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  1. "Just curious but after touching the frame where does your grounding wire go to when going inside your wire sheath?" Hi @IamOiman the earth wire is bonded directly to the earth post inside the pressurestat which connects with the earth wire from the mains, The wiring regulations in 1962 were a little less robust as they didn't account for the possibility of a cover being removed and the machine still being live, the other thing is the use of modern gasket materials often provide insulation where the originals were often a graphite type, so ive gone a little over the top and better safe than sorry ⚡ 😉
  2. A nice detail of this build is the tiny shelf which bolts under the sight glass, to help reflect the light, I left this attached to the front panel by accident when it went for chroming and each component came back perfectly chromed including the bolt heads and nuts!
  3. Interesting challenge taking photo's of chrome and trying to avoid reflections front panel back on with the pressure gauge fitted then the steam arm and valve knob
  4. Do you remember what you were doing in August? I do it was the start of a lengthy course on boiler repairs and seals some of the issues Pin holes in a boiler seam, various repair techniques - trust me you need to get it professionally brazed preferably by an old bloke smoking a roll up at the same time Boiler gasket materials - the benefits and types available preparation of mating surfaces - its a thing honest , in the 1960's Gaggia Barcelona workshop, lets just say they did not use quite as fine a tolerance or surface finish as you would hope for, but it worked for them Gasket dressing - its a thing! point of all this was a lengthy learning experience, but worth it some of the process
  5. There seems to be a move towards this with an survey and non disclosure form on one of the threads
  6. My only problem with forums are if there is a lack of honesty about how they are run, my concern with Benny Barrista is that I have heard from a few members privately that when they left a reasonable negative review on the Benny website for an item they purchased it was removed in order to keep everything looking rosy, that's why I wont trust them to run a user led forum. I strongly suspect that only their products will get detailed reviews, and in doing so it becomes a shill forum.
  7. Is the forum going to open a shop ?- not sure if this is a bad move or a good one. The negative side would be that the price of things would go up a bit like the 10% handling charge of Etsy or more, The positive side may be that the shop is open to the 90% of forum browsers who are not registered members and may not become so in order to access the current sales thread I suppose with Benny Barista opening one on their site you can see it as a response to their challenge posed by them entering the market, my problem is the overlap between promotion and review of products that just happen to be sold by the relevant forum. I think its important to keep a few degrees of separation between a user led forum and products it may sell, but we will see
  8. If the edit option has gone on the first post then just do a new post in the thread below with confirmation of price and postage option 👍
  9. Starbucks called out for ramming 27 teaspoons of sugar in there sickly festive burnt bean bog water - well that's the headline I would have used for this article from the BBC - "The "venti" (a pint) Starbucks Signature Caramel Hot Chocolate made with oat milk but topped with whipped cream had the most. It contains 23 teaspoons (93.7g) of sugar and 758 calories," reminds me of ….
  10. Nice machine, fully sorted for someone. Just thinking, you might want to add a postage option at the buyers risk, should only cost about £8
  11. Taking another Sigri 1KG slot for myself before they all go, if im allowed to buy 2KG ( one will be a present which makes it ok) so there ! 1. Cooffe 1KG 2. Joey24dirt 1KG 3. Jimbojohn55 1KG 4. Nicknak 1KG 5. Rob1 1KG 6. johnealey 1Kg Lucky #7. agentb 1Kg 8. MildredM 9. Bacms 1Kg 10. Christos_geo 1kg 11. Scribblez 12 Jimbojohn55 1KG
  12. Austrian discount - shipping included in the price, will throw in a plastic tamper as well 😉 Sold !
  13. You can remove 90% of the movement with washers of the right thickness
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