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  1. It sounds like the beans are past their best and you’ll never get a decent extraction. Different beans will require adjustment, I suggest not being stuck on 60ml, adjust the volume and grind to your taste buds, use a set of scales to weigh in and out to, if the roaster gives notes they will be a good starting point. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. A great price for the barista pro, enjoy your new machine. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. The Barista Pro is a great introductory machine which has one main negative which is the integral grinder as it, theoretically,makes upgrading less straightforward and the grinder is not great if you get seriously in to drinking straight espresso and want to extract the most from the beans. However, the grinder is good enough and the machine is an improvement on the earlier barista express. For convenience the barista pro cannot be beaten in my view. It heats up in seconds which makes the decision to make a coffee an easy one, the milk steamer works really well too (much better than the barista express) and the grinder is easily good enough if you’re adding milk. It’s a great value machine, I’d wait for the sales and get Lakeland to price match whoever has the best deal, Lakeland’s customer service and guarantee are unbeatable. Remember that the machine is only going to produce great coffee if you buy freshly roasted beans from a specialist roaster and not beans from the supermarket shelf that may have been roasted weeks or months before purchase. Good luck with the purchase and enjoy the coffee. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I’ve reduced the mess significantly by grinding in to a small milk jug, I can then stir out any clumps, using my trusty unwound paper clip, before pouring in to the portafilter (which I do over a plastic takeaway tray to catch any overspill). It’s simple to manually press the grinder switch before putting the container below the chute to catch the grinds as there is a delay from pressing the switch to grinds appearing. My experience is the 54mm portafilter makes dosing at 18g very messy, even impossible, if you’re grinding straight in it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. GerryM

    HG-1 Grinder 83mm

    @Rtansley Where are you in North Yorkshire please? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. The Oracle (non touch) doses 21g of beans as far as I recall and I would imagine the touch won’t be too different l, I don’t believe it can be adjusted. The strength of the taste will be affected by various factors including the beans you are using, the grind particle size, volume of water and quantity of milk in your flat white. It would probably help to give a bit more information about those elements and, if you’re newish to making espresso at home, to spend time reading the basics in the forum as there will be more than enough information to enable you to make a good coffee to your taste in the touch. Good luck. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. 96 degrees is hotter than I’d go with most of the beans I use, I think I had the Oracle set most of the time at 92 or 94 when I owned one. It may help to heat your cup before pouring the espresso, I used the hot water tap for this as the cup warmer was pretty poor as I recall. I’ve not used the touch, my sense is that you will only get the best from the machine if you customise the settings to suit your tastebuds and ensure you are using freshly roasted beans rather than anything from the supermarket. Good luck, there is plenty of useful information in this site in the sage section of the forum and from forum members if you get involved . Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. @planter just saw your message and see your question has been answered already. It save a good bit in fees if you have something expensive to sell, I think it can be used with a ‘good until sold listing’ as well as shorter durations. Just have to be careful with the T&Cs around categories and making amendments to the listing or multiple items in same listing, as far as I recall, which are excluded from the offer. It worked well last night with both items going to forum members at a cost to e of £1 fee and the PayPal fee and the buyers got to use PayPal and save a good bit with the 10% discount offer. A good result all around. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. All sorted @Mudlark, thanks very much it's a win win. Not sure how this works, the Grinder and Strega have sold now on Ebay so no longer available. Thanks for all of the interest.
  10. Ebay Discount - Just a heads up to say i've listed my Niche Zero and Strega on Ebay, they appear to be offering a 10% discount if you buy through paypal.... I've said in the Ebay listing i won't take paypal, however, if you would like to buy either and get in touch with me via the forum while the paypal deal is still running I will adjust the price on Ebay for you to reflect what i'm asking here and will accept paypal so you'll benefit from the discount. This route will mean you will get the Niche less than £350 and the Strega will be under £750 so an absolute bargain.
  11. No worries Steve, good luck whatever you decide. For sale then is my Niche Zero Grinder in white which is around a year old although barely used with less than 5kg of beans through it. The Niche comes with the original accessories and original box included for a very reasonable £380 cash on collection please or £380 plus postage at cost at buyers risk. For transparency, there is a £1 sellers fee deal on EBay that ends today so I’m also going to list this on eBay later this evening along with my Bezzera Strega lever machine. Thanks for your interest. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. @hummel89 I can throw in a few cans of baked beans and soup if that helps! If you’d like the kit I’m happy to hold on until January/Feb for collection if you leave a holding deposit. It’s a genuine bargain at £1200. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. @Mancblue Hi Steve, I’ve been advised that the going rate for a used Niche is somewhere around £400 plus postage, If you can see your way to increasing your offer to £380 plus postage we have a deal. I have the original box and the accessories which were supplied with the Niche. If Mancblue declines or doesn’t respond shortly then the offer stands for anyone else that would like an excellent Niche zero for £380. Payment by cash on collection or Paypal friends and family if postage required please. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. I’ve owned a Sage Oracle and it did a good job given the automated aspects such as the auto tamp and the auto milk. The machine is limited by the built in grinder which won’t get the best from the machine ever, however, it should easily be able to achieve what you are trying for. Are you using the freshly roasted beans straight away or allowing them to sit for a few days or more from the roasting date? If you don’t let them sit for a suitable amount of time you are fighting a loosing battle in my experience in regards consistency of pour. The tamper pressure can be adjusted, it may be worth playing with that if you’ve not done so already. Where are you based, there may be someone close by that will be happy to help you with the set up, if you bought it new have you used the white glove service, they would show you how to set it up? Persevere, it’s a great machine when you’ve mastered it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. @junglebert Hi, Im happy to meet half way to avoid the risk that posting the kit presents? I may even be able to drop it over for the cost of diesel depending upon where you are in Yorkshire. The Strega weighs around 30kg (ish) and a ball park figure for postage is £35 plus the cost of insurance, as they are in original boxes i would post the Niche separately which will be around £20 insured. I’m happy for you to arrange the postage and I can attach labels here if it’s more cost effective. Although I have both original boxes I’d much prefer to meet up or for you to collect to mitigate the risk of damage. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. @Gavin For 2K you can get an awful lot of machine, I appreciate you are a fair way from BB however if you can find the time it's probably worth a trip to see what's available and to have a play with various machines. The Niche grinder does a great job, there are other more tank built grinders if that's the style you are after, espresso machine wise you'll find an improvement in the cup with many machines over your classic as you move in to more stable temp, pressure etc presuming you're on tip of the other variables such as using good quality beans dialed in correctly. If you want a machine to last 20 years it's going to need regular maintenance and the occasional trip to a service center if you cannot or do not want to service/repair it yourself, my sense is that lots of machines will last 20 years with regular maintenance and care. Do you want to mess with the parameters such as pressure, temp etc or would you prefer a straightforward set it up and occasionally adjust for taste type machine? Do you want shiny and looks great on the counter top or something more utilitarian? Would you buy used or stick with new? In terms of whether it's worth it or not for a few coffees a day, that's your business and there isn't a general formula that works, if you have 2K and want to spend it on a coffee machine then more power to your elbow. I'm sure you'll get more specific advice soon from people that have knowledge of what's built like a tank and makes espresso for around 2K. Good luck and enjoy your search.
  17. @MancBlue Steve, Thanks for your offer, I’m not certain of the length of warranty on the Niche, it’s probably a year so you’re almost certainly right about it ending. Whilst I can’t offer a guarantee, the grinder is barely used with under 5kg of beans through it and as such I’d expect it to keep going without issue for a long time. In the unlikely event of a fault in the future I understand that Niche have excellent support. I will hold your offer in mind although It’s a little less than I think I’d accept if I split the two. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. @junglebert Thanks for your interest, where in UK would you like postage to please? Presumably you would want an insured and tracked service? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Hi, For sale are my 2018 Bezzera Strega TOP Lever Machine in excellent used condition, I bought the machine in February this year when it was three months old (from a very well established forum member) and since then until a few weeks ago i used it very sparingly and only used RO water from the Osmio so it's had approx 3 months of tap/bottled water and 10 months of RO water to keep it in tip top condition. There are the usual small marks on the machine commensurate with a used machine, the only minor negative outside of minor wear and tare worth mentioning is that Bezzera make the dome cap of that sits around the bottom of the lever out of plastic rather than stainless steel and it's wrapped in some kind of foil wrapping to make it look like the rest of the machine, it is a bit uneven like it's peeling away from the plastic in a small way, it's been like this since i bought it and has zero impact other than aesthetic which most people only notice if i point it out. The Strega is a fantastic lever machine which offers fantastic value as a used buy, new they are over £1600 at the last check. The machine has a fan club in the USA and there is a huge amount of info available on the USA forums, on this forum the Londinium takes the position as the lever to own, both have their merits and which one is best is a matter of debate. What is a fact is that because of the popularity of the Londnium you'll not find one for anywhere near the price of a used Strega and I suspect you will be very happy with the espresso from either for many years to come. The Strega is paired with a Niche Zero in white which is also in excellent condition, approx a year old with less than 5KG of beans through it from new, there is a small mark on the rim of the grinder where the magnet that holds the lid closed has left a mark.... it's barely noticeable and mentioned for the sake of being transparent. I would prefer to sell this kit as a set because they work so well together and i'd rather have both in the unlikely event one sold and the other didn't, however, i am open to offers on either and will consider them if they are too good to refuse For the total package of the Bezzera Strega and the Niche I will accept a very, very reasonable £1200 for a straightforward sale with collection from the Coventry area please. I have the original boxes for both items and would consider posting them at the buyers full risk and expense, however, my preference is collection and that way you can see what you are buying and ensure you are happy before taking them away. Payment is by paypal friends if you want postage or cash only if you collect please. Pictures will be posted shortly, thanks for your interest, please ask if you have any questions relevant to the sale and I will do my best to respond within a few hours.
  20. Thank you @DavecUK for taking the time to reply, I bought the Strega from a well regarded forum member when it was three months old in February this year, there is no transferable warranty as it was originally from a box shifter. The Strega has been very well looked after, I have two of them this is the newer of the two (one appears to be a permanent loan to my daughter!) and i would expect it to last for a very long time if the buyer takes care of it as well as I have.
  21. Hi, I've not posted on the forum for the best part of a year due to various unexpected demands on my time, now as a result of those demands I am considering selling some of my coffee equipment and wonder what I should be asking for a straightforward sale. I think I'd like to sell a package which will be my Niche Zero and my Bezzera Strega. The Niche Zero is around a year old and has had less than 5KG of beans through and is in in excellent used condition, the Strega is just over a year old, it had been used for three months with tap/bottled water and then around 10 months with Osmio RO water, it's been used sparingly and is lovely to use. I will also include a basic tamper,a leveling tool and a milk jug to get the buyer off to a start. My reason for considering a sale is that currently I have demands on my time that take me away from home and are also creating demands on my wallet which put having a top of the line coffee corner lower down my list of priorities, over time that will hopefully change, in the meantime I've bought a cheap setup that I can take with me. I'm thinking that £1200 will be a very fair price, what do you think about that price please? I would prefer not to split the grinder and lever machine, i would rather keep them both than have one without the other as they are so well matched. Thank you for taking the time to consider this.
  22. I’ve had both machines, in my experience the auto milk steaming on the Oracle is a poor substitute for steaming milk manually on the DB and one if the reasons I moved away from the Oracle. The inbuilt grinder limits the potential of the Oracle which I got around by owning an additional stand alone grinder. For convenience the Oracle wins, for the best coffee and microfoam a stand alone grinder and the DB win hands down ( assuming you get a decent grinder of course!)
  23. Cardiologist friend is convinced that drinking coffee can trigger symptoms of atrial fibrillation in people that have the condition. I couldn’t get the link to take me to the article, sounds interesting, I wonder who sponsored the research.
  24. Hi Jan, Which roaster are you using for your beans and how freshly roasted are the beans? If they have been roasted in the past few days it’s difficult to dial them in for a consistent pour, generally they improve if you rest them for a week or even two (time depending on the beans) in my experience.
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