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  1. Hi. I was finding my roasts were running away with me a little, probably partly due to my voltage always being around 250. I eventually found my sweet spot and control I needed were with the cd almost fully closed. However , the biggest change for me was lowering the setpoints on the the two controllers - quite a lot lower than the recommendations in the user guide. One batch of baked rather than roasted beans was the only disaster I've had - but I needed to experience the two ends of the spectrum, too low and too high. Although I've never had bad roasts (apart from the baked beans), I'm now
  2. I could only get one from Chris coffee back in may 15, was £28 ($42) all in, but couldn't not have it.
  3. Same here, can produce brilliant microfoam in my cheap IKEA jugs, but this never works
  4. We've got a 18 month old wildax sired boy, great dog.
  5. Thanks, appreciated. There was a checklist, although I did also have to set the temp controllers to the values in your guide.
  6. It switches off pulley and heat, and cooling tray if on.
  7. First roast, nearly ran away with me, but not bad , well chuffed with the setup. One question, notice my drum stops if I select chaff removal, I thought this interlock had been changed?
  8. Thanks both, appreciated. Liking the scales/container idea.
  9. Thanks. I won't be collecting mine for a few weeks as I'm out of the UK, gives me a few weekends to rearrange the garage and nurse my wallet. Good luck on your first roasts.
  10. Just planning what the impending roaster is best sat upon. Thinking an old desk with steel frame. Has anyone got the actual footprint size, as not sure how wide with the fan/ cyclone fitted it is, I might need a rethink.
  11. PIP

    Concrete floor?

    Great picture, that's what I imagined it would look like!
  12. PIP

    Concrete floor?

    I thought so. Yes, I roasted, spotted it in the gene.
  13. Third find in 3 years, but always looks like concrete? Burrs saved!
  14. A bit like your latte art Scotford, spot on!
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