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  1. They have started to sell the original red die cast Pav badges again if you want a fresh one for the front 😎 https://www.lamacchinadelcaffe.com/en/accessori-la-pavoni.html
  2. Here are the various nickel plated bits to date - not perfect but heading in the right direction
  3. So many pipes and pieces needed re-plating, at first I started to think that they had used cadmium to plate some of the part because of it being 1962 and it was still legal at the time (cadmium is 10 X more toxic than lead) however I was thankfully mistaken and the reason some of my early results at plating were a bit crap was in my prep of the surface, anyhow long story short the endless bits are plated - including the long ones which have to be done one end at a time and jiggled to prevent a high tide mark as it were .
  4. Q1 In the cab does it have a shotgun or banjo rack or both Q2 is it also a V8 😎
  5. more twiddly bits - this time the manual fill lever that lets water into the boiler, the only bit that is seen is the end of the lever that sticks out the side of the drip tray surround, but it all needs a strip, clean, grease and a new rubber washer. The main body is currently sitting overnight in hydrochloric acid solution, as you do.
  6. To be fair ive often used a nail to pop them out
  7. My niece worked at Cafe Nero then Starbucks - in her words "both use mega shity dark beans" and "starbucks just have a real crappy huge bean to cup machine for speed" that's turned away from customer so you cant see how your drink is made without any skill involved, She also mentioned that both employers are "absolute cockwombles and wankpuffins with shity wages" - interestingly she found that locally customers at the Nero and starbucks often had long term enduring mental health conditions as it seemed to have taken the place of the local MH drop in centre that was closed in the cuts, quite genuinely she had a lot of time for these customers.
  8. Q - are you the inventor ? - very odd for a first post on a coffee forum, but the product seems interesting and looks like a better solution πŸ‘ however at Β£9 for 4 - unless your planning to swing on your shelf or tv bracket - and if you are then why not fix into the studs, you might as well use a setting tool Β£12 https://www.toolstation.com/setting-tool/p96740?searchstr=setting tool and 50 cavity bolts forΒ£10 https://www.toolstation.com/fischer-hm-s-metal-cavity-fixing/p73656 Β£23 outlay to fit 50 (inc one off purchase of a setting tool) 49p a pop or Β£48 outlay for 50 Geefix 98p a pop From a more diy point of view then the Geefix is ok if you just have a couple of holes to sort, but if you live in a house with stud (hollow) walls then I would go for a setting tool and cavity bolts as a better long term solution
  9. Call me an antisocial miserable sod if u like πŸ‘ but sun and beaches and drinking = absolute nightmare. never seen the point of making yourself ill, bored and burnt, 😁 with a risk of liver damage and developing skin cancer, while people fight over their territorial pissing rights to a lounger or patch of beach, as for sad seasonal trends in holiday clothes, every tourist can be spotted a mile off. Don't get me started on cruises, and the sterile packaged culture 🀘 If you go somewhere new its to immerse yourself in the culture, food and scenery. Try something new not live in a plastic pretend world that you have to bore everyone about through endless crappy social media posts. Ive got a distant relative who starts every conversation about the next abattoir of a resort their going to or come from, they actually believe it makes them special and is some kind of status symbol. I don't mean to offend anyone who likes the costas .........… a f**ck it yes I do 😁. I think I grew up with this mentality as I live in a seaside resort of sorts, and as such tourists are something that clogs your roads up and takes all the parking places in town, in fact if its sunny on a bank holiday everyone who is local stays home πŸ˜‚ eeee thas nout as good as a northan rant - reminds me of song National shite day
  10. There are so many parts sitting on my bench for this Gaggia, and they all need refinishing so the next few pages are going to be odd bits and pieces that im tinkering with as I start the rebuild. First up was to touch up the red (Milan red) to be precise on the Gaggia badge, I had a go at refinishing it previously but noticed the red paint had started to lift here and their, so armed with a touch up pen …… You have to love the detail they put into this with even different shades of grey to make the group look a bit more 3D
  11. I decided to get rid of mine...…….. well it was just collecting dust...…. Joking aside consider getting a Bosch Athlet cordless vac - as good as a Dyson and will run for upto 60 mins, very light and easy to push around and small to store, Here you can pay up to 300 forone but the 150 or less version are just as good
  12. as above - just keep pushing, its just the group seal that holds the screen in place, Try pushing down on the top of the rod with a wooden spoon, but put a tea town under the group to catch the piston if it falls. You will need a bit of food safe grease to put it back but only a smear, a blunt screwdriver or wooden lollipop stick will help with getting the top upward facing seal back in to the group, but from memory it wasn't too tricky, just offer the piston back up keep a light pressure on it and then work the top seal into the group.
  13. Good to see the old shark eating up the road πŸ‘ I suspect the dodgy wiring was a main dealer bodge job, Lucas Alternatiors of that era were almost treated as expensive disposable items and Lucas (aka The Prince of darkness) probably wanted it that way. Interestingly Lucas made a short documentary about one of their technicians traveling the world with spare parts, providing advice and know how 🀘 https://youtu.be/c3lizKN5aNc
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