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  1. Dave has been super helpful. This has become a problem in the doing, so going on recommendation is preferable to a shot in the dark. Just the joy of the combination of fear and the unknown with respect to doing it myself i guess. Silly as that sounds Thanks for all the help everyone. Ill let you know how i get on
  2. Need to swap out dead coffee boiler temp probe. Tried it myself. Didn't succeed (to cautious and too ignorant and insufficient brute force) . Happy to pay a more proficient pair of hands to do the job for me, over buying a decent set of sockets and fucking it up anyway.
  3. Hi Folks, I have a problem and the requisite part to solve an issue with my vesuvius. I do not have the confidence, experience or the tools to do the part swap. Could anyone recommend an engineer/better hobbiest or service provider in the Republic of Ireland who I could hire for this job? Thanks regardless forum
  4. Talor Made - Orange and Clove V60, quick and dirty Pretty good, juicy but not acidic. Neither of the coffees I've had from Talor made have been as good as Talor and Jorgen.... yet
  5. I'm in - even though I am not here as much as before, I do like sending and receiving post.
  6. Hi Folks, This was a factory Machine - and Paolo will have the part in the post to me this week Dave - My silent trouble shooting was indeed driven by the users forum you run. I didnt want to bother you directly, as well you carry quite a load with respect to general expertise and ACS specifics, I didnt want to impose upon you if I didnt have to. I didnt post on the other forum as I didnt want to turn up to a new place just to be seen to be demanding help/getting it all wrong. Thanks all for your help - I am not around here as much as I used to be, but this place still is a big part of my coffee life. With caffinated affection, steve
  7. Hi Folks, Not sure if this is the exact thread to use but.... Where would one source the right temperature probe for the brew boiler? Recently I have had an intermittent error on my Vesuvius. The coffee boiler temp as reading much higher than the setpoint. Now I have received an error message. "Alarm Coffee Temperat.1" with an exclamation point on the screen. From browsing forums, it suggests that my temp probe is failing/failed. Where could I order a replacement? Thanks all
  8. Cat and cloud chelba natural v60. Via dog and hat. I've had this before. I like these types of naturals. Are they just too out of fashion now?? Though, this batch tastes "drier" than I remember. Gulping by the metaphorical pint cos toddler had me up at 4. An agreeable coffee lol. How are you all keeping ? Any new forum news??
  9. So 18-42 completely tames the acidity and just leaves me with a cup of natural joy. In pourover form its the same but moderated down and a lovely silky mouthfeel to compensate.
  10. Espresso... Bolivia Arcangel from Foundry. First pass was 18-40. Very full of flavour but a touch acidic for me. I'll pull a little longer next time to see, and then a pourover for lunch. I forgot how good foundry are, I'm gonna enjoy this.
  11. The new forum has scared me off. I have had lots of nice coffees of late. Crank house PNG is a lovely espresso. Hakunin is I think the name of anew enough Roaster from which I got 3 bags. All winners, especially a Myanmar as a pourover. Busting out the behmor tomorrow too
  12. Hundredhousecoffee - kochere natural. Fruity and full, old school natural without the booze. A cracker as spro, flat white and filter. Thanks to Dog and Hat for this bag. And, 3 bags in the past year and not a dud amongst them. Viva hundred house
  13. steveholt

    Behmor Brazen Plus

    Hey Glenn, Just let me know what you need and how and I'll get payment and address across to you. Thanks for digging this out,
  14. steveholt

    Behmor Brazen Plus

    Ill take it at asking
  15. I think it would. Where is it stocked these days?
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