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  1. I used it for a while, never really wowed by the coffee. Shame as the service was great, packaging beans in a larger flat package to fit through your lettter box is underrated! Rave and HasBean take note, going to post office to collect your beans is a pain in the ass! Have a look at Pacts packaging
  2. scottgough

    Apple AirPods

    I have a pair, must say, i quite like them. They're no B&O over ears, but definitely a step up from the wired ones, I was pleasantly surprised.
  3. Happy with my machine, might be tempted to upgrade my grinder though. Compak E8 / 10 would be ideal, but won't fit, so maybe a Ceado E37s. Just pondering at the minute.
  4. I'd probably suggest that if you're inclined to go the Rocket route, you go R58, and put the extra money into your grinder.
  5. There's no doubt profiling makes a difference in the cup, whether you consider that to be value for money or not, only you can answer. In pure monetary terms, it's unlikely to be good value, but I think these machines, and I mean all brands, are too emotional to be judged in pure monetary terms.
  6. Hi, yes there's at least a couple of us on here with R60s. I had a Giotto Evo prior to this, and would probably describe the R60 as an Evo on steroids. Personally I love it, the pressure profiling works exactly as it should do, the PID is easy to use and comprehensive, the only downside for me is the iOS app is a bit flaky! Looks nice though, maybe .v2 will be better!
  7. Thats a proper coffee corner, top notch!
  8. 1. Dayks 2. GCGlasgow 3. working dog 4. Fluffles 5. dfk41 6. Tewdric 7. mcrmfc 8. johnealey 9. scottomus 10. Sean 11. Kman10 12. Riz 13. bagpuss 14. Missy 15. christos_geo 16. dwalsh1 17. Steveholt 18. billcoxfam 17. scottgough
  9. Have they been PM'd Glenn? (Just checking its not me of course!)
  10. 01. Coffeechap 02. Drewster 03. Working dog 04. Ashcroc 05. Snakehips 06. Dayks 07. Asgross 08. GCGlasgow 09. Riz 10. UbiquitousPhoton 11. Ronaldbiggs 12. Jacko112 13. Phobic 14. AndyH83 15. MSM 16. Danm 17. Deejaysuave 18. Grahamg 19. Christos_geo 20. Yes Row 21. PeteHr 22. shannigan 23. grumpydaddy 24. Steveholt 25. Oursus 26. Zagato 27. Sean 28. Paul whu 29. Sami 30. djhep 31. RvB 32. scottomus 33. dfk 34. Mrboots2u 35. Benjbob 36. Aaron cornish 37. Xpenno 38. scottgough
  11. yep, me too. All the time as dfk41 says, especially if making more than one drink
  12. I initially really like the look these machines, however, as time and production has developed, I've become less enamoured. Not being able to brew and steam at the same time on what's likely to be a £2000 machine here, is a no for me, as is the lack of clarity around pricing / vat / import duty. It just doesn't feel as slick, resolved and on point as I was expecting it to be.
  13. I had Sky Q installed a couple of weeks ago, love it so far. Have a 40Mb broadband through Sky, so not great, but good enough, no issue streaming on Sky, Apple TV, Netflix or Amazon Fire TV. Have a Sky Q Mini in the bedroom, and a wi-fi booster was installed in the hallway to boost the signal, so far all works well. Strong consistent wi-fi throughout the house, 35Mb download at the far reaches of the house, so perfectly usable.
  14. I bought their standard jug, and wasn't so keen. You've just reminded me I bought a competition jug that hasn't arrived yet, must check on that! I ordered it on Amazon and there was a mix up of some sort.
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