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  1. That looks nice, very interested in seeing it in situ. Looks like you went wider as well ? Hope you get the grinder back soon!
  2. I did get the think_long try as suggested and while it was ok i was finding it wasnt catching everything. So i went bigger, actually 5cm longer and now i am very pleased with it. I have shown the original with the even longer version underneath for comparison. I am really liking the new Mignon too
  3. i was lucky enough to get a Flair Signature from Santa this year it has been fun playing with it and even took it on a walk on new years day to have a nice coffee with a view. I'd like to know what recipe you might be following. i saw on a james hoffman youtube video he used 15g of coffee. Is this what you use ? I use medium roasted beans and i am finding i need to go quite course to get the right flow rate.
  4. Thanks Mudlark, I did look on there, they must of got some stock as it was.sold out. Shame about the delivery looks like I'll go for the signature from Doppio
  5. i am thinking of getting a flair but ideally i was looking for the classic, but i cannot find one anywhere. Can anyone suggest where to get it or should i just go for the signature ? Thanks!
  6. Thanks for letting me know [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. HI All, i am interested in the tray but which file did you use for the design out of: Eureka_Plate.STLEureka_Tray_Thin.STLEureka_Tray_Thin_long.STL What are the differences between them ? Thanks
  8. Thanks i didn't think it would be [emoji106] now off to think about what colour Mignon to get...
  9. Yes of course Dave will follow rules. Doubt they will be selling I assume they will want to keep it. I will most likely buy it from blackcat once I figure out what colour to go for
  10. I am probably getting the mignon for 2 reasons. One is cost and the other is the niche are sold out and it will likely be Feb or March till I get it. I'm not that into single dosing I am happy to run a hopper. So with the above I think the mignon will do just fine. Do you want to sell me your Specialita?
  11. Thanks will check them out Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Thanks i think I will get the mignon specialita anywhere in particular is a good place to get it? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Will I see much of a difference with the mignon or the k3 from the sage smart grinder? Which is better out of the two? I like the look of the mignon specialitia Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Thanks for the replies, im not too worried about single dosing so should i look at the others ? is there much difference in the grind on the other you mention ?
  15. i am looking at getting a upgraded / second grinder. I currently have a sage smart grinder which i will continue to use, most likely for decaf. I am tempted to get a Niche but for that kind of money should i look at anything else ?
  16. Not sure how old your machine is ie not is it under warranty or not. if it isnt then i would take the top off and see if there are any leaks from the boilers. Unfortunately i have a similiar issue at the moment which to me sounded like gargling i had a leak on the right side. When trying to make coffee nothing would happen if i had left the machine on for a while. i thought the pump may have gone but after takign the top off i saw there was a leak on the steam boiler.
  17. Thanks both, any of you tried ratios for a Ristretto ?
  18. Thanks Rob, Do you follow the stardard 2:1 ratio ? how many grams do you use in the basket ?
  19. Now i have my machine back and the time to make some coffee i wanted to look at coffee and see how i can improve it. What recipe or ratios do you follow when using the dual boiler ? I like medium roast beans and usually like a flat white. I did see a video about a ristretto 20g in 20g out in 20 seconds which i got some good results from (tasted good) one thing ive never been sure of with the DB is when i press the button it takes 10 or so seconds before the coffee starts to pour. The timer starts immediatly does all this time count towards aiming for the 20 seconds as above ? or is this pre infusion first ? Thanks!
  20. It was indeed the level sensor so i now have a fully working machine again :) One question about using bottled water, do you still use the water filter in the tank ?
  21. I have spoken to coffee classic who think it might just be a level sensor issue so ive sent it off today. worst case i am charged for 30 mins and sending it back. fingers crossed it is that simple then i can carry on with this machine
  22. Thanks for this it really helps. You are right i had the Rancilio before it was a great machine but when making a few coffees it would take too long to temperature surf each time. i make around 4 cups a day more on weekends including hot chocolates for my 2 young boys. I will definitely start using bottled water, will have to see what i can do about the grinder depending on the machine i get etc
  23. Thanks i will look at the machines. I generally drink flat whites and lattes
  24. What machines would you consider ?
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