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  1. That looks nice, very interested in seeing it in situ. Looks like you went wider as well ? Hope you get the grinder back soon!
  2. I did get the think_long try as suggested and while it was ok i was finding it wasnt catching everything. So i went bigger, actually 5cm longer and now i am very pleased with it. I have shown the original with the even longer version underneath for comparison. I am really liking the new Mignon too
  3. i was lucky enough to get a Flair Signature from Santa this year it has been fun playing with it and even took it on a walk on new years day to have a nice coffee with a view. I'd like to know what recipe you might be following. i saw on a james hoffman youtube video he used 15g of coffee. Is this what you use ? I use medium roasted beans and i am finding i need to go quite course to get the right flow rate.
  4. Thanks Mudlark, I did look on there, they must of got some stock as it was.sold out. Shame about the delivery looks like I'll go for the signature from Doppio
  5. i am thinking of getting a flair but ideally i was looking for the classic, but i cannot find one anywhere. Can anyone suggest where to get it or should i just go for the signature ? Thanks!
  6. Thanks for letting me know [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. HI All, i am interested in the tray but which file did you use for the design out of: Eureka_Plate.STLEureka_Tray_Thin.STLEureka_Tray_Thin_long.STL What are the differences between them ? Thanks
  8. Thanks i didn't think it would be [emoji106] now off to think about what colour Mignon to get...
  9. Yes of course Dave will follow rules. Doubt they will be selling I assume they will want to keep it. I will most likely buy it from blackcat once I figure out what colour to go for
  10. I am probably getting the mignon for 2 reasons. One is cost and the other is the niche are sold out and it will likely be Feb or March till I get it. I'm not that into single dosing I am happy to run a hopper. So with the above I think the mignon will do just fine. Do you want to sell me your Specialita?
  11. Thanks will check them out Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Thanks i think I will get the mignon specialita anywhere in particular is a good place to get it? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Will I see much of a difference with the mignon or the k3 from the sage smart grinder? Which is better out of the two? I like the look of the mignon specialitia Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Thanks for the replies, im not too worried about single dosing so should i look at the others ? is there much difference in the grind on the other you mention ?
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