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  1. dbeckett

    Mara X

    I have the opposite issue, my sensor works but my low water led is broken. water sensor detects low level and turns off the boiler, but led never flashes nor does it stay on when there's water. Just hassle trying to send it away to fix something I don't fully need it ☹️
  2. Yes still available
  3. Essentially £12 for it, I’ll probably just keep it that price
  4. Keeping discussion on here rather than messages. Postage would be £3 to mainland
  5. Payment received for shower screen and brass block and it's been posted.
  6. I'll take the molykote 111 for £10 Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  7. @Nightrider_1ukif you're still interested then the screen and block is yours
  8. Lowest I could do is £190 for all
  9. I am presuming this is for the machine as I summarised above at £160 (without the IMS shower screen, brass dispersion or bottomless portafilter) if you can confirm just to ensure everything is clear.
  10. @DRAXXMENVONEit's hard to determine until I package it up, but having a quick look on royal mail website I reckon over £20 for UK mainland as it'll be over 10kg with the accessories. Willing to cap it at £20 to make the offer process simpler If there's no interest in it as a whole. I'm willing to split out bottomless portafilter for £20 brass dispersion plate and IMS shower screen together for £20 Gaggia classic with the remainder accessories for £160 (I have the original dispersion plate and shower screen I'll include with it)
  11. @A-ron yep still available
  12. Forgot to include a top view. Some cup scratches on top, common with a machine of this age
  13. Gaggia Classic 2011 for sale Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland I originally bought if off Gumtree in 2015 from the original owner who had barely used it and struggled to even know how to turn it on. I've then owned this for the last 5 years or so and have since upgraded to a Mara X, hence selling it, but I am sad to see it go. I've since carried out the following upgrades OPV mod to 9 bar Rancilio steam wand Brass dispersion plate IMS shower screen Bottomless portafilter New steam valve earlier this year It has been well looked after with regular descaling and mo
  14. dbeckett

    Iberital MC2

    Great, accepting Hallet's offet. Moving to PM
  15. dbeckett

    Iberital MC2

    I got this second hand from eBay January 2016 and moved to the mazzer February 2017. All I did was give it a good clean during my time of using it. I haven't had time to take it apart yet to check the burrs but have taken the following photos this morning from above. If it helps can open it up later on this week.
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