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  1. FilipK , I think you misunderstand how an hx machine works. It is completely normal for the pressure to drop when you open the steam wand, you’re releasing the steam which is under pressure in the boiler. When you brew coffee it is not using this pressure to make the drink, and a pressure drop like this won’t affect the brew temperature. Again, I’ll stress, it’s normal behaviour for any hx machine. I’ve owned a cherub and it did exactly the same thing, now I own a rocket Giotto and it does it too. Simon Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Hi all, Are we sure the machine is actually faulty? The buyer has another thread running where he describes the fault and is asking for advice. I don’t think that there is anything wrong with the machine from what he is saying, apart from maybe the pstat being set a little low. ‘Sorry I can’t link to the other thread, I’m having real issues with Tapatalk! Cheers Simon
  3. The pump running when you switch the machine on is just the boiler filling, so don't worry about that - it's normal. A small drop in pressure when brewing is also normal, so don't worry about that either. The only issue I can see is that the pressure (temperature) is too low at idle. This in turn means that when you are brewing a coffee the boiler pressure is dropping low enough to kick the boiler in. Again this isn't actually a problem (the boiler being on) but you will almost certainly be brewing with the water temp too low. This will obviously affect taste. I'd just adjust the pstat - it's simple to do. Google or youtube is your friend here . I should probably ask if the coffee tastes ok, and if it does then don't worry about it, but I'm pretty confident that turning the pressure and temp up will help a lot. Cheers Simon
  4. I’m a little confused when you say the machine stops pumping at .8 bar. This is the boiler pressure which is to do with temperature and nothing to do with the pump. Do you mean that the boiler switches off? If that’s the case it sounds like the pstat is set too low and needs adjusting. It’s normal for the pressure to drop when you steam, you are releasing pressure from the boiler, so the boiler should then kick in to build the pressure back up. Running the pump to make an espresso may cause the pressure to drop slightly, but only because the boiler is cooling. As I say, this isn’t brew pressure, it’s boiler pressure which relates to temperature (the pressure comes from the boiling water) I hope this helps, Simon Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. Err, I’m not sure, I bought it used from the forum. It’s a Giotto evo 2, does that help?
  6. Thanks for the reply Dave, I was hoping you might respond! Interesting about point 1, thanks, maybe I’ve just never noticed it in that past and paranoia is getting the better of me [emoji23] I do always draw either steam or water after every shot (we drink flat whites or Americano’s (lungos) so masking the problem is possible. Other things I think I have noticed, but again this could be paranoia, is that the brew pressure gauge climbs to about 8 bar as the boiler heats up. I’m fairly sure it didn’t in the past, that said it drops instantly when I lift the brew lever. I probably should have said but a few weeks ago the boiler clearly overfilled, and operating the pump made the boiler pressure gauge go crazy. At the time I thought it was the boiler fill probe which is what led me to descale. However, I can’t help thinking the machine fixed itself rather than it being anything to do with the fill level probe, otherwise I think the boiler would have being trying to fill itself constantly (which it wasn’t) I did actually put a blind basket in yesterday to backflush, if anything the pump pressure seems inconsistent, it’s anywhere between 9.5 and as low as 8 - the pump has been steady at 9 bar for the last 6 months. Help!!! Cheers Simon
  7. Hi all, I’ve got an issue with my Giotto Evo where the brew pressure seems to fluctuate but I think I may know what the problem is. Is anybody able to confirm my understanding? As soon as I start brewing I get an immediate small drop in my boiler pressure (enough to kick the element in every time). I’m also finding that the brew pressure is dropping slightly throughout the brew (these are things I remember noticing before). I am thinking it could be the boiler fill solenoid that’s playing up and not sealing or is weak, so that it’s filling the boiler slightly at the same time as passing water through the group. Is that possible? I’m making the assumption that the pumps default is to pass water through the group, whereas the boiler fills if the solenoid is activated. Does it sound like I’m on the right track? For info, my machine is plumbed in through a filter and is scale free. I’ve tried running a citric acid solution through just in case but it has made no difference [emoji53] Any help would be appreciated Cheers Simon
  8. @Rikyd, The part you need isn't expensive, GCGlasgow has provided you a link above. The slightly bigger issue is that it doesn't appear that this part shouldn't be bonded in but screws in. It appears to have sheared off. You are going to need to try and get the threaded bolt part out of the boiler by drillling it out or by using a punch if you're lucky. Sorry! Simon
  9. @CreativeMumma I have a tamper for sale here - if you search my posts you'll see the advert. I'll let it go for £10 including post if you want it.... Cheers Simon
  10. Yes, possibly because there's too much coffee in the PF so you can't lock it in properly? Why are you not putting 14g into a basket that is meant to hold 14g? (Although to be fair, you can maybe squeeze in an extra 1g or 2g if you really feel the need) Unfortunately I fear you may be on a hiding to nothing with Tesco coffee - even if you do eventually get it dialled in with these beans as soon as you use fresh ones you'll be starting again [emoji848]
  11. SimonN

    barista touch

    Mark, A few comments - 74g out sounds quite high, I would have expected more like 40-50g (as a starting point). How long did the pour take (from pressing the button)? If it was around 30 seconds I would try grinding finer so that you get less output in the same time. Don't worry about when the first drops appear. If your shot is taking, say, 45 seconds you need to stop it shorter. But most importantly, what does the shot taste like? Bitter? Sour? Simon
  12. The Motta is now sold so just the unbranded one left [emoji106]
  13. Having just bought a 58.4mm tamper more suited to my VST basket I now have for sale a couple of 58mm tampers. First up is a Motta, 58mm, convex base with a brown wooden handle. It's in good condition with only very minor marks to the base and slight rubbing to the handle where I hang it from the grinder - the imperfections can be seen in the pictures below, but they really are minor Next up is an unbranded metal handled tamper. This was sold to me as a Motta but I don't believe it is - there are no markings. It is heavy at 428g's, which is about 100g more than the Motta. It is pretty much unmarked. I'll let the pictures do the talking. Again it has a convex base. I'm asking £10 each plus p&p at £2.90. Cheers Simon
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