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  1. cocobean

    Stuck Puck

    I have had a Barista Express for about 6 months, after setting up with my favourite bean and gring settings, all has been OK til now. The puck which normally drops out with 1 tap on my knock box, is jamming in the group head. I have not changed any settings, bean is 10 to 20 day old Brazilian, water is Ashbeck, grind = 4, amount = 2 O'clock, water volume is standard. Anyone any ideas
  2. I wondered the same, so I left mine IN. I can see no instructions or video about taking it out, I suppose it acts as a funnel. The thumping noise is the norm, it's the pump.
  3. Before you start, you will need hygiene certificates, which in turn means hot hand washing facilities.
  4. cocobean

    Filtered Water

    What it the pH of your tap water ?
  5. I have an Andrew James Milk Thermometer, it is a dial not digital and has a jug clip, and I have found it reliable. From their eBay site for about £4.50 inc P&P
  6. cocobean

    Filtered Water

    It has been 2 days since I converted to bottled water and what a difference it has made. I'm using Ashbeck from Tesco, a 6 pack of 2 Litres was £2.10, don't you get some looks when your trolley is stacked high with nothing but water.
  7. A friend in Spain just sent me some 150ml coffee cups for Xmas
  8. Well one thing is fore sure, Ashbeck water makes a far better cup of coffee than my tap water does. I went to Tesco first thing, emptied the water container and filled with Ashbeck and flushed through to get it all warmed up. Left all the settings the same and made a double shot cappuccino, even the puck came out in one piece and that was a first.
  9. As my Sage BE is still new would it be better to use Ashbeck still water from Tesco rather than my tap water which has a pH of 7.6, or does it really matter
  10. Thanks guys, it might be easier to buy beans from my local roaster in Norwich.
  11. As a newbie to this forum, I seem to be getting a caffeine hit by just reading the posts, I have a simple question. I would like to try my hand at roasting but don't want to splash out to start with as I only use 250g every 10 days. I have a 1200W Andrew James popcorn maker doing nothing, will this roast beans without any mods:confused:
  12. Hi my name is Ian and I live in Norwich. Iv'e been brewing coffee for several years now with a small Gaggia I bought 8 years ago whilst living in Spain. Unfortunately it passed away just before Xmas so I treated myself to a Sage BE, I didn't have space for separate grinder. Fortunately I live very near Smokey Barn coffee so a good quality bean is just minutes away.
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