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  1. Hundredhousecoffee - kochere natural. Fruity and full, old school natural without the booze. A cracker as spro, flat white and filter. Thanks to Dog and Hat for this bag. And, 3 bags in the past year and not a dud amongst them. Viva hundred house
  2. steveholt

    Behmor Brazen Plus

    Hey Glenn, Just let me know what you need and how and I'll get payment and address across to you. Thanks for digging this out,
  3. steveholt

    Behmor Brazen Plus

    Ill take it at asking
  4. I think it would. Where is it stocked these days?
  5. Hey folks, Looking for suggestions for an electric brewer? I know little. Is the non sca certified melitta look 4 no good? Is the moccamaster or the wilfa that much better than the melitta? Where can you buy a behmor these days? With 2 toddlers around me I think thermal carafe is now an appreciated feature. Thanks for your help all.
  6. @cupperjoe I have a bag of banana on the way. How did yours work out?? Today I have had April - Ecuador pilocajas washed typica. Pour over Good coffee. Have a washed pacamara from same brewing up now
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