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  1. have been digging a bit deeper there seems to be several models on Kaffee Netz forum in Germany - some very similar models some with 80mm burs 71 burrs etc - have a look through using goggle translate browser add on https://www.kaffee-netz.de/threads/favorite-muehlen.105290/page-21 ps can post you a couple of original design Mhalkonig stickers if you restore it cheers Jim
  2. your limitation is going to be the size quality of the burrs, also need to consider if there is any wear in the bearings (noisy motor) its intrinsic to the grind quality At the end of the day you should have grinder that better than a mignion but less than a super J, capable of quick adjustment between grinds, I think its one of those projects that will bother you unless it gets the full treatment - their pretty straight forward to work on, let me know if you get stuck
  3. Nice find - just take one off measure it internal and external sizes, Its got three holes so should be able to find something to fit. When I did the W1BN restore I emailed Mhalkonig but they didn't stock anything. Based on the earlier version of this grinder the burrs were 53mm but 2 holes (two holes are a pain to match) If yours is 53 mm then your probably in luck as the more common 52 or 54 size are easy to get hold of - but 53 exist as well https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Casadio-Espresso-Grinder-Grinding-Burrs-Pair-53mm-Steel-De-Vecchi-Nuova-Ricambi/192708132478?epid=17025360241&hash=item2cde4cbe7e:g:7JUAAOSwRvhdL4wC probably cheaper else where The other thing about the original MK burrs is that they will probably be made from cast iron for longer life and flat on the back but don't worry about that, I think your in for a bit of trial and error whatever the size you will find a match with three holes, 👍
  4. I think the plan is fine, you might want to use a three leg oil filter spanner on it, good luck
  5. this is such a bargain for someone, I would love to restore it, but someone please buy it first as I'm financially committed to other projects Its a spring lever by the way
  6. interesting, but I really struggle with the whole Hoffman posh boy ascent, same with Lloyd Grossman, they use it like a fashion accessory to signify status, even liz and phil have toned theirs down over the years,
  7. Quality engineering and components this one, 👍
  8. I used to work for the 'Alzheimer's Society' and came to know their current research quite well, trust me just get at least 7 1/2 hours sleep a night or suffer the consequences later in life, alternatively stay up late don't worry or plan for a pension. PS, don't forget to get a prepayment account for Dignitas 👍
  9. it may need a bit of work but it was worth £300 all day long
  10. Read up on here then shop around @dopefish your best getting hands on at Bella Barista, takes a while to really choose, and there is nothing quite like seeing something in the flesh and being able to compare it side by side with other machines. Although part of the fun is often upgrading down the line, many people buy in haste or on trend, best to take your time and listen to a range of opinions.
  11. go to the only place with a range of machines to ponder look at and ask questions Bella Barista PS some advice - change you pic, I too had a picture of myself just wearing furry underwear but it was too exciting for this forum so I had to ban it myself
  12. No much darker -the 1970's tv series
  13. Monkey puzzle reminds me of China every time I dink it
  14. a lever Pavoni will fit under a cupboard no problem, will last for ever, keep its value and is easily fixable. If you buy second hand and your budget will then have enough for a good second hand grinder Pav £250 and Grinder £250 Using a lever is more of an art form, its more rewarding, harder to master but a lot more satisfying, some people switch back to pressing buttons as they find it a challenge. having said there are lots of people on here who have switched from the machines you mention and don't go back because they enjoy the taste and challenge more.
  15. Curious - is the Major running with standard or titanium burrs?
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