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  1. I played around with this a fair bit and it was great fun putting numbers to the brews.As I got the 0-10% range one for higher resolution it wont work for espresso but works well for v60, aeropress etc. Small stepping stone in understanding extraction. It's not a highly advanced tool. Optical Brix Refractometer Range 0-10% Brix Specifications Measuring Range: 0 to 10 %Bx Division: 0.1 %Bx Accuracy: ±0.1 %Bx Reference Temperature: 20°C ATC range: 10 - 30°C Item Length: 20.5cm Item weight: 109g Shipping size: 21 x 9 x 6cm The refractometer can be used to calculate approximate TDS and EY in coffee by following this: 1) Weigh out the ground coffee to be used to gold cup standard 2) Brew coffee 3) Take Brix reading 4) Multiply Brix reading by 0.85 to get TDS as a percentage 5) Multiply %TDS by mass of liquid to work out mass of solids extracted 6) Divide mass of solids extracted by mass of ground coffee used to get extraction percentage 7) Plot TDS vs % extraction Yours for £12 posted via PayPal friends & family Will include a good few pipettes
  2. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Commercial-Coffee-Machine-and-Grinder/383014551397?hash=item592d723f65:g:pAgAAOSwqoZdAVFq I imagine the mirage alone costs £7K ++ He has a buy it now price of £3,200 for KVDW + anfim or £2,000 to bid. 0 bids yet and 2 days left. Seller has 0 ratings but you never know...
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