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  1. No much darker -the 1970's tv series
  2. Monkey puzzle reminds me of China every time I dink it
  3. a lever Pavoni will fit under a cupboard no problem, will last for ever, keep its value and is easily fixable. If you buy second hand and your budget will then have enough for a good second hand grinder Pav £250 and Grinder £250 Using a lever is more of an art form, its more rewarding, harder to master but a lot more satisfying, some people switch back to pressing buttons as they find it a challenge. having said there are lots of people on here who have switched from the machines you mention and don't go back because they enjoy the taste and challenge more.
  4. Curious - is the Major running with standard or titanium burrs?
  5. Interesting comparison, its what this forum needs more of, Would be good to get your thoughts again in a few months. Might be worth getting a dial gauge and checking alignment of the lower burr on the Major, they are sometimes a little out and need shimming, having said that I believe you can get a kit for the EK as well.
  6. Hi Dave can you expand on your ability to supply parts - there is little that is not known about parts, sources and availability, If you have access to a trade account at one of the multi parts suppliers then were all ears, but for a first post without back up information you probably wont get a response.
  7. if you can afford it then why not, its reputation is very solid, the aftersales support if you need it is pretty good as well. As you say to get the best from it a new grinder is required.
  8. Welcome to the age of chrome ……. damn their shiny
  9. the postie has a hernia, but look at what he brought 😀 remember these
  10. Quite right but they wont be able to apply for funding or use effective donation platforms such as just giving. Their local CVS should be able to help with the process as well as identify funding sources and grants to support furry pigs. True story a Donkey sanctuary charity not so many years ago became the largest charity after the main cancer, heart and stroke charities through a very effective fundraising campaign, they had so much cash that they were struggling to find enough donkeys to support around the world and the ones they found had underfloor heating installed in their stables in Afghanistan. Funny thing charities and ive worked for a few, even when they are registered and household names such as the RNLI, who do great work but when you dig down and look at their accounts you find that their CEO is on over £160k and they have 6 staff paid over £100K each not quite what you have in your head when you pop 10p in the plastic lifeboat on the counter.
  11. I should have clarified my earlier comments on giving the impression that something is a charity when it is not (although I don't think this is what happened with the terminal Guinea pigs) as @Junglebert says it does matter, if an individual or organisation gives to a group that they believe is a charity or gives the impression of being a charity its no different than professional organised beggars on the street, to be clear I don't believe that this is what happened or was intentional on either part, my only concern is that the receipt for the donation was in the name of a 'trustee', technically this is ok as it implies they can be 'trusted' with the money, however it also unfortunately gives the far more common impression to the majority of people of being a charity trustee which is not the case, as far as I am aware. I expect the use of this term may have given rise to the belief by the donor that it was a charity they were dealing with. Anyway as I said more power to their furry little elbows but I would encourage any such groups to be cautious of the terms they use to describe their activities and look to take a legally accountable form in order to progress their voluntary work.
  12. I had a look at the "charity" - and your right they are not one or a registered company - I would class them as a 'good cause' without a constitution or legal form, it doesn't mean they don't do 'charitable type activity' which they probably do, but as such they have no reporting requirements or financial accountability for donations. It would probably be useful for them to form one in order to attract donations through direct donation platforms such as 'JustGiving' as well as being able to apply for grants and direct funding or sponsorship, here is a guide to forming as well as a few other legal forms to consider https://www.resourcecentre.org.uk/information/legal-structures-for-community-and-voluntary-groups/ - anyway more power to their furry little elbows Charitable Trust. Charitable Incorporated Organisation(CIO) Company limited by guarantee. Charitable company. Community Interest Company (CIC) Community Benefit Society. Cooperative Society.
  13. Aha we have a Mexican standoff - I am armed with a Cherrywood pavoni bespoke shelf (almost finished finally) vs the threat of a Monkey with robusta beans !
  14. Personally I'm always a soft touch for a charity, maybe we should all round up the free grinders, machines and gubbins we get and donate them all to the charity of our choice.
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