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  1. Hi, My training was 'ok'. It definitely give me a few tips and I'm definitely pouring better coffee now but i wouldn't say it was good. I have definitely found this forum and youtube more of a help. It did however give me a lot of info on actual coffee, blends and origins which was interesting. Picked up my MDF and am very happy with that and my classic - although i can only compare with coffees i get when out and about. Definitely kicks espressos ass though
  2. Hi, I wondered what considerations have to be made when changing the milk used in a drink? Current we use skimmed but wondered about almond milk I look forward to hearing from you, Thanks
  3. I apologise, as you can see I am using the forum fully now and hopefully adding a little value
  4. I wouldn't class it as noisy nor quiet If quietness is main concern i would get good hand grinder
  5. They can over sell - depends on how they set it up
  6. Although I'm new to coffee and never used one of these zassenhaus brasilia i do think there is something quite nice about its simplicity. I only make a decent brew at weekend and think it would be nice to use a manual grinder "at one with the coffee" lol
  7. Hi, Where are you based? I have just signed up to a Gaggia course - its only £45 based in Halifax. I am in very similar situation to you so looking forward to learning how to use my Classic
  8. I recently bought a Gaggia CLassis (older one not the new one) and it came with the pressurised filters. Looking to replace so I can get a better pour but wondered what people recommended? I really like the naked style / bottomless ones...
  9. Send me a DM and will share details with you. They retail at £200 ish but stopping doing the white one so selling off. Not used it yet as I'm on a Barista course on Saturday and to be honest Im just wasting coffee at the moment trying to make a decent cup
  10. Hi, I recently joined this site after deciding to move away from my Nespresso machines. I have got myself a Gaggia Classic and am picking up a Gaggia MDF grinder this week. I have managed to get a brand new grinder for £89 which i think is a bit of a steel, happy to share with you details if you want. Also, where are you based? I am on a basic Barista course on Saturday which was only £45
  11. I really like the coffee from Carpo in Piccadilly. Lovely coffee with a little bit of amazing chocolate.
  12. Sounds good i would be up for it if we do one again
  13. I have just picked up a brand new Gaggia MDF Grinder for £89 - i know its more than you wanted to spend but i think thats a great deal
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