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  1. One other thing to note is the mignon is pretty basic to use with the Rocket. Yes it will give you a shot but won’t be getting the best out of the machine (my opinion). I initially had it paired with my rocket then upgraded to the Niche & the shot quality went up dramatically. So if your budget would be blown then I agree with the above advice and look at something a little cheaper & will give you money in the pot for a grinder upgrade. And trust me you will want to upgrade it so may as well accept that fact now, the mignon is good, but not when in use with £1k machine..
  2. What grinder are you using? I went with the VST basket with a Mignon and it was rubbish. Went back to the rocket one in the end. Either choked it or gushed. Just couldn’t get it working. Put it down to the grinder being a little too entry for the machine.
  3. jimmgc51

    NFC shipping

    Ah in that case it is, thanks for confirming
  4. jimmgc51

    NFC shipping

    No that’s kind of obvious. I mean the hole that allows the beans into the burrs. The Niche is angled so does the hole sit at 12, 3, 6, 9 or does it not matter. Just not sure with the angle of hole position is important or wherever it lands once tightened on. It performs the same.
  5. jimmgc51

    NFC shipping

    So which way is the hole meant to go once fitted? Does it not matter?
  6. So I was the guy that left it running for days... Anyway it did finally give up the ghost last month. It stopped mid grind. I had to flick the power on/off a couple of times to finish it off. Worked ok the next day but a good story is that after contacting Niche & them knowing the full backstory they offered to fix it for FREE. I was only asked to cover postage to them. So for £15 James from niche replaced the motor/PCB board and re-wired the plug, the same day he received it and sent straight back via DPD. Now its good as new.. so from a customer service point of view, can’t fault them. Especially given it was my error!
  7. Garden for me, stops the cats using it as a local toilet which is an added bonus. Although always one that decides to come a leave me a present every few weeks..
  8. Just to add I have the Mozzafiato ‘R’ paired with the Niche & been drinking lovely coffee for over a year now. A large investment but in my view you need a decent grinder with a good HX. I had a Mignon mk2 before the Niche & it just didn’t cut it so I had to upgrade!
  9. Cheers Dave least mines been ran in ? what an idiot I know, it’s fine from 10 shots a week to what you quoted above in a short space of time. But until is packs it I’ll keep enjoying my coffee
  10. It wasn’t hot at all actually. erm it’s just connected to multi socket but for some unknown reason, I switched my Rocket machine off (for this very reason) but also flicked the switch on the Niche. so basically turned it on, it was 6am so not thinking clearly at all
  11. So not sure if I’ve buggered it or not, left for work Tue & come home Fri evening so grinder switched on with wi-fi plug on weds morn so been running ever since. Was still on when I got home tonight. Still running a good sign I suppose but does t sound as high pitched as before. any advice you think it’s gone or until it stops running completely I’ll be ok?
  12. There’s a new Rocket out now with built in shot timer. Looks quite cool & suppose rocket trying to catch up on features of others at lower price points. i personally have the Mozzafiato Type R and love it, mind I disagree with the comment above with regards to the Mignon. I had it paired with this at first & it could do shots but since upgrading to a Niche the improvements were very noticeable. So I’d advise you should be looking to upgrade this also at some point in the future to get the best out of either machine.
  13. No don’t think so, it levelled off ok with the tamper. The basket wasn’t to the brim but about near the line around the top that clips the PF in. Expansion yes for the indent however I found (for me personally) it pulled better shots when at this level.
  14. Was just about to say get a mignon. I had this paired with my gaggia for years and was more than happy with the results. Not sure if your grinding straight into the PF, but I would go into a cup first then swirl the grind then into the PF. If your not doing this already, this will give you an improvement. The Rancillio wand, best mod ever, makes good milk but beware your technique will need to change so be prepared for some bad milk till you nail it. Also a bottomless, doesn’t really make the drink better but can see how it’s coming out better so helps with seeing how your grinder is off, squirting etc. Also personally I found better results with loading the pf, I never weighed so can’t help there but the puck would always have an indent from the screen. So pretty much filled it then a finger wipe. Hopefully some of this helps ?
  15. Yes that’s fine, was my mistake anyway ?
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