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  1. I can confirm what @Northern_Monkey just said. No in-built timer, but works a treat with a smart plug.
  2. Received mine this afternoon as well! Got through 2 tanks as recommended before drinking it. Haven't noticed any new machine smell (maybe because I'm feeling a bit... rough today?), so all good. Water flow is better than I expected, and realised we actually already had a jug that fits right under the spout. Haven't tested it for coffee but taste-wise it seems close to Volvic, so not expecting a dramatic change.
  3. Just got notification from DPD for Monday delivery, yay!
  4. Actually got the invoice a few minutes after I posted here. Paid mine as well, now!
  5. Sent my details back about 2h ago but haven't received my invoice yet...
  6. Should soon be joining the ranks of Osmio owners. Will be good to be cutting down on plasitc bottles consumptions, and (hopefully) have less nasty-tasting water to drink. I was wondering, has anyone found a bottle/jug with a decent (>= 1 liter) capacity that fits on the tray to fill it unattended?
  7. Finally got round to trying the Colombia Villa Esperanza Carbonic Maceration Geisha from Horsham, and wow, that sure is a weird one! Had it as a V60, and it was full on peach aromas and flavours, from the opening of the bag to the cup. I forgot to "purge" my grinder before moving on to brewing an espresso with a different bean. I don't know how much retention there was but probably not loads (it's a Monolith), although you tend to have a little bit more when making large adjustments to grind size. And whatever was left fro the Villa Esperanza in the grinder completely overpowered the tas
  8. Have a Niche Zero and a Mono Flat with SSP RedSpeed burrs (although I believe they're LU?). I'm more into lighter roasts, using mainly "filter" beans for espresso, and for those I would definitely rate the Monolith above the Niche (as you'd expect as it's flat vs conical), with the latter still performing well. On darker roasts, the difference was minimal. Different tastes, but without one easily identifiable as being "better". If you're more into medium-dark roasts, I'd say the upgrade isn't particularly worth it. Then again, it''s a hobby, if you can afford it and are curious, why
  9. Right, so received the barrel-aged Craft House beans yesterday, and gave them ago this morning. Had them as espresso... probably a bit early (roasted 31/08), and could notice they were still degasing. Anyway, for what it's worth, my first impression is that the barrel aging did gave the beans some oaky flavours, which I can definitely recognise as newish oak. It's not "in your face", but there is a noticeable vanilla-ish flavour going on. Didn't find it particularly boozy though, definitely much less than some (non barrel-aged) naturals! Haven't really fully dialed it in though, so my per
  10. Ordered 250g of those barrel-aged Mexican beans, but haven't received them yet... maybe tomorrow, will keep you posted!
  11. Thanks for organising this, 1823Dave. To be completely honest and transparent: if this round takes more than a month, I might consider purchasing it on my own. If that's an issue for you, I'll remove myself from the list. 1. 1823Dave 2.Damo6925 3. olivier 4. 5. 6.
  12. Such a nice hobby... many similarities with coffee too! Only recently accepted that I would probably not brew anymore, or at least not any time soon. Have a bunch of equipment and accessories to give away or sell. Anyone knows where best to advertise it? I remember Jim's Beer Kit to be the UK forum of choice back then, but maybe things have moved on?
  13. I believe the logic is that with less fines you should be able to go finer than with a less uniform grinder without choking your machine. This means you might not have to resort to tricks such as much longer ratios / long pre-infusion or blooming to get a nice extraction. That being said, I think even if you can get high extraction at shorter ratios, I like to have more clarity/separation of flavours for fruity beans. In my experience (not with a Flat though) this is better achieved with longer ratios. Might be a matter of personal preference. Best way to know for sure is for you to exper
  14. Can't really comment on the Max, as I "only" have a Flat. I only used the VST 18g basket dosed at 18g so far, that works well. But on the question of "needing" pre-infusion, I don't think it's really a hard requirement. Probably more related to the fact that Monolith Max users will probably be gravitating toward light roasts. Lighter roasts typically require different extraction (higher temperature, longer contact time for example) than dark roasts. With other grinders, fines might help slow down the flow. With the Max presumably producing fewer fines, I guess having the ability to have l
  15. Haven't tried regular markers, but I guess it should work? Some can be a bit more annoying to completely wipe off though. By the way, even if it seems obvious, liquid chalk pens work on ceramic as well as metallic Airscape canisters. In case anyone was wondering...
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