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  1. Due to a missing package from a courier magically re-appear and john / @decent_espresso being an all round decent person - Have both a https://decentespresso.com/portafilter_stand (taller stand) and https://decentespresso.com/funnel (short funnel)to give away to a good home. I bought these to go with my niche zero, so maybe also suit a fellow niche owner. I'm based in Ireland - so someone here in Ireland / UK would be easiest to post. Just pay the postage (that can work out later) and I will pop it into mail at a date to be agreed upon in January,
  2. pre-Covid and working from home was a combination of aeropress and heading out to the local coffeeshop. Company had 2 coffee machines that could do a variety of espresso based drinks.. but was alway fill with rubbish beans. WFH - joys of my lelit mara!
  3. So i bit the bullet and got the SJ Now let the modding begin, looking at doing the mouse mod, Schnozzola, and sweepers mod (tho looking for a decent step-by-step-i-really-don't-want -to-break-anything-jsut-yet-guide - the shrink wrap approach sounds interesting) Not sure i'd have the balls now to go an make it completely doserless...
  4. cheers for the advice, all 3 mentioned above that i'm looking at are SH - so edging towards the SJ, and some modding fun!
  5. Looking to upgrade from my old (less than trusted) gaggia mdf grinder. Now, from reading the forums for .a while I know the Mazzar SJ is a firm favourite with a lot of people, Now while i know there are plenty of mods that can be done to improve it for someone making a handful of espressos a day, i've come across 2 other doserless ones: Fiorenzato F5 E Cunill tranquilo on demand Anyone got experience of either and how they'd compare with the SJ ?
  6. 1st row - 2nd from left - Smelly fingers - or impersonating someone infamous ?
  7. I'm in the same boat as the OP. Currently weighing up options, but down to the K3 & Mignon. Budget about €400 /£300ish. But someone local here selling a SJ for for €500 - which personally think is way too much for something that'd i'd only used 2/3 times a day... Ideally want something on demand / doserless. But that little voice in the back of my head keeps say... "but it's a super jolly!!"
  8. Certainly interested in doing the dimmer mod next, timer looks easy enough
  9. Another happy customer of MrShades - got it all set up late last night (after a bodged attempt last weekend). Adrian is great for assistance but carful reading of the manual and you should be fine. 2 words of advice i'd have are, remove the boiler and be very, very, very careful if you use a pliers for the final tightening of the pt100 looking forward to really trying it out tomorrow
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