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  1. OK. I carefully took the side and back panels off. Took off the front control panel, then the top. Exposed the dreaded interior. The heater, boiler, generator, or piston assembley, call it what you will, is nto quite the same as all the vids on youtube. Similar in the pipes and connectors, but dissimilar in its build. Anyway, being of stout heart, I stripped the piston assembley ooff the heater, as the unit was really quite wet. Took the piston assembley apart and the filter on the base, the black disk held on by two countersunk screws, was quite bunged up. All the small holes were almost closed, and the inside, where there are 'tracks' for each set of holes, were similarly grotty. Grotty is a technical term for anything bunged up with whatever. So I cleaned this out, the piston housing was also quite mucky, so cleaned and greased all the bits that needed cleaning and greasing. Then reversed the above, found out there is ONE way to put the piston together, although there are several possibilities that are wrong. I tried the wrong ones until I reasoed out that the large keyway in the filteer was obviously meant to locate the disk in its correct position. All assembled OK. Then I put on the covers and stood back, looked round the tabe to realise I had one screw and two washers left over. Hmm Ok try it out anyway. Plugged it in, switched on, and it cycled through setup. No water in drip tray. (Yes pump of arm!) Selected one cup and let it run. One cup made and no coffee in drip tray. So I reckong all that bunged up grotty disk or filter on the piston were forcing water anywhere except into the diffuser. If anyone has the same issues, send me a message and I will try to help. I have a spare screw and washers as well Peter
  2. Well that worked well. I had no replies, so making a guess it is the 'generator' and piston assembly at fault. I think this, as the top of the infuser is very wet even just after switch on, and water is in drip tray. Putting my fingers up around the top of the piston this also feels very wet, so wish me luck! There is a very good video at youtube, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HRejpgwd-l8 which explains how to get top the generator, so maybe we will get our machine back to full working condition, or a bit more landfill. Anyone who reads this, I will follow up when I have the beast apart with what I can see of the problem. I could take a few pics to add to the merriment. If anyone else has trod this road, please let me know of pitfalls or gotchas. Peter
  3. We have had this machine for about 8 years now, and it makes some good coffee!. But I have had one problem when the ground coffee was being spilled into the machine. This was fixed by cleaning the diffuser and greasing the o rings. Now we have a problem where water/weak coffeee is filling the driptray. I have again cleaned out the diffuser, cleaned the O ring on the compressor pad under the boiler. I dont this parts right name. But its the bit the diffuser pushes up onto to compress the puck and then have the water squirted through the filter through the puck. So can anyone point me in the right direction please? I am OK with taking the machine apart, just want to know if anyone has seen this before and save me stripping it down to its last nut and bolt. Thanks Peter
  4. Hi all, Here's a little problem that has been bothering us for a couple of months. The machine is about 6-7 years old. No problems with it before, apart from my suspicion that the amount of coffee grounds we wwere losing was partdue to the old infuser. Not happened since the new one fitted We now have watery coffee being deposited into the drip tray. It is probably about three or four teaspoonfuls every time. So a cup of coffee, is less than expected. Just cannot see why I have had a new infuser for the past 12 months, and this has been stripped and cleaned. No result. I have split the machine apart, cleaned and regreased the tamper 'O' ring regreased the lead srcrew given it a good talking to Still drops the thin coffee into the drip tray. Anyone have any ideas as to what might be causing this? De Longhi have offered to look at the machine if I send it to them! Thanks for even thinking about it. Peter
  5. We have had this machine for some years, with no real problem apart from needing a new infuser. The old one insisted on spreading the coffee grounds all over the inside instead of making a nice puck. This new one has worked fine for the past year. Now we are finding the drip tray getting full of liquid coffee, not grounds, after just a couple of cups made. I have stripped and cleaned the new(ish) infuser, and still have this problem. I suspect the outlet from the infuser and the door may not be aligned and this could be causing the leak, but that is just a guess Has anyone any idea of why and how to fix this? Thanks P
  6. As a newbie to this forum and as I had this exact problem, here's my input. Having read all the posts here and other places, I decided to check out the infuser piston as a likely area. Using the very good vdieos on youtube to explain how to strip and clean the infuser, I did this. A word of warning. Use only silicon grease. I initially tried lithium as I didnt have any silicon grease around. Had to do it all again as this was only made matters worse. So I stripped the piston out, as per the videos, cleaned the o rings and channels, which after two years were real mucky. So using the silicon grease, which I had to buy in a large spray can as I couldnt find any of the small tubes they used to sell, sprayed all the moving parts and the o rings, and gently replaced the o rings and piston.Then found out there are two ways to insert the piston back into the infuser, the right way, and the wrong way. Wrong way takes about ten minutes to work out why it doesnt all fit. All back together and for the last two weeks coffee as good as the day we bought it, and minimal spillage of grounds inside. The discarded pucks are solid. So thanks to all the previous postings, and really this all takes about half an hour or so to do. Tools needed, small screwdriver, dry cloth, silicon grease, and common sense when replacing the parts. The o rings are fairly tough, but dont push your luck be gentle with them. Good luck
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