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  1. Very nice, did you consider any other grinders?
  2. Good stuff and thanks for the info. Moving house in the next couple of weeks so might give you a shout after that.
  3. Thanks guys definitely bear that in mind, @Glenn how much notice do you generally need?
  4. Can anyone recommend me a training day? Ideally session would be Espresso focused and mostly hands on more than discussion. I've noticed more and more of the shops are now offering these, and some members have kindly provided reviews of days they've been to, but wondering if anyone has been to a couple and could recommend one over another.
  5. Always had great experience with these guys. Bought some mazzer burrs online and arranged to collect. Went to what I found out was their old premesis to collect, and had my phone knicked on the way. Emailed to suggest they should change their location details on their google business page and went through the sorry tale, they posted the burrs to me, 'next day' for free!! Very pleased with that outcome and made me a commited customer for the foreseeable.
  6. Good work! Did you consider making a matching steam knob also?
  7. I had a similar issue a while back. Pretty severe solution and not for the faint hearted / or brand new machines.... But my last resort was to take out the allen bolts as froggystyle says and use the claws of a claw hammer to gently pry the dispersion plate away from the group. You can wedge the hammer so it will lever the two parts apart, rather than striking etc. Let us know how you get on.
  8. One for N1 / Islington - The Place in Canonbury. It's my nearest cafe, drinks can be variable but enjoy their volcano coffeeworks beans. Roastery is Norwood I think.....
  9. Hi All, Occasional reader of the forum so decided to get involved. Have a few years under my belt on the Gaggia Classic but only started exploring possibilities in the last 12 months. looking forward to the journey with you all!! T
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