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  1. BTW @dfk41 the new avatar is a 180 deg change from what you previously had
  2. I started with a small Krups machine and electrical blade grinder (I know) back in 1993. Things have become more complicated and the coffee taste has massively improved over the years, but it has never crossed my mind to drop it and look for alternatives out there. My better half and I we had a week in Scotland (Lowland this time) and after she refused to pack my hand grinder and French press I was left at the mercy of the local coffee shops. Out of ten we found only one place where the coffee was good. I was pleased to see that she had become quite critical to the coffee quality that we could get when going out. I personally do not go too deep in the rabbit hole (at least this is what I am telling myself) but I still enjoy sticking to the routine and pulling a sweet shot. For me, until I could, I would pull my espresso shots at home. Happy (espresso) shooting!
  3. I suspect that you were pleased, not shocked when it worked. There is need of some reality check. The Gaggia Classic is a great start-of-the-journey machine. But it would be beyond the odds expecting its performance to match that of superior in hardware equipment (VA388 is a dual boiler commercial monster) resulting of years of experience and well reflected in their price range. As mentioned before by others if you need this accuracy you need to get the right finance in place. As @DavidcUK has mentioned your milk drinks are very forgiving and even if you were able to get the temperature fluctuations down to 0.2-0.4 deg C you would not be able to taste (literally) the difference. Simply enjoy the journey/coffee 🙂
  4. It was you who I had in mind but was unsure whether I can freely (without your consent) share it here. I am glad to hear that you sorted your pump issue. I am in the same boat with my warranty expiring next year. I hope things would be OK but one never knows.
  5. Rob, cuprous oxide is well known biocide widely used in marine antifouling. Silver is even better in this respect. I do not expect any poisoning from bras/copper boilers (as cuprous oxide is not present), but our taste buds are very sensitive towards any metal ions. Copper is definitely better heat conductor compared to SS boilers but it is also true that it would also lose heat faster than SS. For me personally it is down to the taste and I would go for SS from now on. I even asked @DavecUK whether I needed to go for full SS pipes in my V but he rightly pointed out that the piping work should not affect the taste as a brass/copper boiler would have. In fact I know a Vesuvius owner who replaced the original copper pipes with SS but I have not heard from him whether there was a change taste-wise.
  6. I do remember an advice I found somewhere, taste the water from a brass/copper boiler and that of SS one. The difference in taste is significant in favor of SS, i.e. SS doesn't bring any metal taste unlike brass/copper.
  7. Try to add a bit of dishwashing liquid. Sometimes the citric acid solution (10%) is not wetting well and the solution cannto penetrate the threads. Another thing (on top of the dishwashing liquid) you might increase the temperature to around 60 deg C.
  8. @Like Medium Strong Coffee Congrats on your new machine! It looks shiny and by what you have shared is fully capable to take your taste buds to the next level. The small niggling things I hope would be ironed out in not time. Enjoy!
  9. Very good marketing pitch though
  10. Is this a clock in the first picture? I thought that it was a pressure gauge but the hands gave it away. It is interesting, if not mechanical, how the battery cope with the scorching temperatures when the boiler is on. Good find 😀
  11. It is built as a tank. It has plenty of life in it.
  12. Doesn't the crema contain emulsified oils? A bubble could not be stable for that long, I have had coffee that I had forgotten for a while and 30-60 minutes later the crema was still intact. Bubbles would have gone by that time, moreover when hot the stability is even lower. On top of that if you drink the crema, no stirring the coffee first, this is the most bitter part and in my opinion is due to the dissolved oil soluble bitter bits in the coffee. After all crema is the Italian word for cream.
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