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  1. Hi all, Seems that the Silvia wand is back in stock here: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rancilio-Silvia-V1-V2-Steam-Wand-Gaggia-Classic-Steam-Tube-Conversion-Kit-/271383061059 Fran
  2. I'm looking for one too! All sellers seem to be sold out... Maybe they shut down the factory due to coronavirus 😕
  3. I've purchased Dandh's second hand Vario - should be arriving tomorrow, I've really quite excited!
  4. Mike, I think Notes in London have their water shipped in, because of the whole 'London has terrible water' malarkey. You might want to ask how they operate, since it's obviously practical in a retail setting.
  5. Thanks for the post vintage - I think the thread needed a bit of balance! Saying that, I'm looking to get a vario soon. Seems like the only option when you want a grinder for both espresso and filter.
  6. Vintagecigarman - in order to get some negative feedback in this thread - why did you offload it to Glen?!? CHeers!
  7. Thanks for the comments, guys, but in the end I went for a Bodum Columbia 8 cup. I really like the design, and knowing it won't ever break! The filter is better quality than the standard model, making it easier to clean. Can't vouch for *better coffee*, but can say it makes *good coffee*. The only disappointment is the lid is made of plastic, whereas the body is made from chrome plated metal.
  8. Fran

    [swap] Vario Baratza

    Any luck offloading the Vario?
  9. Fran

    [swap] Vario Baratza

    It's quite big, and has a doser. But, I put beans straight into its throat, as I don't have a hopper. Happy to send you a picture.
  10. Fran

    [swap] Vario Baratza

    I have a Macap MXA, which I'd happily swap for a vario. If not, happy to buy the vario off you when you find a Mazzer!
  11. Good idea - but I'm still right! For clarity, I don't doubt that VST baskets are precision engineered, and that VST accurately measure the holes and have it all verified. Just that the graph is useless. OK, that's enough of this now, I'm starting (...) to sound like a pedant.
  12. Hmm. I think it's a load of guff. I'm the kind of guy who'd get a kick out of knowing the hole diameters were on average X, with variance Y, and that the manufacturing process produced a Gaussian-like distribution of the diameters. But that chart is just bullshit! I'm a stickler for that kind of thing.
  13. Yes, it's obviously a histogram, but without x-axis scale, and the bin widths, it's essentially meaningless! No way to get standard deviation from that guy.
  14. If I were to buy a VST, seeing that slip of paper would piss me off no end. It literally has no content! They might as well have put a scrap of paper with a skidmark in the box.
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