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  1. Ditto well done @Pablo El Beano for making the effort and sharing, even if you borrowed the pictures- top job 👍
  2. its just qucktime / java / screen resolution/ blah blah blah - I wish IT was a standard thing
  3. what kind of coffee do you like - lighter or darker roasts?, for me its med - lighter so a big flat burr is the route I took, ending up with a Mazzer Major 83mm Flat burrs - outstanding for the money SH at about £300 all, but it came with a doser so I made a funnel for it and now single dose it, having said that im soon to switch it for a Ceado E37 on demand (once I upgrade the flap) If your not into tinkering with stuff you may want to look for any on demand 75mm up for £400 there are a number second hand that should be in range cheers Jim
  4. re cleaning the gauge face - for me the answer was with caution - concern was if what ever I cleaned it with either removed the white background or the numbers!! - in the end I used cotton buds with some weak Cafizza and just dabbed at it one small area at a time till it was clean then went over the same area with just some water to neutralise anything left on the surface. Love the detail on the pressurestat - always wanted to have a go at a mercury tilt switch - makes sense they put a cover on it to protect it but nice to see inside
  5. Rolls up sleeves, right gentleman... The original coating is powdercoat - it can be removed with copious amounts of paint striper over a few days (nitromores) NOT the green environmental version As for home spraying - don't, most wont take the heat or damage from dropped portafilters - the exception are Hammerite - takes a few coats and a long time to cure (upto three months) the red smooth Hammarite is an option but I would go down a different route as they are still not as robust as the original finish. What your best doing is taking the base to a powdercoater who can strip and paint in a match for any colour you choose, I would also take the trivet at the same time. Some things are far better with a commercial / industrial process Hope this helps, cheers Jim
  6. a consideration is the age of them as the early ones have a adjustable flap mech that's a bit pants, im working on a way to fit the later flexible flap, Ive tried the beer can mod without much success. great grinder though and as quiet as they get
  7. its not hard, but it can be fiddley - if you have no tools then its impossible - the chrome often has this or that wrong If you want to learn about the machine then do it and buy the tools you might want to post up a few pictures to get a second opinion from us - but if it annoys you then you need to do it Ive got a 67 to do that im thinking of sending for chrome, not sure yet,
  8. I sell them, but they are about 375 to 400 for an pre 74 depending on chrome , but if you want one post 74 now try @coffeechap
  9. the pressurestat version has the edge on day to day usability but the pre 74 is a slightly better machine mechanically and thermally- different ones suit different people - hope this helps
  10. 62-74 had a brass sleeve in the group head - with twin element - people claim they are more thermally stable, the lever is a better fit - they take specialist tools to work on 74 - 2000 - (pre millennium) solid brass head - (no liner), loose lever, twin and singe element versions the later with pressurestat 2000- on nylon type sleeve in the group head single element with pressurestat all can do the business if your willing to learn how to get the best out of them, all machines benefit from switching to a naked portafilter. I use a pre millennium 95, ive owned all the versions and used them, if one had the edge its the v1.4 67 to 74 there harder to restore but I enjoy doing them, which is why I'm doing two at the moment
  11. The whole thread reminds me of Vic and Bobs "Big Night Out" But you wouldn't let it lie ! But you didn't seal it with But you should have sealed it with But im not telling you what to seal it with But you should have said what to seal it with
  12. Looking at the pictures it may be an issue with the proximity to the heating elements which are slightly proud of the base, PTFE washers are good to 260 C
  13. If this helps - ive seem threads on Home Barista of someone using a small syringe to inject descaler into the holes to help remove any limescale I would be tempted to block all the holes on the side with a spot of food safe grease or a rubber plug / piece of tape so you could invert the piston and add descaler with a syringe through the valve on the base. just an idea
  14. Welcome, I agree with the last two posts, If you want to go down the espresso based machine route then entry price is £120 - £150 for a second hand Gaggia Classic and then add on a grinder for about the same cost, This forum is not just about how much you can spend its about the taste in the cup. Many members 1/2 the time use pour over V60 or aeropress despite having spent thousands on machines. The simple answer is don't buy it but don't go back to Nespresso, there is a world of coffee and flavour to explore and it doesn't have to cost that much. 95% members will be happy to provide advice and not put you off, dig around the threads a bit for information, but try £50 on an Aeropress / hand grinder and some quality beans
  15. Absolute "hot tub time machine"
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