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  1. So Iv'e just come from a Gaggia classic, recently sold through this forum and had it paired with a Eureka Mignon Mk2. A great parinig in my view and a good entry level grinder. In fact it was paired with my Rocket for a few month and it also worked very well. Now Iv'e just parted with the Mignon also (same chap who bought the Gaggia) and the Niche has just arrived, and thus far I'm loving it. And comparing those two with the Rocket, I can taste the difference. Really the Eureka wasn't up to the challenge of being paired with a high end machine. Was good but the Niche is making soooo much bettr tasting drinks and I havn't even seasoned the burrs yet 🙂 Anyway, without going into detail on the Niche, plenty of other threads covering this topic to advise if the workflow is for your etc. my advice would be to buy what you can afford and if you see yourself potentially moving away from the Gaggia in a few years I personally would just a buy a Niche. This then leaves you in a position where your grinder is good enough (in my view) to be paired with top of the range HX/DB or whatever takes your fancy in the future. If of course you think the Gaggia is here for the long haul then perhaps a grinder like the Mignon would suffice (few for sale now in the sale section for £200 or less) so money in your back pocket. Now what I can't tell you is how the Gaggia pairs with a Niche and if that has such a dramatic taste difference as it did with the Rocket!
  2. North Star in Leeds have just (or soon will be) shipping all coffee in recyclable packaging. Read the link below, still not ideal but it's a step in the right direction of being able to split the packaging down and recycle with other plastics in your green bin. https://www.northstarroast.com/a-new-look-for-north-star/
  3. Selling 3 x ACME Tulip cups and 3 x 145mm saucers in blue. See link for images: https://www.acmeoutlet.co.uk/collections/cup/products/tulip-cup These are brand new and just received, only selling for I didn't want them all and so the intention was to split and sell the rest. Looking for £25 including postage with Royal Mail - Tracked delivery
  4. Yeah that's the idea, I'll knock the discount off the grinder, if of course you still want it next month so if you change your mind no worries. So split payments as stated above. £140 for the Classic then a further £180 for the grinder. I'll PM you when my new one arrives, I'm hoping it may be sooner for they are showing stock again for May delivery so I shall keep you updated.
  5. https://shop.rocket-espresso.com/products/tamping-mat No dimensions there either but a quick measurement it comes in at - W - 20.5cm, L - 15cm, D - 1cm
  6. As per title selling a brand new unused Rocket Tamping Matt with the fold. I bought it with my new espresso machine but where I have moved my setup the fold part doesn't work so it's currently sat in the box in the draw. Cost £22 new so looking for £18 delivered which I think is a fair price. Won't bother adding a picture for a quick google search will bring up all the details.
  7. Yeah everything is good condition but for clarity I'll list below: Classic - fully boxed as mentioned with instructions, comes with the portafilter original & pressurised single, double baskets with the plastic pressure pin. Personally though I would invest in an un-pressured naked porta filter. I did have this but gave it to my Dad who still has a Classic. Also as pictured comes fitted with the Rancilio wand upgrade, I dont (or should I say I cannot find) the original steam wand, I have looked everywhere so if it pops up I'll send separately but just so you are aware this is not included. Condition is in good/used - scratches to the cup warmer and drip tray which is general wear and tear, apart from this no other dents/scratches to any other part of the casing. I'll also give it a clean and back-flush before I ship so it would be ready to go on delivery! Grinder - again is in as-new condition, no dents marks whatsoever, had for nearly 2 years, also as stated above a new set of burrs but the ones still fitted, likely have a lot of life left in them. I'll also open it up and give it a clean before I ship next month. Price wise - £140 for the Classic including postage with Parcel Force 48 hour service Grinder - I'll knock £20 off as a package deal so £180 also including postage with same service next month once I received my Niche. If you're happy with above then drop me a PM and you can Paypal or transfer whichever your prefer.
  8. I’ve ordered my grinder however I’ve gone for a Niche and currently June is estimated delivery so grinder is on hold unfort. Iv’e dropped you a PM about photos, not sure if I’m breaking rules but it won’t let me add any onto this thread and keeps stating upload failed so will send direct.
  9. Thanks but I have finally settled on the Niche and just secured the first of the June deliveries, will be an upgrade from my Mignon and I'm sure a good match to the Rocket.
  10. Think this is the one I have settled on then, now just awaiting re-stock :-)
  11. I'll get some pics taken today for you and then offer a combined price including postage. Currently I'm looking to buy a new Eureka but it's out of stock with BB so Iv'e emailed and requested an idea of when this will be avail so the grinder will be un-available until this is received. Apologies, may of jumped the gun but assumed last night I'd of just been able to make a purchase and didn't think about itmes being out of stock. The Gaggia is of course avail now and I would need to split delivery anyway so could send that straight away with grinder to follow. Can discuss detail once Iv'e got pics up and you're happy to proceed.
  12. This is discontinued now and so cannot purchase from BB Here is a link to the model on Espresso Shop - http://www.myespresso.co.uk/product/eureka-mignon-mk2-on-demand-grinder-with-timer-gloss-black-free-1kg-beans/
  13. I do have an eye on this section but sometimes you need to be fast. There are a lot of Super Jolly's on Ebay and these are very well built so aslo pondering of going in that direction.
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