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  1. Happy New Year everyone from Brussels... have a wonderful 2017. Andy
  2. Absolutely - a true champ!
  3. It's not one of those ultra-long pre-infusions at 2 bar is it
  4. AMCD300

    Milk Drinks

    I am using Casa Espresso Charlestown Espresso beans - just taken delivery of v2 roast that they have started distributing. Why do I like it - because with a milk drink the caramel and chocolate, biscuity flavors are fantastic. I pull a 28-30 second shot with 19g to 38g and top with semi-skimmed milk. That's my bag - give it a try.
  5. AMCD300

    Sage DB Pressure

    My pressure varies but it normally starts off around 10.5ish then drops to around 9.5 or so during the extraction. I saw others on youtube who had 9 bar bang on every time (Sage demo etc) but does it really make too much difference? Not sure... I haven't thought about adjustments as I don't know if my small over-pressure is that severe. I'd like to know if you did adjust the OPV and how you found it?
  6. I bought these exact same scales from Amazon and they are great. Slim enough to fit with a cup on under the portafilter and wipe clean. Couldn't ask for more. A good choice you made there! :-)
  7. Hi Ed - most people seem to go to either Lakeland or John Lewis for both price matching and lifetime warranties. Try there. Andy
  8. Glad you sorted this out. So many people don't believe the fact that 'branded coffee' can have this affect with a 'proper' coffee machine. No turning back now... :-)
  9. I get asked now how my late art is coming on, so I have to show them my latest breakfast-time creation. Mind you, having shared coffee with them - either ground or whole bean - for their own home use they all admit to seeing how much better it is than mass produced shop-bought coffee. So a coffee geek I may be, but in a good way! Convert them or disown them... :-)
  10. Hmm. Having just had a look at mine I don't think it would cause any problems as long as you didn't cut too far into the rubber. Mind you, have you just tried sliding it up above the bend out of the way? I did this and it gives much more space.
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