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  1. Yes that’s fine, was my mistake anyway 😃
  2. Mines all paid up, thanks Jimmy
  3. Strange that link works fine. I’ll make payment this eve... cutting it fine 😊
  4. Hi is the website down currently? I'm just getting error 404 at the following address - www.vb-kaffee.at/shop
  5. 1. Planter. 500g Sigri, 250g La Fortuna Light and 250g of whatever your new Roast is going to be, and if made available. 2. , Jimbojohn55 1KG of your new mystery light roast - Ive heard about this coffee , shhhh 3. Fez (500g La Fortuna - Medium roast, 500g Sigri AA) 4. Nicknak 1 kilo of Sigri .. medium please 5. Cooffe - 500g La Fortuna Medium, 500g Mystery light roast (hit me with the jimbojohn) 6. Sparkyx - 1kg Zündfunke, 500g Mystery light roast7. Nick1881 - 500g La Fortuna 8. ronsil - 1 kg Vöcklabrand 9. JimmGC51 - 500g La Fortuna Medium, 500g Mystery light roast
  6. Giving this a little bump, surprised no one had snapped these up.. Anyway I'm dropping this to 2 x now and decided to keep another so as per above, cups and saucer brand new £18 including delivery
  7. Open the top every 6 month and give it a clean. Not much else to do with it really. I rarely cleaned mine, in fact I only did it twice in 3 years of ownership.
  8. Yes, it does have rubber strips that sit either side of the scale.
  9. Love my Niche, was also an upgrade from the Mignon. The main benefits I like is being able to swap to different beans instantly. With the mignon the hopper would be loaded and I’d use all the beans till they were gone. No purging on a morning required anymore. And less mess, coffee used to get everywhere before but the Niche is much tidier.
  10. TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi plug, had it nearly a year works a treat. No issues when using over WiFi or 4G. Runs power to both my HX and Grinder via a 2 plug adaptor
  11. Well tbf the Apartmento isn’t too shabby in the looks department.. But yeah I did a lot of research before buying and as far as a HX goes these are pretty much top of their game. you could go to DB for better espresso for you will be able to control temps more precisely and thus fine tune it to specific roasts = better espresso so perhaps that’s a route you could explore
  12. Why you looking to upgrade to this from the Apartmento? There pretty much the same machine. You are only getting an insulated boiler, brass end plates, a group pressure valve and a PID. None of this will change the quality of the coffee. I own the Mozzofiato Type R and originally started looking at the Apartmento. From new the extra cost from this to the type V, was worth upgrading for the above extras worked out £60 each. But to upgrade it now increases this to a point I don’t think is worth it. Assuming of course you buy new and lose money on selling what you have! So so as said not sure what extra your looking for but you will be paying money for aesthetics with little change to quality of espresso.
  13. Sorry this is now sold so listing can be marked as Sold. Unsure how to do it.
  14. So Iv'e just come from a Gaggia classic, recently sold through this forum and had it paired with a Eureka Mignon Mk2. A great parinig in my view and a good entry level grinder. In fact it was paired with my Rocket for a few month and it also worked very well. Now Iv'e just parted with the Mignon also (same chap who bought the Gaggia) and the Niche has just arrived, and thus far I'm loving it. And comparing those two with the Rocket, I can taste the difference. Really the Eureka wasn't up to the challenge of being paired with a high end machine. Was good but the Niche is making soooo much bettr tasting drinks and I havn't even seasoned the burrs yet 🙂 Anyway, without going into detail on the Niche, plenty of other threads covering this topic to advise if the workflow is for your etc. my advice would be to buy what you can afford and if you see yourself potentially moving away from the Gaggia in a few years I personally would just a buy a Niche. This then leaves you in a position where your grinder is good enough (in my view) to be paired with top of the range HX/DB or whatever takes your fancy in the future. If of course you think the Gaggia is here for the long haul then perhaps a grinder like the Mignon would suffice (few for sale now in the sale section for £200 or less) so money in your back pocket. Now what I can't tell you is how the Gaggia pairs with a Niche and if that has such a dramatic taste difference as it did with the Rocket!
  15. North Star in Leeds have just (or soon will be) shipping all coffee in recyclable packaging. Read the link below, still not ideal but it's a step in the right direction of being able to split the packaging down and recycle with other plastics in your green bin. https://www.northstarroast.com/a-new-look-for-north-star/
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