday) You probably know about that already but I thought it would be good to share anyway... Cheers!
  3. Thanks Zoe, Would that be possible to see/check the machine before buying please? Marta
  4. Thanks, We are looking for the one with the best after-sales for sure... especially re. to call outs and servicing.
  5. Thank you Funinacup but I'm based at East Midlands!
  6. Hi Zoe, Is that the Zoe compact or the standard one? Thanks Marta
  7. Hi Andy, I have been told that they are not as reliable as the Italian ones... The space will be designed according to the machine we are getting, so we are flexible on that. Cheers M
  8. Hi everyone, So... I've been looking for some 2 group small machines for the cafe we are going to open (together with a grinder, filter etc). Can anyone comment / give your opinion on the quality of the following machines please? - Sanremo Zoe (we will are tending towards the compact) - La Speziale S5 (compact) - Conti (CC100 or X-One) For the grinder we are thinking about the Sanremo on demand Eco grinder. Have been offered others like Cunil and Anfim... Your help will be greatly appreciated!
  9. Hi Sambas, How does your journey to get a new machine went? I hope you found something nice. I just heard that the nespresso capsules are not recyclable and the earth is stuck with tons of it... I hope you go green this time!
  10. I asked: How many grams of coffee was in that brew? Barista's answer: A hand and a half full... don't worry, it is strong...
  11. welcome all the way from Hong Kong!
  12. Thanks Glenn, I am already learning lots in this forum, great work you are doing! The coffee shop is about 1.5 miles away from town, in a residential area, but one block from the university. There is lots of passing trade that we are hoping to attract. We think that about 10 coffees/hour max, and the place will sit about 15 people. We are getting quotes for the following machines: - Sanremo Zoe and Zoe compact - La Spaziale S5 standard and compact - Conti CC100 and X-One (two distributors already said they don't recommend them... any advise?) Would you recommend any other? I will check the sponsors, thanks! Marta
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