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  1. Thanks. I grind for 12.5 seconds and I do purge around 2-3 grams when adjusting. So yes, possibly the burrs must have got pretty hot after me making making 4 consecutive double shots.
  2. I did think it this could have possibly been it. Is this possible then- on a grinder of this quality?
  3. Yeah I am adjusting the Vario (Only on the LEFT side- say from E to D) while there are beans in the hopper, but when doing this I grind and throw away a few seconds worth before grinding into the basket. Are you saying this is still wrong? Yes, I am using pre-infusion. 2 seconds run then 6 seconds wait. Thanks for all the help by the way guys
  4. You know what. I did look closeyl at the puck one time and i did see a slight crack. But checked others they didn't have it. What am i doing wrong? My tamping method is: - Dose from my vario for 12.5 seconds (produces around 16g of coffee) - use my finger to move it around and level off - apply tamper applying 5lb possibly of force just to get right then apply 30lb (Calibrated) - twist then take off I dont knock the side or tap the portafilter
  5. Hi Oursus I will update the other thread regarding the PID question. Regarding the VST's, no it's not the first time. I have a 15g and 18g VST. I use the 15g really and dose about 16g/17g in it. when using the 18g basket, I dose 19g I am using a ESPRO VST calibrated tamper. What do you mean by distribution? Thanks
  6. Yeah that's what I thought. Rancilio Silvia E with PID. Thanks
  7. Hi all, I found some a really nice blend from Coffee-compass (Gusto Gold) which I have been using for a couple of days now (I use them 4 days from Roasted) So.. 1) following my usual procedure i pulled a double shot and it came out perfectly 2) Once the boiler got back up to the correct temp (104) I pulled another double shot (following the exact same procedure- Same beans, grind, dose, tamp, temp etc) and it came out perfectly 3) all good right 4) Then i did step two again, but this time the shot run way too quickly, it wasn't even gloopy and looked like there wasnt any resistance in the puck. 5) I adjusted the grind a notch or two finer (in case the beans have been affected in some way by humidity), but it still ran super quick. I'm talking a double shot (30ml) in 10 seconds as opposed to 30ml in 27 seconds. After that I could not get it to run slow again. Is it because the machine got too hot possibly? Before pulling any shot, I leave my machine to pre-heat for 40min then run some water out. Then leave the PID to get to it back up to 104. I ran a shot this morning and it was better but a bit slow (although its better then it just pouring out.) and for this shot I did set the grind back to what it was in step 1 which was at 1E (Vario) I have an ESPRO VST calibrated tamper by the way so I'm being constant in that area and PID is managing the temp. Any ideas? Thanks
  8. I have a Vario MAHLKONIG and am very pleased. Looks good, small and grinds consistently. http://www.coffeeitalia.co.uk/proddetail.php?prod=MAHLKONIG
  9. I have emailed Jan (for the second time now), so lets see if i get a response. Thanks
  10. Changed nothing between. Which is annoying, however the second vid it still doesnt switch off straight away
  11. Okay so after connecting up the 'Pressure Control' white wire, the 'Close valve while paused' does work (eventually did anyway), but the pump still continues to run for a second or two after i switch the brew button off. I have attached some videos:
  12. Oh really. So that one has to be connected in order for the 'Close valve while paused' button in the 'pre-infusion' menu on meBarrista to work...!? Cool. I will do that now and once connected I will see if water continues to run after I switch the brew button off. As it did last time. Thanks again @oursus and wil post results
  13. This step https://mecoffee.nl/mecoffee/installation/step-8-pressure-control/
  14. Hi Sorry when I said 'pressure cable' I meant the long white wire that it wanted me to connect at step 8 (pressure control) Is this the one you mean?
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