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  1. Here's my video version of this if you don't feel like reading (like I do sometimes) What I feel like it boils down to is this. 1. Cost. You can, at least in America, buy one pretty much anywhere. What I like about it is that it creates competition and creates a lower cost. That and you can get one from the thrift store for like $1 and it does what it supposed to. Make coffee. 2. Amount you can make. This is a really nice. You can make a huge pot of coffee really fairly quickly for a lot of people. Say you are hung over and you want to make some coffee for you and your buddie
  2. Sorry to hear that! I'm glad you got it taken care of!
  3. I like the start! Love my aeropress!
  4. Welcome! You'll learn a lot here and find the folks here to be wonderful!
  5. Welcome! You'll definitely learn some fantastic tips on here if you hang around long enough
  6. I was looking for a coffee forum to get into and this one seemed very knowledgable.
  7. This entire thread is like a wonderful continuation of beautiful coffee art. Love it.
  8. *Now just forewarning, this does have my dumb sense of humor in it, so keep that in mind* I've loved both coffee makers, the French Press and the Aeropress. I also know that they both make drastically different types of coffee. One a real crisp and smooth cup while the other gives it a strong and robust flavor. I wanted to compare and contrast the two and see which one would, in a day to day scenario, be the better coffee maker. Overall, which do you like better? The French Press or the Aeropress? [video=youtube_share;McA-ZG8XLT4]
  9. I feel like Kona coffee is one of those, you gotta try it once things. Even if it's not the best to you, it's still one of those things to try out.
  10. I recently did a video of some of the history of coffee in Hawaii along with reviewing where Kona coffee, one of the largest types of coffee that can be found in Hawaii. I've never personally had Kona coffee but it sounds absolutely tasty and I even learned there's a Kona coffee festival! Have any of you ever had Kona coffee or any other kind of coffee in Hawaii? How was it? Is it worth the 20 dollars for a bag? [video=youtube_share;_4fS54fxBnM]
  11. That stinks! I hope it gets there soon. Oh and Welcome!
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