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  1. Apologies, AliG beat you to it.
  2. @AliG message me your address and I’ll get it posted tomorrow. I’m happy for you to donate to this forum.
  3. Hi, I ended up with 2 Niche Zero flow control discs. So I am happy to post one of them to a Niche owner who wants/needs a disc. free of charge. I will simply post first class in a Jiffy bag.
  4. DTP is a great entry level machine, I’ve heard mentions of build quality with sage stuff before but I’ve never had an issue with any Sage stuff. I’ve heard the Bambino is also very good.
  5. Hi Dave, I'd take £80.
  6. This might be of some interest to the Niche owners.
  7. Im not sure what the complaints would be about but I see nothing wrong with it. But then I've only used it a few times.
  8. Hi, yes it’s is plastic
  9. I have for sale my Made by Knock Aergrind hand grinder. In great condition. Been used maybe 5 times since I purchased it new in December 2017. It’s a superb grinder but it needs to go to someone who will use it more than I do. Comes in the original box with the spare o rings and spare Aergrind rubber band. Looking for £90 delivered. Payments via PayPal. Will ship insured/tracked with dpd/myhermes/collect+
  10. Yes, i had had this one for at least 8months now maybe. Looks good, works great.
  11. I have the brewista 2 scale and it’s been superb, had it for months and still haven’t charged it once yet. It’s splash proof and has a ton of different settings. Great scale imo.
  12. Got my Niche recently and also had the kitchen done with a little spot designed all for myself.
  13. Mine are plastic, air tight and stored in a draw. They are also very easy to pour the beans into, no extra equipment required and if I wanted to they all stand freely too.
  14. Kyle T


    Wow, crazy price for the mystery 9 coffee. Just ordered a bag. Really enjoy CC beans. Their cherry cherry beans are superb.
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