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  1. I've found citric that I have bought varies quite a bit - with doing some Italian machines the type of scale also varies so it might be that? certainly tartric acid is often recommended for Gaggia classics and old levers as its kinder to the seals apparently. Thinking about this I've often put a couple of tablespoons in if its very scaled and then had to repeat it, but always use boiling water to get the best out the acid I hear Kilrock does the business so must try it
  2. Always been uncomfortable about the Isle of Man the death toll and the tourism the island benefits from, over 250 deaths since it began, its one of the last gladiator sports and I suppose credit to those who know the risks and compete anyway, not sure its a fair indulgence in the eyes of their family, but its an individuals choice.
  3. Bosch Professional blue line, Werra screwdrivers Quality counts
  4. Q @Tait - sorry if this has been asked already - are the old forum thread pictures coming back at some point ?
  5. Just waiting see if the pictures reappear in this thread - if not I will upload them again In the meantime a 15Kg box with 11 items in it has headed to be re-chromed - in an easier world you would accept the patina to show the life its lived but in many ways there has been a certain amount of CMA - Coffee Machine Abuse, that visually just looks wrong. Anyway once you decide to get one part done, then the rest has to match
  6. apartently untill Pavoni became involved only a couple of hundred were sold, then boom 1100 in 61-62
  7. Ok so following 10 minutes of further dedicated research I reckon Nea Lux did it...… well that is what others hint at, and it seams likely as they made machines not elements and they had one out as well in 1958. In the early 50's they were making these *(as below) and so you can imagine that they had the skills to design and make the original next to it - if anyone says different their lying...…..sticks fingers in ears
  8. Francesco site has more detailed info here http://www.francescoceccarelli.eu/m_dp.htm The patent was for a styling of the machine not for the original design, so as Francesco puts it - some other artisan did it -----but who ? I think someone should be credited for it
  9. Just to add to the confusion on the origin of the Europiccola - ive been looking at info on other forums - one theory is that it was designed by Piero Diamante of DP fame - certainly he had one of the first machines out in 58 and patented the design in 59. DP made elements for other manufacturers and seem to have possibly franchised the design to Bezzera and Co-Fer before selling it to Pavoni in 61 Piero Diamante name is on the design patent in 1959 here is the DP version (images from various web sources (inc home barista}
  10. did you know you cropped out your face in your new profile photo 🙊
  11. What's the +4,455 'members total reputation' picture upload test - oh god YES …………….you can upload more than one picture at a time
  12. I cant find my old profile picture so ive just had to use my passport photo Interesting to see what the finished site looks like and usability +2 for the most recent posts tab
  13. I see your R120 and raise you the mighty WPX -what you really want is something that can do turkish to pour over, 140 mm burrs, water cooled, minilmalist design and is easy to move around the kitchen on its optional castors, I think you can also use it as a garden shredder https://www.mpechicago.com/sites/default/files/2017-07/52%20%28GPX.WCI%29.pdf [ATTACH=CONFIG]40377[/ATTACH]
  14. I had an underwater carbon canister filter with separate tap for the last 4 yrs - up till the new worktops went in, when I tested the water hardness from it our medium level hard water was down to Ashbeck levels £29 for the kit https://www.toolstation.com/water-filter/p84582
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