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  1. Just to add to the confusion on the origin of the Europiccola - ive been looking at info on other forums - one theory is that it was designed by Piero Diamante of DP fame - certainly he had one of the first machines out in 58 and patented the design in 59. DP made elements for other manufacturers and seem to have possibly franchised the design to Bezzera and Co-Fer before selling it to Pavoni in 61 Piero Diamante name is on the design patent in 1959 here is the DP version (images from various web sources (inc home barista}
  2. did you know you cropped out your face in your new profile photo 🙊
  3. What's the +4,455 'members total reputation' picture upload test - oh god YES …………….you can upload more than one picture at a time
  4. I cant find my old profile picture so ive just had to use my passport photo Interesting to see what the finished site looks like and usability +2 for the most recent posts tab
  5. I see your R120 and raise you the mighty WPX -what you really want is something that can do turkish to pour over, 140 mm burrs, water cooled, minilmalist design and is easy to move around the kitchen on its optional castors, I think you can also use it as a garden shredder https://www.mpechicago.com/sites/default/files/2017-07/52%20%28GPX.WCI%29.pdf [ATTACH=CONFIG]40377[/ATTACH]
  6. I had an underwater carbon canister filter with separate tap for the last 4 yrs - up till the new worktops went in, when I tested the water hardness from it our medium level hard water was down to Ashbeck levels £29 for the kit https://www.toolstation.com/water-filter/p84582
  7. plastic bottles always seem to make the water taste plasticy to me, also i resent paying 50 x tap water price for it
  8. here you go @MrShades [URL]https://www.orphanespresso.com/Caravel-VAM-Espresso-Machine_c_325.html[/URL]
  9. I use water that is randomly mixed from a combination of water from the river Dee and water from historic bore holes beneath Preston, its then artfully mixed and balanced by aqua sommeliers at North West Water with a subtle hint of chlorine, pumped through artisan 18C clay pipes, then for a truly authentic taste a length of lead pipe, once its in the house it travels through retro 1970's copper pipe just to add a hint of metallic copper taste.
  10. Interesting article in the 'news' section of Francesco's great site, It features a pre pavoni type Euro a full 3 years before Pavoni put out their first machine. This one was made by Bezzera http://www.francescoceccarelli.eu/Macchine/Bezzera/baby_bezzera/baby_bezzera_eng.htm
  11. Looks mint, its on my pimp list at some point- will have to wait for a needy skanky one to come up
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