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  1. These ones had only been in 6 months, so I'm going to replace again in 3 months (ish). the shower screens are spotless (but we Puly Caff then every day at close)...
  2. With thanks to forum member Daren for sorting me out with this Gaggia Classic (with Silvia wand) and Iberital on demand grinder. It even came with a bottomless portafilter. This means I can practice a lot more away from the cafe, which is great. Hubby is noticing the take over of the kitchen, but I've kept him quiet with some craft beer
  3. I did it! Oh my, she was desperate for new seals... The right one was so difficult to get out, we had to pretty much chisel it out...! The left was much easier. new seals are in, and I'm feeling rather stupid I'd not done it myself before!
  4. That sounds intense! I am SO grumpy without my morning coffee...
  5. Oh my life. That sounds more complicated than I thought I think I may need to prise them out then...sounds dangerous!
  6. I have a two group Wega at the coffee shop and leave on 24/7. We are open 7 days a week.
  7. Ok, son't shoot me, but ordinarily I call upon a friend to change the seals for me, but they need replacing and I'm determined to do it myself this time! The new seals are en route from Happy Donkey, but I just wondered whether anyone had changed seal on a Wega? I've You Tubed a few vids, but I've not found anything too specific regarding a Wega. We (obviously) remove the shower screens daily and Puly Caff them, as well as giving the group head a bloody good scrub etc. but I'm worried I'll damage my workhorse if I do the seals wrong!!
  8. I have the decanter and aesthetically it's incredibly pleasing (I am SO shallow!) ha. but practically, I just use the single V60 over a cup most of the time...
  9. Oooh, that's interesting! Wonder if we could start with a cheaper option and just have it on for peak times, then see how it sells, and upgrade if it works... I'm glad there's options at least. Was thinking it might be an outright no-go!
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