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  1. Does anyone have any experience of using a cartridge based water filter system such as this http://www.osmiowater.co.uk/water-filters/ft-line-ve-water-filter-system.html instead of a blue tank CTU in a commercial environment? Also does anyone know the comparative ecological impact of the two (i.e. if blue tank CTU is recharged and re-used does this mean it's more environmentally sound than the cartridges, which I believe you simply swap out and discard).
  2. Thanks for the positivity Dylan... Our aim is to sell much, much better than average coffee (maybe one day even 'good' or 'great') and take a lot of pride and care in doing so. Our knowledge may be limited compared to many on here but we are trying to find out as much as we can at every step, learning from people who know more than us (which is why I am posting on this forum) and applying our new knowledge to each decision as we go. I'm not completely clueless regarding grinders and already have a few models which I am looking for based on friendly advice from others, but I wanted to p
  3. I have seen a second hand Mythos for sale. Is there anything to look out for when buying a used grinder? Can the burrs be replaced relatively easily on most models? One package we were offered had an Anfim Super Caimano On Demand, which I have found for just under £900. Any thoughts on that one?
  4. We're using a small local roaster called Smith St Coffee Roasters.
  5. I think motorised only, would happily consider used if in really good condition but I haven't had much luck finding anything as yet. Will have a look at the Compak E8... thanks for the advice so far.
  6. What do people think is the best on demand grinder for under £1,000 to use with a San Remo Verona TCS?
  7. Hello Coffee Forums, my partner and I took the very exciting and rather terrifying decision to set off a new venture and open a coffee shop in not-so-sunny Sheffield. We have just secured ourselves a 2nd hand San Remo Verona TCS in very good condition (I spoke to the engineer who serviced it last November) which we will be collecting next week. We've both had basic barista training but choosing our own setup is proving quite a challenge! I'm basically here to try and get as much information as possible to help us make the right decisions over the up coming weeks.
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