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  1. Saw this thread bumped. Thought there was news. Ah well.
  2. Aha, So this 'Pretty Decent' would be a Decent 1.5/2.0 or a Decent SuperPro type of set-up as opposed to just being an aesthetic upgrade option for DEPro1.4 ? Either way, long may your exciting times continue. Congrats
  3. I like the idea of the reskinned model as a cherry on top step up now that V1.4 seems to be a pretty stable platform. The Bengle is really striking. I really like it. Are you thinking of using it as a future paid upgrade or as a end user cost neutral 'option' ? I have been following your work pretty much since you posted on home barista. I was close to early adopting but.... I didnt. At V1.3 it felt that you had a proven product. This feels like a confident step into product and market maturity. All the nuts and bolts are pretty much working, not you can have some 'fun'
  4. Tbf, a lot of the upgrade style questions in any hobby forum are anchored in a version of this question. And hobbies often are matters of opinion, taste based hobbies moreso again. Oddly enough, any new option that is generally the best for a lot of users will float to the top of wishlists (even for a while). These options might not be the best for everyone, but they tend to be pretty good. The niche traction took a while to get going. I took a punt on one of the very first ones, and haven't posted in a great thread in two years. The post count on this new product thread
  5. Surely the desire to compare the Niche to the df64 is that they are both small form factor single dose grinders. One, a large conical burr, small form factor machine that set the standard for this segment of the market, and one new-comer that people might hope is the flat burr equivalent.
  6. I do not know if I am missing flat burrs, but I am curious to try a grinder if its a potential cost effective upgrade on what I have at home. Based on the tone of the answers in this thread and the tone of a pasting of a davec post I read somewhere else (grinder is OK and good for its price), this grinder is probably decent but also not a slam dunk step up in quality from from Niche. If it was, the coffee Internet would be loudly unanimous in favour of trying it out. I appreciate the replies and their perspectives. I am lucky enough that I have spent 2 happy years with a vesuv
  7. Wow.... OK I guess I should unpack my assumptions and subtext. The fascination or desire to better the Niche or even match the Niche would be a drive to have coffee to my taste in a convenient and reliable package on my counter. The TiN burrs question was a shorthand. SSP are generally regarded as better burrs than italmil. So asking about the potential performance ceiling of the grinder in its best form is one way of asking if the grinder is at all comparable to the Niche. As for the rest of your choices and preferences re: design history, etc. They are valid p
  8. I only became aware of this grinder through a mention on the Londinium Compact thread. Early impressions here and on home barista seem to be good bang for buck. With the TiN SSP burrs, is the grinder competition for or a suitable companion to the Niche? My 64mm Ceado E37 has been in storage since I moved to the Niche. I have had a half idea on the back of my head that if a single dose flat burr came along that was a good as the Niche and as good value as the niche that I would take it for a spin. Is this a grinder in that space?
  9. Indeed it does, but it also rules out the small footprint and highly rated DE1+ Alas. and about 1k is my imaginary budget Noted I am not too sharp on Lelit line-up. They seem to have come to forum prominence during my time drifting away from here And seem highliy rated too.
  10. Hi Folks, I only dip in and out of here these days as I am quite settled with my Niche/Vesuvius set-up. Last summer in the caravan I spent it with the Niche and a Sage Duo-Temp Pro. I had been hoping that the Londinium Compact would finally see the light of day for a summer upgrade. This will likely not come to pass. What is the consensus current best machine (that's cheaper than a DE1+) to cover 4ish espresso a day and up to 4 espresso back to back. and lets say in general 2 x 6oz Cappuccino at a time steaming wise that has a small footprint? This
  11. I only log in here about once a week. This is proper coffee news. I am not sure how Hasbean can be the same without Steve. It may well be something good and sustainable, but he was the heart and soul and centre of what he built there. I hope whatever the future holds treats him and those still at Hasbean well.
  12. A4 Footprint and Stainless Steel Boiler seem to be confirmed and suggested respectively by Reiss.
  13. I think Spring Lever and 58mm Group are confirmed by Reiss to a number of people 👍 After that, I think it is guessing 🤣
  14. If there are references to Machining, I am hoping we are truly close. If it hits the 1k price window, what machines are its true competition, and on what fronts?
  15. In the years this was an idea I thought it was a 58mm spring lever machine, for about a grand, due in 2018/2022. If i could get one by July 2021 I could take it on holidays with me actually. A man can dream.
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