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  1. @GrahamSPhillips deal. Move to PM.
  2. I recently ordered the new Crem One but wasn’t 100% happy with it and returned it. Decided to order myself a DE1+ as that’s really what I always wanted. However, I have since agreed to buy a refurb DE1Pro at a 5% discount from their forum. So fingers crossed I will have jumped the 8 week queue. Cannot wait.
  3. Brand new Bezzera bottomless portafilter £30 delivered. Payment via PayPal friends and family.
  4. Surely the MaraX doesn’t even compare to the other two as the Mara is a HX and the other two are DB’s.
  5. That’s cool, next time I’m close by I might take a look. Haven’t had any beans from Bella barista for a while. Enjoy the new machine.
  6. Awesome, could you actually go into the showroom and have a look around? I was working 20 mins away in Kettering the other day and wanted to visit but their website says closed due to COVID.
  7. Excellent. Everything sold.
  8. I, like most people on here, can’t claim to know if he is a nice guy or not as we haven’t met him in person. What I do know is that he was a world barista champion and if I’m not mistaken started Square Mile before making videos? Seems to me that he’s done the hard work prior to YouTube and sure, he’s making money from YouTube but his videos seem genuine and informative and as mentioned previously said videos take a lot of time and effort to make/edit. You might have an issue with people wanting to make themselves famous from YouTube and think it’s easy because we hear of so many people who a
  9. Hi Tim, perfect, will move to PM. No marks whatsoever. Brand new other than no box.
  10. Hi, so I’m close to pulling the trigger on a Crem One DB and seeing how Crem was Expobar (or something to that effect) I wondered what the thoughts were on Expobar as a brand and how their machines are perceived. Good quality? Quirky? Temperamental? I realise that it doesn’t necessarily mean that the Crem One will follow in the same footsteps but I know nothing about them so thought I’d ask. I believe they are Spanish? Which is interesting as I don’t think they are known for quality of manufacturing?
  11. Hi @centaursailing do you have any more pictures, maybe some clearer ones showing any damage? It looks like it has quite a few scratches from the picture but it’s hard to tell.
  12. Great news. Thanks for letting me know.
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