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  1. Cat and cloud chelba natural v60. Via dog and hat. I've had this before. I like these types of naturals. Are they just too out of fashion now?? Though, this batch tastes "drier" than I remember. Gulping by the metaphorical pint cos toddler had me up at 4. An agreeable coffee lol. How are you all keeping ? Any new forum news??
  2. So 18-42 completely tames the acidity and just leaves me with a cup of natural joy. In pourover form its the same but moderated down and a lovely silky mouthfeel to compensate.
  3. Espresso... Bolivia Arcangel from Foundry. First pass was 18-40. Very full of flavour but a touch acidic for me. I'll pull a little longer next time to see, and then a pourover for lunch. I forgot how good foundry are, I'm gonna enjoy this.
  4. The new forum has scared me off. I have had lots of nice coffees of late. Crank house PNG is a lovely espresso. Hakunin is I think the name of anew enough Roaster from which I got 3 bags. All winners, especially a Myanmar as a pourover. Busting out the behmor tomorrow too
  5. Hundredhousecoffee - kochere natural. Fruity and full, old school natural without the booze. A cracker as spro, flat white and filter. Thanks to Dog and Hat for this bag. And, 3 bags in the past year and not a dud amongst them. Viva hundred house
  6. steveholt

    Behmor Brazen Plus

    Hey Glenn, Just let me know what you need and how and I'll get payment and address across to you. Thanks for digging this out,
  7. steveholt

    Behmor Brazen Plus

    Ill take it at asking
  8. I think it would. Where is it stocked these days?
  9. Hey folks, Looking for suggestions for an electric brewer? I know little. Is the non sca certified melitta look 4 no good? Is the moccamaster or the wilfa that much better than the melitta? Where can you buy a behmor these days? With 2 toddlers around me I think thermal carafe is now an appreciated feature. Thanks for your help all.
  10. @cupperjoe I have a bag of banana on the way. How did yours work out?? Today I have had April - Ecuador pilocajas washed typica. Pour over Good coffee. Have a washed pacamara from same brewing up now
  11. Bailies in Belfast stock kvdw screens afaik. That's where I got mine.
  12. Hi @bluebeardmcf That could well be a good start. Let me know what price might work for you and then i can.see if that plus shipping plus getting a new dtp non pressurised basket is the way to go. @Iris That could also be a plan. I'll check that out too. Thanks for the heads up.
  13. Last two days has been 8 lovely shots of colonna - twongerekawa coko espresso roast. This is my first bag of Colonna at home, thanks to @DogandHat This is a really good espresso Rwandan coffee. Juicy and balanced. Works in milk too. I've had filter Colonna in cafes, good cafes and fine batch brews. This is much better. I feel like I have been missing out.
  14. I'll arrange courier for this. Hopefully the right machine is being upgraded as i speak
  15. Morgan - Ferney Cruz, best of Tarqui Microsoft. Washed caturra. Pourover. Peach and soft. Balanced. Peachy. Nice.
  16. I'll fire up the chemex when my wife's toastie is done
  17. Did anyone order their pepper grinder actually?
  18. 18.7 to 42.3 (ball park) but on my weird slow ramping Vesuvius profile. Body is comfortably and suitably in the juicy space. Im loving this bean. And using pseudo science... if it still tastes good when its cold it must be an ok shot So i think im doing ok. I guess my broad suggestion is try pull a little longer.
  19. Highlight of the last two weeks is easily Quarter Horse Coffee - Don Saul, Peruvian caturra. Medium bright juicy orangey and sweet. Blew me away as a pourover. Very good as espresso. Best Peruvian I've ever had. I'll show more interest in them in future, ditto the Roaster. Thanks to Dog and Hat for this one.
  20. Cat and Cloud - Fazenda Rainha Split shot of this big heavy Brazilian. And photo right way round
  21. steveholt


    I would safely be much much mellower than the guys too. I don't agree with all their takes, but I really like what they are doing and by extension them. Thats a nice package for the postie thread
  22. Sunday flat white of rescued from the freezer Hasbean Finca Las Brumas wild forest washed sl28 new prep. Was chocolaty and sweet in the milk. Espresso to follow.
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